Monday, January 19, 2015

OUROBOROS has started!!!!!!! xD

Ouroboros has started airing!!!!!

Toma and Shun messing around behind-the-scenes of Ouroboros. hahaha.

everyoneeeeee!!! ~_~

Toma and shun's highly anticipated drama, Ouroboros, started airing a few days ago. so, i thought i would post something to celebrate. xD i guess it will take at least a week or so to get episode 1 subbed. if you want to watch it ASAP go to Toma's Room and check out Jane's post about it to get it. =) oh, Arashi is singing the themesong!! isn't that cool?? the 1st time they're singing for a drama that none of them are in. people were saying it's because toma is the secret 6th member. awww. xD
I just went to this tumblr today to check out gifs from the 1st episode. that's enough for me, for now. lol. from what i see, it seems like it might be a pretty cool drama. hmm. not sure... i also read Jane's review and she doesn't like it much so far. lol. well, i never had very high expectations for it despite all the hype. i'm not a fan of shun, either. so...i'll check it out when there are subs. but i'm not even sure if i'll watch the whole thing. i'll try watching a few episodes at least. i just get bored easily, especially when it comes to serious japanese dramas. =/ 

and here are some cute toma pics!!! xD most of these pics, I got from Jane. oh, in the pic below, where toma was a guest on Sho's show, they talked about how toma had a tough time after knowing he was not going to be put in Arashi and he had to be one of the backup dancers for Arashi's first concert. but sho cried and said something at the end of the concert that made toma feel better (?). =,( what toma said made sho cry, on the show. omg. so sad... i'm sure all the Arashi guys sometimes still feel bad about toma not being able to join them. sigh.

and there are a ton of toma/shun pics, of course. but i'm only including my favorite one here. honestly, shun looks so awkward in a lot of pics though!! you can see a lot at Toma's Room or at tumblr. check tomafanindia and ogurin-tomasu's tumblrs or even


Anonymous said...

this drama is so cool, both of them are fantastic. I love them! waiting for update every week, and even couldn't wait to watch it without the subtitle.xD. and just watched Shun's drama called Boarder from 2013.

kate said...

hi there!

that's great that you like it. i watched ep.1 and thought it was ok. i'm waiting for more episodes to come out so i can just watch a few at once. lol.