Friday, May 29, 2015

TOMA'S NEW MOVIE WITH MASAKI!!! and Yokokuhan promoting going on right now...

    (credit: @twitter, @cherryToma10, tomafanindia (edit), suuji (scan))

-I made a new banner for Toma's Room. It has a very fresh, light, summer feel to it!! and Toma is cooking!! aww. xD check it out!! =P

-Toma is promoting his Yokokuhan (newspaper mask guy) movie. He joked about being a member of Arashi. lol. AND HE'S ON A BUNCH OF TV SHOWS COOKING, PLAYING CRAZY GAMES WITH ARASHI, ETC. xD You can check out some of the gifs or videos at Toma's Room (remember to login first). also, check out these links for more recent toma stuff:

(credit: mcjane83)
-Toma and Masaki Okada are filming a movie together!! it's based on a manga, called Himitsu-The Top Secret. The plot sounds interesting... Hmm. But he's been doing a lot of police or crime-related roles continuously. Lol. I hope his next project will be something different for a change. 

News about it here:

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