Saturday, June 12, 2010

SEASIDE MOTEL PREMIERE NIGHT (+opening day) and other toma updates. :D


how are you?

ah, it feels a little lonely....not much toma stuff going on these days.
of course, the SEASIDE premiere, but that came and went quite fast, it seemed... and the toma LJ has been verrry quiet. i guess a lot of people busy studying for final exams.....OH, at least there are some new pics of toma on the UFO billboards (i think) at mizza's blog! thanks, mizza! *_* i like the 1st one. toma in cool basketball player mode. kakkoii!! the other pics are cool too, but they made toma look strange somehow!! haha. he doesn't look like himself??

....but at least cuz not much toma news besides a little bit of seaside motel happenings, i have more time to get all hyper with mizza, talking about toma (really fun!! ~_~), (finally!!) continue watching @deep and (finally!) old toma video clips i haven't watched!!! haha. thanks again for keeping me company, here and there, mizza-chan!! *hugs*

(some screencaps...toma and aso promoting seaside. i love the moment in the top right pic. haha. toma was surprised she liked a certain band. he was like, "kakkoii!!" must be a cool band. haha. i forgot the name of it though. ^^;)

seaside got 14th place at the box office for its first weekend!!! ehh....but then it's not surprising, cuz it's only showing at 52 screens, while the top 5 movies all are showing in hundreds of screens!! ehh...still a little disappointed....but i guess seaside is just a small considering that, 14th place is pretty good!! ^O^ (credit:

(credit: zoe, mizza, me. haha. I ALMOST THOUGHT HE WAS CRYING in that pic, but i think it's just the lighting, that made it look that way? fans would talk about it if he was crying...and there isn't really any reason for him to cry this time, right? ~_~)

seems like nothing very interesting happened on the premiere night (june4)? haha. well, of course toma didn't cry this time. and he didn't mess up again and say anything embarrassing. yey!! xD haha....and he and everyone looks happy and relaxed....also wearing casual clothes mostly. cool. ^__^ i like toma's outfit f/the first official press screening more, but this outfit is pretty nice too....HIS HAIR!! can see it really clearly for the first time. i love his cool hairstyle. but he's got a lot of highlights...hmm...reminds me of majosai hair more than voice hair. but it still looks very nice....the cool kinda hairstyle a "conceited actor" (his new drama role) would have ne! hehe.

btw, here's a promotional pic of toma & the others in his summer drama, Unubore Deka (Conceited Detective). toma looks cute/cool!! (of course!)

(credit: zoe)

..........toma didn't talk about the premiere night at all,
but he talked about the opening day a little. ~_~

[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

june 5

congratulations on the first day!.

at that, i am doing the greeting of the audience for "Seaside Motel".

i'm on my way from shibuya to toyosu.

i'm aiming to do a bit of a rough but fun greeting, that anyone would feel happy to have come to.

those who haven't seen the movie,
hurry to the theatre.

everybody let's go

............ **JULY MAGAZINE PICS** ~_~

(credit: strawberry_gemm @

hmm...this month's pics...nothing very special. except toma making a salad. he looks cute in an apron!! ~_~ i'd love it if he could make me a salad!! heehee. actually, anything he made for me, i'd love!! haha...and i like his pose in the first pic. and it's got a nice summer feel to it ne. ~_~ ningen shikkaku's opening night back on feb.19....

(of course, u know, this is toma crying cuz he was so happy and touched at his sempais saying how he's an excellent actor and wonderful person, at the premiere night of ningen shikkaku back on feb.19. awwwww!!! just want to give him a hug and comfort him.....i never saw such a clear pic of him crying!! =,( saw this pic at:


(i made this in 2008 and just thought about it recently cuz summer's almost really here...kinda small cuz it was for my AF signature. i loved that photo shoot though!! love the summer mood and toma at the beach!! he really had fun too...i think he was in okinawa?)

(a really cute toma moment from hanamaru, in summer 2008. awwwww!!! kawaii ne!! somehow, he's always so super cute and shy/quiet on that show!! ~_~)
[omg...that hot SEASIDE MOTEL bed scene in SLOW MOTION. only toma's parts too...HOT!!!!! (>////<) thanks 4 this, zoe!!!]
Chibi-Toma fanart!
[Toma Ikuta. Teeth!] toma's smiles f/hana kimi & voice!! ~_~]


musixofmalife said...

ano... could u plz tell me where did u download the 1st vid??

kate☂ said...

toma & aso's intv? i watched it at h's youtube page. ~_~

musixofmalife said...

souka.. hountoni arigato... i'll watch it later. ^^

Cristiana said...

Very happy to see my fanart here! ^_^
about the seaside motel... where can I see it?? WHAT WAS THAT BED SCENE????? OMG!!!!!O_O SO DAMN HOT!!

Kazu said...

Oooooh the last photo... is sooooooooo adorable!!

kate☂ said...

thanks 4 commenting!! i rarelyyy get comments...

ohhh. u drew those cute toma characters!! so cute ne!! ~_~ i wanted other ppl 2 see it too.

haha...right now, u can only watch seaside motel in japan. yeah, that was a really hot bed scene!!! >///< toma was sooooo embarassed about filming it though. haha.

yeah!! i love pouting toma. so cute cute cute!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

konnichiwa Kate-chan :)
just came back from my trip to Nihon!
Had a fantastic time there ...I didn't wanna come back at all ...wanted to stay there like forever lol
Seaside Motel is currently screening in some cinemas ...saw one at Sapporo and took a pic of it. Yeah, it's not shown in many cinemas so I was lucky that I managed to bump into one =)

Sigh ... sorry I could not get any flyers for Seaside Motel sob sob ... Kate-chan dont be disappointed

but guess what?
.................................. I managed to get flyers for Hanamizuki!!!!!!! Got some for you too!!!! I think they do not have any flyers for current screenings but only for future ones? anyway, hope this makes your day =)

email me on how I'm gonna mail the flyers to you =)


kate♥toma said...

ah....i think i'd wanna stay there a looooooong time too. xD least u got to take a pic of it! oh, could u show me the pic? heehee. xD

it's ok...i thought it might be hard 4 u to get it....

I LOVE HANAMIZUKI!!!!!!!! YEEEEEY!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

really? i dunno....?? that's weird....

i used yr google profile to send u a msg just now!!! YEY. THANKS A TON AGAIN!!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

you're welcome Kate-chan!
just emailed you back ...will send the flyers to you soon =)
oh and the pic that I took on the seaside motel poster in the cinema ...will post it up soon once i organise my stuffs. got tons of stuffs to unpack and pics to load after coming back from Nihon LOL


kate♥toma said...


i emailed u back too. :D
cool! i'd love to see the pic~