Friday, May 16, 2008

DONATE! / new drama poster v. clip/ hana kimi SP pics!/ old drama NEVERLAND

everyone, if u can, pls donate $$ to help the victims of the recent earthquake in China and the hurricane in Myanmar. THANK YOU! go here for a bunch of links to different organizations in different countries where you can find out how to donate and help these people.


another version of the taking pics 4 the new drama poster video clip.
[thanks to ky_rin @LJ 4 the link!! toma looks cute even when yelling! =)
i love how he immediately returns back 2 the normal, nice guy-toma right after fake-yelling. haha!]

[pic credit:]

[more hana kimi SP pics!! toma in the pool!! wah!! i'm glad toma's gained some weight, he was too skinny be4! i wanna jump in with them! especially cuz it's so hot now. x_X]


thanks to Jisatsu @LJ 4 the post with download links to NEVERLAND. though it had no subtitles and the links no longer work, i got curious about this drama and i looked 4 it, and found the subbed version at crunchyroll!! hehe, i love toma's arms-spread-out-like-imitating-an-airplane gesture!!! he's been doing it since he was a kid till now!! =P (what a coincidence, he's wearing very similar clothes in the 2 pics!!!) i copied this motion when taking pics recently. hehe. toma looks cuter doing it, of course!! toma was good in the drama Neverland! but it's too depressing and weird....maybe i'll try watching again sometime, just the toma parts, though... but it's cool 2 see him then...he was around 16 years old only! already kawaii and pretty good at acting!! seeing him cry!! ='( and he already had those certain toma mannerisms that u see him display all the dramas or in real life. heehee....
(oh, toma appears more in episode 4 than the first couple i only watched that whole episode. the screencaps R mostly from that ep.)

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