Thursday, May 15, 2008

mostly old, some recent TOMA pics/video clips....

[cool pic of them from the hana kimi days! i saw it at a hana kimi friendster page!]
[sleeping toma, so kawaii!! =) credit: ryther @LJ]
[awww!!! ~_~ credit: Jisatsu @LJ]
[cute!! credit: kamenashi_ohno @LJ ]

i was curious what nakatsu sounds like in the cantonese-dubbed version airing in HK, so i looked 4 it at youtube. u can watch the cantonese-dubbed commercials for hana kimi here!

nakatsu's voice is least he sounds... ok and young...mizuki's and shun's voice sound lower and older!! haha. the first one, they were saying something like they'll teach u how to do of it is teach u how to perform. that's all i can understand with my poor cantonese.

the 2nd one, the nakatsu part, he said something like "i definitely won't give up", and shun's part, he's saying something like "i'll be able to jump" and mizuki's part, she's saying "try your best!" (gambatte!).

i hope this person will upload some nakatsu scenes in canto later...

i was looking thru the 2006 posts at the toma LJ community, and i found some really nice toma media, so i'll post it here 2 share with everyone!! i'm really behind at the LJ site, so many posts from this year and last year i haven't looked at.....

wish i could just freeze time for a long while, and all i'd do all day is catch up on looking thru all these posts about toma, read/watch everything about him, watch all his old dramas/stage plays, etc. etc.!!! hahahahahahaha xD

ok, here u go! =0)
[very NICE banner: tomapi walking on a road. beautiful scenary...]

toma's b-day post...A LOT OF VERY KAWAII pics of toma with other JE guys when they were younger!!! =)


[thanks to chazelle 4 posting this!]:

07:24 pm - There Is None Like Tomapi!
eyes on you, tomalicious, toma-chan, drink moderately, ToTeZ, tomapi, waii!~, smudged!
OMG!Look at what I found!XD This is super cute!You guys shouldn't miss this,it's like missing a big portion of your TomaPi fandom!XD

Toma blowing on Pi's Ear!XD



[download the West Side Story musical recorded by a fan! thanks 2 chezita!! i haven't downloaded though, um...i've seen some clips on youtube though. but the files R so big, and i haven't even finished hachikuro or akihabara@deep!! ]

i also found some other toma clips while browsing around...
[toma's kfc commercial from a couple months ago, i think!! but since he loves hamburgers so much, he should be in a commercial 4 mcdonalds!! =) ]


i just noticed the other day that the "hero" toma MV at youtube has been deleted!! x__x

it's my fav toma MV ever, cuz it so nicely shows toma from when he was a little kid until around 2007---so many cute/cool toma moments in this 3 or 4 minutes!!
download the "hero" fanmade toma MV here!! really, the BEST fanmade MV about toma EVER!
it's in .flv format, but i think if u have the newest version of realplayer, u can watch it on that. =) or else u have to download the gom player or the flv player. search for it on google!

...baka!! i forgot that that MV i uploaded is the featured video here!!,toma_ikuta_fanclub/
BUT u have 2 be registered at imeem 2 see it.


THIS IS OFF-TOPIC, but i thought it was interesting, so i'll talk about it anyway.
i was watching Scoop (this Hong Kong entertainment news show), and i was shocked to see MORITA!!! well, the actor that plays morita in H&C, Narimiya Hiroki!!! it was really so out of place...2 see him on this show and in HK, and then i thought, it'd be so cool if i see toma on it someday! ~_~
but he'd have 2 be working in HK in some way 4 that 2 happen....seems like hiroki is acting in a drama with a HK actress?? or is it a radio drama? i just know he's working with RTHK, a major HK radio station...and they have both radio dramas and mini-series.... i don't understand how this will work it half in chinese and half in japanese or something...cuz he only spoke a few words in mandarin and she only spoke a little in japanese...seems like they both can't speak the other's language?? anyway, u can watch the video clip here (i think...used babelfish 2 translate the chinese titles of the news clips):
[the 6th video of that day] or here:

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