Thursday, December 13, 2007


GOOD NEWS: u can now watch the trailer of Honey & Clover at youtube and other places!
u can dload the high quality video at the toma livejournal site. =)

i don't know much about the plot except what i read at i didn't really know what 2 expect from this series. but now that i see the trailer, i'm a little worried that i won't like this series. cuz i dunno why, i just don't like the leading actress, there's just something about her that i don't like...and the trailer just gives me a very boring/melodramatic feeling. haha...but this is just a super-short trailer and i could be wrong. just that i prefer comedies over mushy romances that have too much drama or R more draggy and slow-paced.....
BUT toma being the lead actor will DEFINITELY make the series worth watching! ~_~

this is random, but i read somewhere at the livejournal site that toma smokes! i dunno if that's still true now, but i hope not, or that he'll quit later. =/


Anonymous said...

I don't think Toma is a heavy smoker and Japan is a cold country, theres nothing he could do :(. Got this news from toma_daily too.

savvy kate said...


i hope so, too.
what do u mean, it's often cold there, so a lot of ppl smoke??

i'm worried if he smokes a lot & eats hamburgers/beef a lot, cuz smokers already have a higher chance of getting heart disease, and if he also eats a lot of red meat... >_< it's a bad combination.