Wednesday, October 24, 2007


[above: avatar a fan made i found online, and a capture of the scene i saw on a fan-made MV about nakatsu]

this is really weird. though i've finished the series,
i don't ever remember seeing this scene!! did i accidentally miss part of an episode?!
i don't think so though...there weren't any parts where i didn't understand what was going on....
strange. i've gotta ask about this!!

even when watching the 2-hr finale, i kept waiting 4 this scene, but i didn't see it!!


Hikari said...

i remember that scene! =)
just not the episode...XD
i could tell you around what ep. but not the exact one...sorry...XD it was around the beginning of the series..ep2-4?? well one of those episodes...
hope i could help you a bit.

kyaa~!! love toma! <3333 lol sorry just wanted to add that...

anyways hope you find it!


kate said...

thanks 4 your response, hikari! =)

4got 2 post here, but luckily, i was able 2 figure out that it was from ep. 3 cuz some1 posted a review of that episode and described that scene! so lucky!!

haha, don't we all?? (love toma!)