Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hana kimi SP release date/ hana kimi in HK! / "toma" emailed me!

i saw this at the AF gallery. it's such a cool pic, and i think it nicely expresses how toma has 2 sides 2 him. u know, a cute/funny/hyper guy onscreen and the quiet/gloomy, serious guy offscreen. =) like yamapi said in the recent 17 interview, u see the true side of toma in Honey and Clover! of course i love the happy cute toma, but i think a cool/quiet toma is also very likeable and loveable. =)

some hana kimi related news:

i heard from [.anna. ^^] that Hana Kimi SP Rumoured Broadcast Date is 12th July 2008 Saturday, and that the ~ Ikemen Paradise SP (Tentative) Broadcast Hours 21:01~23:30
(credit: unleashthegeek @ blogspot).

still have 2 wait a long while!! @_@ well, at least i have something 2 look forwards 2 in july besides the start of Monk's 7th season!

chibi15 at the toma LJ says hana kimi is airing in hong kong! any1 here from HK??
remember 2 check it out if u R! i hope some1 will upload some clips from this dubbed'll be funny 2 see how differently they sound in canto!! =P

"Just want to share the good news that Hana Kimi now airs in Hong Kong on Sundays on TVB Jade! (Channel 1)! This is so exciting! You get to hear the Cantonese dubbed version of Toma!

So spread the news! And if you happen to be in Hong Kong right now or have a friend who does, don't miss this chance to see it on TV! =D"
the other day, i got an email from toma!! *___*
of course, not the real toma! just a "toma" at imeem, who's 1 of my imeem friends. haha.
she/he sent me a pic, actually, i guess it's a scan of a drawing by toma of his bedroom!
i think so...haha. anyway, just seeing "toma ikuta sent u a photo..." in my email inbox is priceless!! haha....though i know it's not really him, but for a second there, i was like "HUH??? EH???" 0_o
hee hee! here's what it looked like:


Anonymous said...

the bedroom picture was an excerpt from seventeen magazine scans february 2008 issue

savvy kate said...

oic! thanks!
this is how behind i am at the LJ site. but i will catch up soon!

Naomi_chan said...

That would've been cool if that was really Toma who messaged you.

savvy kate said...

if only it was really him, Naomi_chan!!! haha. in my dreams.

Anonymous said... did e e-mailed you? What's his e-mail address? how cooool!!!!

savvy kate said...

yappari, it wasn't really toma!!
just looked up "yappari" yesterday...i love this word. hehe...can be used in so many diff situations. xD