Friday, May 9, 2008

toma will be in a new drama this summer: remake of The Devil!

wah!!! *__*

i've been wondering when toma will act in a new drama or play!!
thanks 2 [.anna.^^] 4 telling me! cuz i haven't been going 2 LJ 4 a long while...i really will catch up there soon and gotta remember 2 go there everyday 2 keep up with all the toma news/stuff!!

the story seems exciting! i looked 4 info online about the korean drama it's based on and seems like a really dark/exciting drama:

go here 2 read the news about this production and some comments from toma about this role! =)
thanks to nieva_mae 4 the news and also the link to watch a short news clip about the series, where u can briefly see ohno and toma taking pics 4 the poster. BUT if toma is the detective, according 2 the info at the link about the original drama above, then he will once again have an unrequited love story!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!! x__x

toma looks cool, but he looks cuter with bangs across his forehead. hehe.
nevertheless, he looks good and i think it's good 4 him 2 act in a serious role 4 a change. =)
he can show every1 he's not just good at the youthful student roles.
though they're both so young-looking, i'll have a hard time believing they're a lawyer and detective, but anyways...

(chanting) TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA!!! ~_~
this news definitely made my day. ^___^
something more 2 look forward to this summer besides the hana kimi SP and the beijing olympics. hee hee. ~_~

have a great weekend, everyone!
see u later! -kate`*


Subtle_Hints said...

KYAA!!! you just made my day!!^__^ I'm soooo excited to watch Toma again in a new series since I wasn't religiously watching H&C because of Hagu^__^ LOL!! thanks for the info!! I'll go and spread the news more^^

savvy kate said...

when i got the news, it also made my day!! haha, all toma fans so happy about this of course!!!

ah, i'm so close 2 finishing H&C, so close....but things keep getting in the way...

but i'm a little worried this drama will be too dark/sad... hmm...

april said...


yes..toma has a new so excited....Im really looking forward to watch hana kimi SP..

thanks Kate for always keeping us updated about our Toma

Akiro-chan said...


new drama for Toma!!! i'll definitely watch this one... Toma and Ohno acting together! cool!!!

and he really looked gorgeous and cool in the pic! XDDD

savvy kate said...

you're welcome, april!! i try my best 2 help toma fans know what he's up to. =) but i'm completely behind on all the stuff posted at the toma LJ!! aiya...have 2 catch up gradually...

akiro-chan, yes, toma looks cool!! but i'm not sure about this series...hope it's not too dark or sad...depends on how closely they follow the original drama's plot.
i also dunno anything about ohno, so...