Monday, December 24, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! / toma singing xmas songs.


this is from 2005, but i never get tired of watching toma singing xmas songs, especially in this specific show, cuz he's so happy and enthusiastic as he's singing! & of course, the really cute head rub with yamapi, him flirting with the camera when it was in back of every1, and him jumping down 2 be next 2 the dancers at the end R some classic SUPER CUTE toma moments that u must not miss!!! 1 of the first times i ever saw him singing was actually the white christmas song, and i was really impressed that his english sounds so good! =P and he looks so good in that outfit....i've also noticed this...most of the time, toma's got a great fashion sense!! of course, since he's a model too, right? haha....

ENJOY! if u haven't watched these video clips, you'll LOVE it!
if u already watched, you'll still LOVE IT!! =)

the last clip, from a diff show, is toma singing "melting snow". i really like the song, and it's also 1 of the first clips i watched of him singing.


nowhere2bfound said...

i dunno where 2 put this comment so i just placed it right here.. well just wanna say that this guy is really making it and im so glad that honey and clover will be starting at my memorable. his charm really showed up in the second season of hana yori dango although he wasnt really exposed that much knowing that he wasnt the protagonist but he kept it up in hana kimi..really cool and charming..well this guy is surely reaching his fame right now. no doubt. wishing him the best...

akiro said...

hello there!!!

wow.. Toma singing xmas songs! cool!

i only watched him singing the, White xmas...??? am i right about that??


snooby said...

I saw your post on ikuta_toma @ livejournal and I found your fan map cool. ^^ In fact, I added myself in it! ihi.. ooohh, btw, I'm snooby from LJ. :D

I also find him singing Christmas songs super cool! XD very cute indeed.. I also never get tired of watching his White Christmas vid in over and over.. HAHAHA! ^^

Subtle_Hints said...

OMG!! I am soooo in love with Toma ever since I saw him on HanaKimi..^_^ the first video i saw was also the white christmas..I really love your toma-blog..^_^ if you have time pls do drop by my section i dedicated a section there for Toma too though i know he deserves much more!!

*Gambatte Toma-sama!!

Paffu said...

Hello! I tend to have problems with blogs and I wasn't able to find the link to watch Cat In Red boots...could you help me out, onegai ?^_^"I also commented in an old post thinking it was a new one...but oh well...thats me...sorry...anyway...Im a new fan of Ikuta's and he is so great *_* hehe ^_^ i love your website ! you did a great job!

savvy kate said...

wow, so many comments. thank u all 4 commenting!

nowhere2bfound, that is the best b-day present a toma fan can get, am i right? haha.
get 2 watch toma's new series on your b-day. I'M SO HAPPY 4 HIS CURRENT POPULARITY AND SUCCESS, TOO!! GO TOMA-CHAN! ^_^

akiro, i think christmas songs sound better when toma's singing them!! hehe. =P

that's great, snooby! haha, i've known about the LJ site a while, but i've only recently been there often and thought of asking fans there 2 join the fan map...i knew it would get a lot more ppl 2 join. =)

Subtle_Hints, i agree w/everything u said at your blog about toma!!
& thanks 4 the cool facts about toma! i still have a lot 2 learn about toma!

Paffu, it is:
wow, west side story is also available 4 download here!

THANK YOU, i'm always happy 2 hear ppl like this blog!!! ~_~