Friday, December 21, 2007


hi all!
sorry, no updates in a while.
did u miss me? haha. =P

i dunno why recently, there have been a lot more visitors here, if my cluster map is correct! yesterday i got 163 visits!! i've only got about 30-40 each day, before! THANK YOU 4 VISITING, EVERYONE!! :) and i noticed there's 3 other big dots on the map besides me, so that means 3 other ppl have come here more than a 100 times! wah! thanks for supporting this blog!!! like i keep saying,
i'll try 2 keep it updated often and keep it interesting. ~_~

to those of u that come here often, it'd be cool if u post comments once in a while!
i love reading comments. ^_^

i just checked, and my toma fans map has gotten 3,621 views!!! that's higher than any other fan map i made, be4 the highest was for my fan map for ellen degeneres, and that's just 800-something right now!! ****if any1 hasn't joined the fan map, pls join now! and make sure u upload a photo (any photo, doesn't have 2 be a pic of toma) so that you'll show up at the top of the scroll bar on the left side of the map! **** i know sometimes the fan map won't show up, but just try again the next day or the next day, it should work after a while!

also, my toma b-day MV is now the 2nd most viewed video (out of 436 videos!) at my youtube page!!! i uploaded it on toma's b-day, around 2 months ago. it's got 29,364 views, 17 ratings, and been favorited 78 times! :) what's cool is that most of my other videos in the top 10 steadily increase in views and stay in their spots, but only my toma MV keeps increasing and moving ahead, until now that it's the 2nd most viewed! so cool!!! =D

VIVA TOMA! -happy 23rd birthday TOMA IKUTA MV
(01:13 long)


Riz_cHan! said...

oh my god!!!
toma ikuta is very-very-very-very cute n awesome boy ever!!!!!
I'm a huge fan of him!!!

Paffu said...

Waaaa ;_; I cried so hard watching the end of hana Kimi...I just finished it always a little late finding out stuff but its stupid girl -_-" how the hell could she choose Sano over Nakatsu???!!!! HOOOWWWW, I ASK YOU???? -_- by the it possible/pointless to send Ikuta toma something? Like letters or smething? Well anyway im a new fan of Ikuta Toma and I think your website is great =D congrats! Toma doesn't have a journal online right? He really should...-_- maaannn i wanna go to that Osaka high gonna dress up as a boy and find it...i really amXD(IM GONNA FIND IT, RIGHT?XD) sorry im probably scaring you haha ^_^ but thanks a lot for the website anyway...and do you know what he has been doing now? what about 2008?
bYe bye =D

savvy kate said...

I 100% AGREE, riz_chan! =0)
thank u 4 posting!

paffu, i know what u mean. but that's how the story goes. =( i think it's so ridiculous that she didn't even like him a little or knew he liked her earlier on!
YES, u R scaring me! @_@


well, around october he was in the 2 gentlemen of verona play and now he's been filming a new drama series that will air starting in jan. 2008! u can read thru my older posts, some of it's got news about that new series, Honey & Clover. and u should join the international fans forum 4 toma, they've got a ton of fans there 2 chat about and post up new toma stuff. ditto for the LJ site, they often update with toma news/pics, etc. my blog is not as great as these 2 sites!!

oh, i dunno how u would send toma something. u'll have 2 ask at 1 of the 2 above sites. toma's got a blog but it's only accessible by cellphones in japan if u sign up and pay 4 it...but fans translate his blog messages and post them at the News section of the forum. =) u can also read them at the toma fansite, but it's hard 2 access the site, it's often out of bandwidth:

bye now!