Friday, March 5, 2010

finally, this evening, we can be together again...


kate desu.

finally, finally,
this day has come!!
i've been waiting for it for so long!

i can finally start posting up my 3rd fanfic.

but i've been working on it since mid-january. almost right after i finished the 2nd fanfic. i didn't take a break at all in between... hai... i'm crazy to attempt it!! especially when i knew toma take over....his ningen promotion was coming. but somehow, i did it!! finished writing be4 the takeover, but still had to edit, add to it, type it up... but i still have some more writing to do. but most of the story is completed.

announced it here, in case u missed it:

i'm really glad i can finally start to share this fanfic with everyone. please read it! please like it!! (laughs) i worked hard on it! really~!

i'm glad i can post it up today, 2 weeks after feb.19, the premiere night of ningen shikkaku. and also today, after yesterday, when i found out the BIG NEWS that ningen and toma are coming to hk, taiwan, and singapore!!! also, today, when i first saw the seaside trailer! in a way, it feels like posting up this story is kinda my way of celebrating ne!!

it's called~
my third (fantasy) encounter with toma: and so we watched a movie together~

it's raining in tokyo right now, actually! ^^ and it looks like it's gonna rain soon here. sugoi...cuz rain is important in my story...that's why i named the blog "and on that rainy day...".

dakara...zehi, go read my 3rd fanfic. and please do comment!
yoroshiku onegaishimas! i'm counting on you. ~_~


Isabel said...

:o 3rd fanfic!! Kate, you're the best!!! I'm going to read it now!! :D

kate@theTheatre said...

i'm glad, somehow, u are the first to read the story!! ^^ and i'm glad u like it so far! thanks for reading, hounto ni~~

kate☂ said...

i wonder if i should post about my fanfic at ai_zutto

kinda lazy and don't think there's much ppl there...maybe i will anyway, though...

Nk0gneath0hh said...

Yay! Kate-chan, you made another story!!! I'm so happy ^^

I've been keeping up with your posts (I even have your blog on my bookmarks link!) but I haven't been signing in as often as before because I kinda stopped using blogger (I've become a traitor and started to use tumblr.) <.<;

But I logged back in because I wanted to comment you and say that you have my full support in your blogging- whether it's story writing or just giving us, fellow Toma fans, updates and information.

Keep up the good work, Kate-chan!!!

Gambatte! :D

Anonymous said...

just finished reading the previous 2 fanfic ...took the whole weekend to read it coz was a lil busy lol
but it was worth it =) *thumbs up*
so many doki doki moments ^^
seems so real too xD

will read the 3rd one tomorrow!


kate@theTheatre said...


i'm glad you're excited about my 3rd fanfic~ :D ah, hounto ni? thanks~ xD u can always just comment w/yr name, no need to log in to blogger, u know~

awww~ arigatou ne!! <3 sometimes it feels lonely~ here and i lose the motivation to post. but then i know there's many ppl like you~ who support me, just that they don't say it... whether it's my regular posts here or my fanfic, please do keep coming to read them!! ^.^

please look after kate and this blog. ~_~

kate@theTheatre said...


^O^ ehhh!! u really read both my fanfics!! URESHII!!!!! *-* arigatou, hounto ni!! i think maybe some ppl might go and read the 2nd fanfic, but not both.....sugeh! i look forward to seeing yr comments at my new fanfic ne~~

and yappari...i'll make a post about my fanfic @ai_zutto now. xD hopefully get some more ppl to read it...

kate@theTheatre said...

oh, right, Nk0gneath0hh, as in marie! thanks marie-chan~~

Nk0gneath0hh said...

No problem Kate-chan!

I'll support you as a fan and as a friend! ^^

kate☂ said...

arigatou~. ^-^

Anonymous said...


Doo itashimashite ~~~
I had to! after reading the first 2 paragraphs of the story (whaa ... a wedding proposal?!! got a shock) --- i realised i need to really read the previous ones ;)

hey yeah it to more places ...i'm sure they'll be lots of ppl reading it :)


kate@theTheatre said...


ahh, sou sou. that wedding proposal was so sudden ne.
i think if some1 proposed to me in such a beautiful, romantic place, i would have to say yes. xD but of course if it's toma-kun, he can ask me at any random place and i'd say yes!!!! xD

ah, i think i'll also post to the AF thread. that's probably enough though ne...