Saturday, March 27, 2010

how can he look so hot~ just eating yakisoba?!! xD ***UPDATED***

hi hi~!

ah, i'm really glad it's still quite quiet in the toma fandom right now.
yey! more time to work on my fanfic. lol...feels like i'm so lost in my own fanfic
world with toma sometimes. haha. in that world, it's only late late night of feb.20,2010.

(hard to get the right screencap, but this is all i could get...xD kakkoii!!!!!!!!)

of course toma looks so kakkoii~, like an olympic athlete or something, so fit and cool as a volleyball player and runner!! ah, sleeveless toma!! his muscular arms...but for some reason, that part at the end where he's eating the noodles really stands out for me!! lol. i guess it's cuz he's looking straight at u and that slurping up the noodles action is somehow sexy?? ehhh. xD

and then i saw careline's new icon today (on the left. credit: careline18@LJ). hahaha!! i think that there must be many more toma fans who like to watch him eating yakisoba, like me. lol. i definitely must be cuz toma's sucking on the noodles...that's what makes it sexy. lol. oh, and cuz of the flirty~ expression on his face, too!! *_* it's like a subliminal message, kinda?? like..."if you buy this yakisoba, toma will come home with you~" kyaaaaa! then again, maybe i'm reading too much into this. (sorry, i'm just going on and on about this, cuz i don't have much to say for this post. haha.)

toma's big picture there!! ~_~ u can watch the different versions of the CM there.
and u can also dL it from the toma LJ or watch it at h's youtube page.

zoe posted up some pics f/the official UFO website. ^^


(sorry, no time today.... but nothing much happening with toma right now besides this CM. i'm glad he's taking a break...but then maybe he's secretly working on/preparing for some kinda new BIG project right now, just that we don't know yet. lol. wait, shouldn't he be finishing filming for hanamizuki? i'll try to continue this post soon! this is off-topic, but check out jamie's blog for some nice spring~ pics from tokyo. though it's still quite cold there these days...

finally continuing this post. lol. sorry it took me a while.
i don't have much to say, but...


just yakisoba stuff today...i posted these links up last week, did u see it? yakisoba UFO info/description/pics!

22 Mar 10, 18:16
kate@theTheatre: if u live in the usa, u can buy it online here: :P
22 Mar 10, 18:15
kate@theTheatre: ; .
22 Mar 10, 18:14
kate@theTheatre: found links w/info/pics about UFO yakisoba. ^^

so, i finally got to eat the yakisoba today!! it's really cool how they have a drainer thingy for us right on the lid!! haha. i love the clever/cool packaging of japanese foods...well, it was pretty good!! but maybe cuz i already like stir-fry noodles-type things. it's got a kinda sweet taste...~_~ and i love the little bits of veggies in there...cabbage. niceeeee. if it wasn't so expensive, i'd buy more. it was already on sale too, but still expensive. lol. i bought the square, BIG one at mitsuwa, be4 i knew they had the round, regular size one at, here are just some pics taken by neesan (forgot my camera). sorry, so small, but it looks fine this small (taken w/her cell phone)...if u get the chance, do try this yakisoba!! ^o^ to support toma, and it's pretty good, too!!

(i tried slurping up the noodles like toma. didn't work. i think cuz my yakisoba got quite dry quite fast. oh well. haha~ it was good...yum.)


salome said...

it definitely must be cuz toma's sucking on the noodles...that's what makes it sexy. - (*nods nods*) my thoughts exactly!

and i like careline's icon.

happy weekend.

kate☂ said...

oh, hi salome! *waves*
~_~ i was just thinking about u recently...cuz i got this urge to read yr yamapi fanfics. >////< goodness, they made me HOT~!! lol. arigatou ne! ^^ u really are an awesome writer and yr fantasies are!!! >/////<

it must be the sucking~ ne! haha.

thanks, hope u're having a nice weekend, too. <3

kate@theTheatre said...

oh, i meant, tomapi. ^^

salome said...

really? you read my stories? i'm so happy because i remember you were shocked the first time you did. i really appreciate your comments and you just made my night wonderful. (*bows*)

yeah, it's the sucking, & the way he looked at the camera as he did so. reeeally sexy. maybe it's just me but somehow Toma is looking seductive in his latest magazine photos. not the innocently seductive poses, but rather, he's aware of it now.

kate@theTheatre said...

eh? dunno which magazine photos u mean, but yes, i think toma has been looking more and more seductive for his magazine pics...more at ease with being sexy? i dunno...something like that. lol.

ok, let's stop talking about the sucking. lol. it really is starting to feel dirty~ xD

hai~ not only yrs, i read a lot of other yaoi fanfics, too. they can get a little addicting. >_< but i think yours are the best, it's sexy, but also emotional.

~_~ i talked about yr fanfics a little too, in the comments at my own current fanfic!! i'll just repost my comment here so u don't have to go look 4 it:
"family problems got me stressed out yesterday. felt like i deserved to do something to make me feel better, so. LOL. well, cuz of where my fanfic's at now, i remembered that HOT fanfic salome wrote. xD so i reread that one and read some of her other fanfics too. GAHH!!! it's all tomapi yaoi...!! hot!! (>_<) and i read some other ones...they're mostly short fantasies about him + another guy. good grief...i never thought i'd be into yaoi, but i guess it's just cuz it's so intense (and about toma). i've also come across some yaoi manga @book-off (by accident!!) gah!! @_@ they practically just...attack each other!! but i can see why it's popular with women. lol. salome's are just so....!! (>////<) geez, my little bed scenes in this fanfic are NOTHING compared to these fanfics!! but they are rated nc-17 or R. you have been warned!! it's funny how i don't even think it's weird that the hottest fanfics about toma are toma + another guy. xD
[this post links to all of salome's short fanfics...most very short but all so....!!!]

whew....i'm not gonna read anymore though. (ok, maybe just salome's, if she writes more. xD)"

salome said...

wow, i'm floored! thanks again for your wonderful comments. i didn't know you pimped my fics. (*bows bows*) i appreciate it so much.

i haven't been writing much because i've been reading a lot (just finished Percy Jackson Book 4, mangas) and watching a Kdrama/Jdrama/anime. i'm a slow reader so i take a long time reading/watching.

thank you thank you thank you. your comments really inspire me to write more. (hope you read the multi-chapter too.)

take care!

kate@thetheatre said...

hi again!^^

no problem! i really do love your writing ne~
please keep writing.

souka souka...reading is good too.

oh, i forgot to say in my comment there that some of yr fanfics are multi-chapter. i'll edit it soon...i have skimmed thru some of your multi-chapters! nice~! i'll try to remember to read them sometime...