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HIS 3RD MOVIE ANNOUNCED: HANAMIZUKI (+new pics, news, etc.). ALSO, toma talks about michael jackson and Seaside Motel being a little ero?!


kate des. minna genki?

eh, it's november!!!☁ already, ppl (but mostly stores and CMs) thinking about xmas. but i don't want 2009 to be over yet (even though 2010 means lots of toma movies!!)...but i'm looking forward to the rain!! ja, i'll gambarre till THE VERY LAST MINUTE OF 2009!!!! (i over did it~ sorry!)

toma posted a few days ago! ^_^
he went to see This is it. ♪ yappari, he really likes michael jackson. when he was younger, he and the other jr.s would often watch michael's concert videos together. he's really amazed by michael's greatness and his music, which has moved so many people all over the world... (this is just a summary, read his translated message at the Tomalicious forum!!)

[toma + gakky pics... credit: pauba, nekonekorocket]

so~ there was suddenly a lot of new toma news and pics yesterday at the LJ. yey!!! ^o^
they finally announced his 3rd movie and there r some clips f/the filming!!★ xdustbunnys says the crank in was Sept 26, yet only now they confirm it. @__@ why keep it secret 4 so long?? whatever, i'm so happy to finally see news and filming clips!! *____*

not used to seeing toma's hair so short and black. and he's so tan!! somehow, he looks a little older?? (maybe that's for the 2nd half of the movie, though, when he's supposed to look older.) definitely still cute, but i'm kinda not used to this look...but when he smiles widely (especially wearing the school uniform!!), he looks almost exactly as he did when he a kid!! amazing!! lol. but gakky...well, she looks ok ne. i dunno, i thought she would look cuter?? (she looks quite plain, especially next to kawaii toma, right? gomen!) already, fans are calling this couple "tokky"?? (that doesn't sound right??) so this movie spans 10 yrs?! (no wonder they're not done filming) the plot sounds good and a lot of nice locations and being a fisherman, a lot of lovely sea scenes, i'm sure. ~_~ ahhh~ his 2nd sea-themed movie.
[Toma's 3rd movie is confirmed. news + 2 videos!!] (thanks, camaronzin! ^.^)
[hanamizuki news video. ^_^] (thanks, nekonekorocket! ^.^)
[pauba's hanamizuki caps and comments. ^_^ arigatou!!]

december 2009 toma magazine pics/interviews!!♡

i should be happy, but i'm thinking/worried about whether my fan art are in these wink up or potato issues....i've just asked enshinge-chan (the only person that i know 4 sure buys these magazines each month) if she sees mine (or careline's) fan art in these new issues.... *fingers crossed*, still no new, 3rd-movie hair yet. still post-ningen wavy hair. but of course, he still looks so kakkoii neee.

Tim and zoe_alexiel]
[Scanlation #49 Ikita Kotoba November! *_* thanks, TFS + enshinge!!]
EHH!! there's a bit of ero and a "tiny" bed scene in SEASIDE MOTEL??!!! @__@ i totally didn't think about this (distracted by the 3rd movie announcement and being preoccupied w/the changes in his hairstyle. lol.), though the setting is in a HOTEL and i know he's supposed to like a call girl....aiyaaaa. but i kept thinking that if it's a romantic probably won't have any racy scenes like that?? but the way toma says it, i think it won't be a big deal, he seems like he's just teasing us, right??

right?! great. now i not only have to worry about his bed scenes in ningen, but also seaside. x__X thanks a lot, toma. -__-

[more cool pics f/SEASIDE MOTEL. oh, does it take place in the 70s?? or does the motel just have a retro theme. but their clothing is so colorful...if that's true, i'm really really glad toma got a 3rd movie, a PRESENT DAY movie, finally!! did they ever mention the time period in the news about this movie?? i don't think so?] (thanks, Tim and zoe_alexiel! ^.^)

[[Translation] Ikuta Toma Duet 11 09] (thanks, rukia1314! ^.^)
sugoi!! love this interview. more about toma's views on life and what kinda things he likes or dislikes...he's changed a lot in 10 yrs. he still expects to get married when he's 30something??? =/ ah...i wonder what his wife will be like...i'm glad i bought this duet issue. ~_~
[Toma and Yamapi: Fanvideo] (thanks, pulubi! ^.^)

[old video clip of toma, yamashita, some arashi guys & other juniors singing/dancing to some songs, 1 of them is michael jackson's THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US. toma mentioned this performance in his message about MJ.] (thanks, nekonekorocket! ^.^)

[cool recent toma pics and tomapi icons!! thanks, lunatum! ^.^]
[TOO CUTE @deep Box-kun icons] (thanks, kmakms! ^.^) (DAMN, I'VE REALLY GOTTA MAKE TIME TO FINISH WATCHING @DEEP!!!)

[0911 WU article translation]


in it, toma says actually, filming ningen didn't get him all depressed at all!!!☀☀☀ SUGOI. i kinda guessed that...i had a feeling...he was all happy whenever talking about filming. but now, seeing him say it!! ~_~ thank goodness, i'm so relieved he doesn't have any emotional scars f/being this strange character. hounto youkatta!!♥

but he looks quite tan in yonimo (that story is so weird, but interesting idea...wish toma could've gotten a 2nd chance in there. =( i hate that damn lady in red!!). i guess he got tan in the short time he was in guam?

(SOMEWHERE IN THIS THREAD, SOME1 LINKED TO A PIC OF TOMA'S BROTHER FROM RECENTLY OR A FEW YRS AGO, I's not very clear, but my first time seeing a pic of ryusei that's not f/when they were kids. i guess he looks like's hard to tell. some ppl say he's cuter than toma?! NO WAY!!! 0__o I DON'T SEE HOW THAT'S POSSIBLE. lol.)

P.S. to those of you who live in the usa (and other countries, too),
here's some useful info about the symptoms of h1n1 flu
and what to do if u think u or someone u know has it:

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Cezie_Pals said...

Doumo Kate-chan!
Thanks again for the update. Good job! i get too lazy going to livejournal coz my internet is really bad at the moment.
So glad that they finally announced Toma-kun's 3rd movie!
I'm looking forward to all his movies in 2010. The 3rd movie does make him look more mature. hihi.. but still kakkoi nonetheless. Love Toma!~! Awww. I miss seeing him in dramas! I wanna see him in another one I hope, with a love theme & he's the main character... and hopefully JE would let him debut already!

Cezie_Pals said...

Oh by the way, will be showing u the picz of my think twice shirt, my maou dvd, Toma poster & the guy i met who looked like toma very soon. i had the usb drive ordered already... will take time but i'll get it hopefully next wk. my camera is really rare, thats y. hehe

kate@usa said...

doumoooo. ~_~

yeah, finally get to know what the movie's about and see some video clips. yeah, and he looks so tan!! i was shocked!! not as tan as ohno, but still!!

me too, i'd like to see him be the lead actor in a romantic drama. maybe next yr? debut? maybe next yr too?? i wish...

sugoi~! looking forward to seeing those pics!! arigatou ne. ^^

im_amot said...

doumo kate chan ..

Dont know why i feel so happy when Toma's fan wrote something about him although what i read is just the same info/news ... hahha .. maybe bcause we just dont get enough Toma right? ahahah

Toma with the school uniform in his 3rd movie is so damn kawai ne ..and his wide smile .. that's why we feel in love with him right? XD

@deep, u haven't finish watching it yet or you repeat it again? the story is so damn interestng .. box kun is so cute !!! have u watch it when he just grabbed a big mouse when they were cleaning their new office .. so funny ahahah .. gosh such a big mouse he get there ! LOL

kate☂ said...

hey im_amot! ^^

i feel the same way ne. it's nice to see how different toma fans react to toma news.

very cute!! love his wide smile. somehow, he looks like he transformed into his 15-yr-old self again, he looks the SAME!! lol.

haven't finished @deep!! i started in 2008, but then busy watching toma's H&C and Maou, etc...i'm only up to ep.7 of @deep. i'm gonna really try to start watching it again though!! gotta finish it!!!!!!!! I REMEMBER THAT PART!! lol. box just started screaming. box is such a cutie ne. <3

Coal said...

Not connected to this entry, but thanks for using my image in the blog title bar (and properly crediting it). :-)


kate☂ said...

hi, Coal!

i really do like that picture a lot. and i really admire people like you that can take such lovely photos! and i'm really grateful to you and other generous people at flickr who allow us to use your photos.
thank you!! ^_^