Thursday, February 19, 2015

I don't like Ouroboros...

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I wish I liked Ouroboros, but I don't. =( I watched the whole 1st episode. It was ok. It was kind of boring to me. I have watched parts of/looked at gifs from episodes 2-5. Still don't like it. Sigh. I might watch it later on, but right now it's just not interesting or good enough for me. Maybe I just don't like serious Japanese dramas anymore. I have no problem watching Korean dramas (mostly romantic ones though). I am watching a police-themed show, but it's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a funny American sitcom about cops in NYC. Lol. 

By now, most of you probably already know where to get episodes of Ouroboros. But in case you don't, i'll post 2 links in the comments section of this post. xD Don't want to get in trouble for sharing links of where to get it. Lol. Happy watching~~ xD

Oh, also, I made a discussion post at Toma's Room, in case you want to discuss the drama with other Toma fans!! Only 4 comments there so far though. I guess most people aren't interested in discussing it. =/


kate☂ said...
[DL eps & softsubs]

Midori said...

Toma-san looks mature on curly hair. He's so handsome!!! >w<