Thursday, April 16, 2015

any toma fans going to japan and want to meet up with other fans??

Any Toma fans going to Japan this year and want to meet up with other fans?? I am maybe going this November. =) I thought it might be fun to meet up with some other fans there and watch Toma's Grasshopper movie (released Nov.7) together!! If you are going in November or just some other time and want to see if other fans want to meet you there, then come to our post about it and comment... ^_^

If you want to know more about my plans or go at the same time as I do, go to my livejournal (kate_firefly) for more info!! ^^


Chi Nguyen said...

I wish I could. Just can't afford to travel to Japan for the time being. Anyway, hope you find a companion and enjoy your trip ;)
BTW, do you know a little Japanese? ;)

Kate said...

i see... yeah, i understand that it's expensive and probably no one will go with me. lol.

but it would be nice if someone surprises me later and says they can go with me. xD

umm. i know a tiny bit. LOL. just basic stuff like thank you, sorry, congratulations.

but they have a lot of signs in english, so i hope i won't get lost if i do go by myself. lol. at least in tokyo and kyoto, i should be ok. by the time i'm in the small town, my friend will help me get around...

Anonymous said...

Hi kate ! Sorry my english is not very well lol
I go in japan in november and im fan to ikuta toma ^^ if you want talk with me please send me a message here :
Ja mata ne !