Saturday, November 28, 2009

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sorry, this post is gonna be continued tomorrow.
now is not a good time and it's late and i gotta try to get some sleep...ja.

oh, wait, i just watched some fancam video clips of toma @yamapi's concert today at youtube!! u gotta check it out (be4 it's removed!). and there's a bunch of great quality pics @the toma LJ.

this is a sweet tomapi MV w/their dancing clip f/the concert. but if u click on it twice to watch it at youtube, on the side, the videos related to it (actually, it's a video reply, i think), u can see a [fancam] something...u can tell it's from the concert. it's a 4min. something video, u can see all (or most?) parts where toma appeared and THE BIG HUG toma gave yamashita!!! it's sweeter when u see that yamapi held on tight to toma a little bit, and toma was patting his back. awwwww!!!! ♥♥♥ i hope i can dream of these lovely moments f/the concert tonight.

good night, everyone.
sweet dreams~!

i'm back. hai...

so here goes!

(more pics f/the concert. kyaa!! toma is so cool when he's singing & dancing.
credit: XQ, hpswf1)

some of my random toma thoughts from these days...

I WAS SO SO HAPPY FOR TOMA AND YAMASHITA, PERFORMING ON THE SAME STAGE TOGETHER, THAT I DIDN'T NOTICE TILL LATER...toma's not super tan at all!! thank goodness it was just a fake tan to make him look more fisherman-like. i thought it might be, cuz how could they let him get SO TAN like that, but i wasn't sure till now. whew!! some guys like ohno look good tan, i guess, but it's definitely not a good look 4 toma. lol.

and here's 2 more things i noticed/realized while re-watching maou that i didn't the when i watched it the first time:

-since Maou premiered on july 4, 2008, that means that naruse puts into action his plan for revenge exactly 11 years after his brother died, which was july 4, 1997! wow...

-in episode 6, when ikehata-san was led to the warehouse 74, i guess it's supposed to mean july 4, the day of that incident?! eh...

and here are the most interesting things toma talked about @tomagoto from early-late november (gotta check if he already posted some more msgs later...):

-toma says for Hanamizuki...he hasn't been in much love stories so "pure" like this, so the filming is exciting.

(finally, toma's got a role in a real romantic love story. yey!! for hana kimi and H&C, his character had a nice love story, but he was still part of an ensemble cast, so it's not the same as this, where the focus is entirely on 2 of them only. yeeeey~)

-toma plugs the majosai DVD set, saying "please take yoshioku toru home with you."

(kyaa!! i wish i could!! lol, toma sure knows how to get girls to buy this dvd set!! sorry toma, i can't take toru home. haha. but i did take nakatsu home with me!! heehee~)

-he saw some car accidents and asks everyone to be careful when driving in the rain. cuz if they're hurt, you can't go watch ningen shikkaku.

(xD a shameless plug for his movie!! but toma's concern for others...ahh. such a caring guy.
and he signs off: the former 1-day police chief (5 yrs ago). that's right!! ~_~ cuz he was a policeman in a drama, i think.)

-he used to lose a lot at "pay the bill janken" when he went eating with Yoko-Hina-Subaru. and he wants to be on Recomen again sometime.

(seems like toma often loses at pay the bill janken? lol.)

-he spent 2 days at press conferences, promoting ningen shikkaku. the reporters all seem to like the movie.

(i'm sure lots of ppl will like this movie!! the plot, the cast, everything about this movie seems awesome. ^_^ i bet toma and the movie will win some awards!!)

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Aizat said...

i wish i could find the real link to the site where the article is exactly wrote my toma-hun. can you give the link?

by the way, are there any videos or larger picture of the concert?

I can't find them trough the network. I there is, I just couldn't find it.. :'(

kate @usa said...

hey aizat!

there are some more video clips and BIG pics here:

u just need to register at LJ and join this community in order to see those locked posts. =) even if i directly link to them, u can't see it if u're not a member there.

also, there might be more at youtube. hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

it was great to see toma & yamapi together once in a while...
hope their friendship last forever.

i felt touch to see them hugging.scene that the popularity & work had slowly take them apart...

yan saito said...

it was great to see toma & yamapi together once in a while...
hope their friendship last forever.

i felt touch to see them hugging.scene that the popularity & work had slowly take them apart...

kate☂ said...

hi, yan saito!
surely, their friendship will last forever!! it would be so cool if they could sing together again sometime....<3