Friday, October 26, 2007

thoughts on ending of hana kimi


well, the ending was ok....a little corny, but i expected it to be not so good, from what i heard other fans say...haha.
but i loved the part where all the guys were saying nice things about her and all the flashbacks. especially sekime
crying, almost got me crying too!!!
i thought the part that sano admitted he liked her was SO....anticlimactic.
compared 2 when nakatsu said he loved her. i mean, i know sano's supposed 2 be a really cool guy, but he is so expressionless all the time!!!

i still think it's SO UNFAIR how it's so arbitrary that she likes sano (and all his fans) cuz he's cute and cool and saved her.......i mean, nakatsu has done so so much for her!!!! he's saved her from being expelled and got suspended cuz of her....he's always standing up 4 her and comforting her!! and he's also SO cute and funny and just a SUPER NICE guy!!!! i've heard that sano and mizuki make the better couple in the manga, but in this version of hana kimi, i was SOOOOO rooting for nakatsu & mizuki 2 be a couple!!!!
and of course i'm so biased cuz i love toma, but i mean, EVEN IF
i can't imagine any1 else that could have such a PHENOMENAL performance as
Nakatsu, i think even if some other actor was nakatsu, i would STILL root for nakatsu
over sano, cuz sano's just not a likeable guy 2 me!!!

i guess it just depends on what kinda guy u like, but really, i don't remember so much special scenes between mizuki and sano, but there R TONS with nakatsu and mizuki!!! just seems so
unfair that he's always there 4 her, but she doesn't like him, instead liking the guy
that's almost never there 4 her, or ANY1 else, until near the end!!! just felt like they didn't do a good enough job 2 convince me 2 like sano and sano & mizuki as a couple!

ok, i'm done ranting....

BUT, i'm really happy with the last nakatsu/mizuki scene!!!
toma did such a spectacular job like always, he was crying!!!
i loved what he said...
so sweet. and i knew he would say something
super sweet like that. awww!!

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