Friday, November 13, 2009

when can we really watch Ningen?? & the Hanamizuki song (and yamashita's song)...


minna, gomen!
i think i won't be able to post till tomorrow.

trying to finish the TS page for toma's thread @AF.
yappari, i'm so obsessed w/certain details when writing toma's bio and determined to find many pretty toma pics to post up, so it's taking a long time. ~_^ (and paige is making the banner. arigatou ne, paige!! fyi, i'm 80% done, i think...)

so for now, i'll just post up this cute VOICE pic i found while working on the TS page. it's from the AF Voice gallery!! i've never seen it before!! i love toma's cute expressions in all 3 pics. heehee~

11/15: sorry, have to delay posting some more. please be patient. :) here's another pic f/the AF gallery!!
kawaii ne!!♥

(this is from 2008, but TFS only subbed it for toma's 25th bday and i only watched the interview recently. lol. well, i watched it be4, but unsubbed. this is such a great interview, and toma's got so many CUTE expressions and gestures in it!!! kyaa!! i miss his nice H&C hair...ah... but i felt so sorry 4 him when they talk about him having to do more than 8 takes for that 1 crying scene!! poor toma!! and i he really loves buying figurines @akiba so much?? lol. it's BOX-KUN all over again!! ^O^ and something about seeing toma sitting there alone at night, so cold, in his big jacket, a serious look on his makes me remember how filming dramas is really hard work...haih...)

please excuse my lateness! =T
eh, but i still haven't caught up w/the newest LJ posts, so i'll post about anything LJ in my next post. (i'll really try to post soon, though there's no new toma news, just new fanwork and maybe toma posted a new message, i hope...)

so i'll just talk about some things related to toma's movies this time.

I THINK WE (fans that don't live in japan) WILL HAVE TO WAIT AROUND 3 MONTHS AFTER IT'S RELEASED IN JAPAN TO SEE NINGEN SHIKKAKU (and other toma movies)!!!

cuz i looked up kurosagi, yamashita's 2008 movie, and other recent japanese movies...the official japan release date and the date it's online, subbed. and they're all around 3 months. but that's just the date it's uploaded online. maybe it is a little sooner if u download it from the fansubbers. but maybe it also depends on which group is subbing it??

well, in kurosagi's case:
-released march 8, 2008
-posted june 14,2008 at mysoju.
june 23, 2008 at
so it's at least a 3 month wait to watch it online, subbed.

and about the kurosagi DVD:
-official japan (region 2 only!) dvd released: sept. 16, 2008
the standard edition is US$44.99!!!! the special edition (w/some bonus features) is US$70.99!!!! THAT'S INSANELY, RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! i so want to buy the dvd for toma's first movie, but seriously, $45 for a regular dvd?!!!! maybe i'll wait till i see it at book-off, like a year or 2 later and buy it. lol. they only have mainly anime there though... *sigh*

-HK, malaysia, taiwan DVD versions almost 1 yr later. VCD (HK version) released in december 19, 2008. WHY IS THERE NO USA VERSION AT ALL?! that's so unfair!!!

of course, there's probably gonna be a lot of unofficial dvds on sale online, or in some places that sell japanese stuff...but i don't want the unofficial stuff. -__- i'm hoping that the movie will be super popular and they'll have a USA version dvd at kinokuniya or mitsuwa or something....hmm...geez, why make it so hard for US fans to watch japanese movies??!! ja, if u have any ideas of how us overseas fans (especially usa fans) can watch his (subbed) movies faster, then please tell me!! ^_^

u know toma's 3rd movie, the title is Hanamizuki (what does that translate to? i've seen somewhere, they say it's dogwood?? as in a dogwood tree?), and it's the title of a song. it's hitoto you's song, and u can listen to it here:
i can't find the translated lyrics, but the song is pretty nice, right? sounds a little sad...i think toma and gakky's love story will have a lot of obstacles and maybe a sad ending??? eh...

did remember that yamashita's got his first solo concert at the end of this month?? he's rehearsing for it these days. read some brief news about it here: i think toma will for sure show up as a guest!!! i hope he gets to sing a song or 2 with yamashita!!

and yamashita's new single, Loveless, is out. it's pretty good...but in the PV, yamashita doesn't show much emotion at all? nande? =/ ah, i wish toma could have a single and a PV....


ultraviolet_p1 said...

The Japan version of all movies, even chinese ones are so lovely though, the packaging, and sometimes even bonus stuff...and so, they are so Japan DVDs don't have subtitles.

I'm planning just to aim for the HK version releases. They usually have english subtitles, and well, decent enough in price...of course can't compare to the extras and prettiness of the Japanese version, but I'll just make do with having the movie.

Loveless is a pretty pretty PV. I love the daylight scenes full of lights and even the bright lights in the night scenes. Yamapi's hair is tamer and looking much better. (Ever since watching the PV) the song has grown on me a lot, I like the musical intro a lot. Yeah, it would be awesome to see Toma is a well made PV like this. Oh well, Toma is working on a different career.

kate☂ said...

i agree, the packaging and bonus features are awe~some, but really, they charge WAY too much for them!!

oh, RIGHT. >_< i forgot to mention that, no subtitles except for japanese!! that's a good idea. but for those of us in the usa without a dvd player that can play all regions, that's not much help. well, i can use some programs to convert it to a region-all dvd, but i don't wanna go thru the trouble....but i guess i'll consider it if i absolutely can't find it on sale anywhere in the usa, w/subs.

it is a lovely PV, i like those parts u mentioned, too. i like the intro, but not the rest of the song. :P if toma could be in a PV in some special, pretty locations, that would be cool~