Sunday, November 22, 2009


yamashita's been all over the news recently.
his new single, his solo concert, he's dating someone??, he's gonna be in Code Blue 2 in january, he's really popular right now!!

as a toma fan, i'm happy for him (and i'm sure toma is SUPER HAPPY for his friend), but finally, this is yamapi news i can get really excited over: yamashita AND toma together again! on stage! (i know toma's shown up before at NewS'concerts with yamashita there, but this time, it's ONLY TOMA and YAMASHITA! ^^)

nov. 21!!
toma shows up at yamashita's solo concert!!
dunno if they sang together, just saw 1 pic. but probably!! THEY MUST HAVE!! UWAAAA!! (u can see it at the link right below, that their photoshoot pics R at),

really hope some1 was recording that moment!! (though no one recorded/posted up video clips of toma onstage at any concert this yr or in recent yrs... =/)

AND toma x yamashita photoshoot+interview again!!! EH!! sugoi! ^o^

(credit: TIM 【Jo.In】, XQ. thanks to zoe_alexiel for posting,

AND already some jan. 2010 magazine pics.
in the japan magazine world, it's already 2010!!
magazine-chan, wait for us, kudasai! xD
(u can get all the pics f/the toma LJ, as usual)

well, i'm sorry, but i gotta go to sleep soon,
it's getting CLOSE TO~ midnight.

i'll continue this post tomorrow, i promise.
here's some toma pics for u to look at until i can finish this post tomorrow. ~_~

ja ne!

[credit: oomontyoo, thanks to hpswf1@LJ for posting!]

Fans of Tomohisa Yamashita placed idol in top Twitter trending topics,
Wednesday November 18, 2009 Japan

this is impressive!! his fans all twittered about him a lot on nov. 18 to celebrate the release of his single, Loveless, and they reached the #3 spot on Twitter trending topics!! though i don't use and don't like all the hype about twitter, but wow, that was cool, how they got to the #3 spot!! a lot of devoted yamashita fans worldwide ne.

also, recently, yamashita got a big breakthrough-- he's the first actor to appear in the coveted getsu-9 monday drama time-slot almost consecutively...he was in Buzzer Beat at that time this summer. not for fall. but then again for winter, Code Blue 2. it's unprecedented. it shows how popular he is right now!!

also, just this week, a pic taken of him and an actress (not the one f/be4. another one. geez, he's got a lot of rumored girlfs!!), forgot her name, holding hands outside a restaurant. u can go to for the news... i usually don't believe these kinda rumors, but holding hands? friends don't hold hands, right? wah, he's so busy and still finds time to date?? good for him. =)

but enough about yamashita's news,
let's talk about
blackheart.gifblackheart.giftoma appearing at his concert!!! blackheart.gifblackheart.gif ^O^

UWAAAA!! reading toma's messages about singing Yokubou no Rain (Rain of Desire, i think it translates to) w/him, i was already so excited. but after reading the fan reports!! i've always said i'm just a "kinda" tomapi fan, u know, i love toma, but tomapi...yappari, i have always had conflicting feelings...and never liked yamashita that much.


this time, it's the same feeling ♥, but more~ so!!
(especially since i recently wrote that long toma bio and went thru toma's history with johnny's, yamapi, and when they were broken up, and toma stopped singing...)

Yokubou no Rain!! it's THEIR song. so perfect!! i knew toma would show up at his concert, but i didn't think they'd sing an old song together, i thought it'd be one of NewS's songs. so surprised to know it was this song and they even danced together like they used to!!

though i'm not crying or screaming or almost-fainting or anything like that, but i'm really so touched and reading the fan reports made me smile. ~_~ and have this warm feeling in my heart ne.♥

(please please, let their be a fancam. though reading these fan reports, i already feel as if i was sitting there and crying with other fans that night, as toma and yamashita sang and danced together~~) feeling overwhelmed. (in a good way~)
flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif starryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gif

ok, i'll just summarize quickly, what happened, from the fan reports i read. my summary definitely does not do justice to these amazing tomapi moments that happened that nightwub.gif, so please read ALL THE FAN REPORTS HERE AT XDUSTBUNNYS' PAGE!! (it's friend-locked though. u'll get instructions of how to read her posts there.):

-Sanspo news website suggests a name for their ikemen unit: IkuPi. xD (don't tease us like this!! we can't take it!!)
-toma is the surprise guest. lots of cheering when he appeared!
-they sang Yokubou no Rain together. just like they used to, the same dance, they are so in sync!!
-they had on matching outfits
-they hugged several times~ ♥
-they also sang COLORFUL and Himawari together. but mostly only yamashita was singing cuz toma was busy playing in the cart (each of them in one cart going around the audience). toma also shook hands w/some fans and blew kisses, he was so HYPER!! xD

*___* AHHHHHH~ blackheart.gifblackheart.gifblackheart.gif

even though he didn't write much, u can feel the weight of his words, if u know what i mean...he really had fun, singing/dancing with yamashita again neeeee. (this is just a summary. please read his whole, translated by Inseiko, msg at Tomalicious.)

he interrupted yamashita's concert. they sang Yokubou no Rain. always in reflective mode, he said this song is "a song full of memories" they used to sing together. last time they (just 2 of them, singing, dancing) sang together was 7 yrs ago. it was the best.

the audience was cheering so much, they got excited and yamashita forgot some lyrics. his concert is very cool, his dancing is cool too. those going to see his concert, enjoy it!

thanks to the ppl who were in the audience who cheered for him.

"yamashita, thank you.
it was the very best of times."

Ciao ♥

uwaaaaa!!! double_hearts.gif double_hearts.gif
i think i can be happy all day now.
and for the entire day, i'll be preoccupied with thoughts of toma and yamashita together....and of course, listen to Yokubou no Rain a lot!!! ^.^


ultraviolet_p1 said...

The clips - were short but we got to see them in motion. It's so good..seeing them on stage singing and dancing. Feels so pumped.
And dunno why, that belty accessory thing that hung off Toma, moving around him while he danced...just looked so cool (of course provided he didn't get tangled in it and restricted his

Hahah..been listening to YnR too...alot.

im_amot said...

aaahhh Kate chan, my feeling ame like yours ..

although we are not Pi fans, but if it came to Tomapi, then it became different ... dont say that i am a little bit jealous with Pi for all the attention given to him rather than to our Toma ne ..

but seeing Toma dance with Pi is extremely feel great! Toma sing again on stage .. can see some of his dance move on youtube right now .. really hope it can be longer..

and if Tops came on stage again i will die of happiness .. really am ! ahahah XD

kate@usa said...

hi hi~

yeah!! so awesome to see toma singing and dancing at a concert. <3

me too, i like that belty accessory toma has on. though the red pants is kinda...but that was a pretty cool outfit he was wearing!

it's like that, right? =) i think yamashita is ok...but when i see him and toma sing and dance together after so long, i am really so happy for them...wah, a 4tops reunion would be so cool!! ~_~

Cezie_Pals said...

kate-chan, sugoi ne?
i heard of this from my friend in japan who went to the concert. she called me, long distance right there when Toma & Yamapi sang together! omg! i actually cried for 2 reasons:
1. First time hearing Toma's voice in a while.. i miss him.. plus im hearing him live!--- from a celfone
2. Tomapi together again. it felt so nostalgic. although i can only hear them faintly coz of the many screams and talking and the static. still... ureshi...

Yeah, I feel so blessed having great friends all over the world. they made me feel closer to toma-kun..
My other friend knows a club where toma, yamapi & matsujun goes to alot... and wen i plan on going to japan, she 'might' just let me meet toma-kun since she's a good friend. yay!!

salome said...

have you seen the YT clips yet?

kate @usa said...

that's amazing!! u're so lucky u got to be a part of that special tomapi moment right then, even if just listening to it!!! <3

hai...i have friends in asia that have helped me give things to my fav hk singer, but don't think they can help me meet him. but i hope u can at least see toma in that club. when i go to tokyo in the future, i'll ask u again about this, so that maybe i can see toma there too!! ~_~

kate@usa said...

i haven't seen it!
thanks, salome! but 2 of the video clips already deleted. =[