Saturday, June 26, 2010

not much going on.....haha. but toma's having fun filming for the Conceited Detective drama.....YEY~~


kate desu.
minna genki? ~_~

these nights, i hope everyone will take a moment to look at the beautiful full moon. ah....the gentle glow of the Moon~Light~ is so romantic......

still not a lot happening in toma world right now. (whew! haha. so relaxing for me, not much toma stuff i have to do.... but i'm really distracted and feeling so hyper these days, cuz of a certain someone~~ xD heehee.)

so some things toma talked about in his recent entries. he's having fun filming the drama. xD the hanamizuki movie is finished! but toma hasn't seen it yet, wants to see it quickly. then he had an interview with shun! it was fun and they laughed a lot. xD and then he is going to watch hanamizuki!

oh, just saw a 15 second CM for The Conceited Detective at h's youtube page today!! haha. it looks pretty cool and funny too. xD here's a pic of toma's first scene in the drama, and he's all bloody! LOL. he's acting as a dead person?! xD but he still looks so CUTE!! kawaii neeeeee!! heehee. xD

(credit: mizza @

(and a nice promo pic 4 the drama!! kakkoii! wah, that girl looks like a mannequin in all her pics!! such a strange look ne!! credit: mizza @

umm....toma's new pics (where he's not in that blue suit 4 the drama)!!!
he's actually been wearing a lot of sleeveless shirts recently, showing off his muscular sexy., i guess cuz the weather has been getting warm in's summer after all. too lazy to post the pics here though. lol. u can see them at mizza's blog or at the toma LJ too.

.................... COOL TOMA STUFF:

~____~ jee'chans AMV.
she said: 'i made this for all toma fans ne~'
and she thinks "toma-kun is fitted to be kazehaya shota from kimi ni todoke ne~...toma got shota's look,smile,attitude and built."

i agree!! toma and kazehaya really look alike....i can totally imagine toma as him. heehee. xD arigatou ne, jee-chan! for this nice AMV.
sawakoXkazehaya ~By Your Side~

[♥THE SEASIDE MOTEL OFFICIAL BOOK♥, many many thanks to misa-chan!! ~_~ she also posted toma's new magazines scans there ne.]

[translated Toma's Potato July article]

[toma's (sexy?) pic in the recent ANAN????? ehhh???]

this is off-topic, but i love this song. lol.
thanks to it for giving me the energy to get this post done, cuz i was feeling sleepy...


these guys are so cute, friendly, and hyper. and their tv show makes me laugh a lot. heehee....u can watch their brand new MV here. DOUZO~


musixofmalife said...

TSUKI NO HIKARI (moonlight) ii ne.. ^__^

kate♥toma said...

misa!!! ~__~
hai......ii ne....
it sounds lovely in japanese, too.

gah, i wish i was online earlier today....=T

musixofmalife said...

hai.... sooo lovely.. love it love it so~ much.. ^__^

hehe... daijoubu... as long as u on9'll make hikari-chan feel so happy.

kate♥toma said...

i love it soooooo much too. <3<3

hikari-chan....<3<3 ~_~

musixofmalife said...

Tsuki-chan.. ^___^ aww..... so sweet... *amazed eyes* heheee...

kate♥toma said...


tsuki no hikari......<3

ejaz14357 said...

Toma Love!i love it soooooo much too.

Marie-chan said...

Yayyy!!! I've been dying for a new Toma drama. I miss watching his acting!
Kaname Jun and Nakashima Mika are in the Conceited Detective drama :DDD

Hi Kate!!!

kate♥toma said...

hi marie-chan!

i'm excited about this drama too!! even though he's a supporting character, but his character seems so quirky and cool. xD