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old video clip and pics / shirtless toma! / the right person 4 him (part 3) : LEILA TONG.

[pics credits: 1st pic to chochajin, 2nd to princess_rei (re-uploaded by meoinkie2)]
[lots of nice toma pics here, a lot from when he was his teens i think. =)
thanks 2 chochajin 4 so many tomarrific pics! ~_~]
[shirtless pics of toma!!!! thanks 2 meoinkie2 4 re-posting there! *__*
**keep calm, don't get a nosebleed now!** haha.]

i like the newer post of toma's shirtless pics that meoinkie2 posted cuz toma looks natural, healthier and less...high or out of it. haha...i prefer pics of toma looking cute/cool than the pics where he's trying 2 look sexy or a little mysterious/scary. and in the first set of pics, it's a little weird, i often don't like it when stars i like (whether female or male) are selling theirselves too much/showing a lot of skin/trying 2 be really sexy/R really objectified and become like a "product". technically 4 all celebrities, i suppose they all have 2 sell themself/an image of themself 2 the public in order 2 be liked/get popular/get famous...what am i trying 2 say...
but i guess all stars have 2 take these kinda pics sometimes.

ANYWAY, the newer pics have a little weird/voyeuristic feel 2 it, but regardless, toma looks cute + HOT, right? =P i'm glad he's not as skinny as be4 too, he looks healthier now than the super skinny getting-ready-2-shower toma i saw in hana kimi. =P eversince he was in the 2 Gentlemen of Verona play, i think he already looked healthier and he musta been working out too, u can tell from his arms!


the right person 4 him (part 3) : LEILA TONG.

remember how be4 i was talking about how i thought of some female artists that i thought really matched with toma?

well, just thought of 1 more person! hehe.
this time, it's leila tong, also a HK actress/singer, since i only know a lot about HK entertainment/celebs. =)

leila also got her start in showbiz at a young age, even younger than toma! at 8 years old she was already cast in a movie! like toma, she also loves dogs and has 4! she is 26 years old and 162cm tall (5.25 feet). ((wow, me too, for both!! *__*)) so she's about 4 inches shorter than toma, who is 173cm (5.61 feet) tall. not a big gap! she speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and Indonesian!! but no english, but i don't think toma does no languages in common. not sure if leila's ever been 2 japan...
also, when she's not working, she also likes 2 spend time at home like toma does! (but i guess most celebs like 2 stay home, right? haha. so ppl/reporters don't bother them.)

leila is 1 of my fav hk actresses! she is TALENTED, pretty, and down-to-earth...she keeps a pretty low profile so i don't know much about her...she has said be4 that she wants to take things slow and really enjoy acting instead of just taking on all kinds of roles/work 2 make more money. =) she was in her first stage play last year and she really enjoyed it. she even got nominated for best supporting actress 4 her character in that play! she just released a CD last year also. though she's not a great singer, but she's a very good actress!!

compared 2 the other girls (niki chow, hiromi wada, fiona sit), she does not seem as fun or cute as them...she seems more mature and quiet...but she's a the best actress out of all of them, definitely! ....but i seriously don't know a lot about her, since she has not been promoted much, really...but i remember reading various interviews where she talks about life as a child actress and her life now...she's a very nice, straightforward person (like toma!) and she really enjoys her work (like toma!).

in this one interview from last year, leila talked about the disadvantages/advantages of being in showbiz so young, like being picked on by her classmates (like toma!) cuz she was an actress or being able 2 act with famous ppl. here's some things she said that is really interesting and i think it might apply 2 other child stars like toma!

--“Perhaps I entered the industry at a young age, my true personality is very introverted. I prefer to stay home to play video games. Preferably, no one recognizes me when I go out on the street.”
[hmm...just like how toma says he's actually a pretty "gloomy" guy? sometimes u see toma looking serious and quiet...and u realize there's another side 2 him than the happy, hyper toma u see on TV!]

--The reporter’s instinct was that Leila wanted to chase back her lost childhood. “A part of me never grew up, while the other half has already seen a lot. I have a split personality….”

[u can read the whole interview and see cute pics of leila as a child here:
wow, leila looks cuter as a child than toma does. =P amazing how her looks haven't really changed all these years, while toma looks so different after he grew up!]

watch this:
(Leila Tong's Sugar Free Holiday MV from a couple years ago)

4 more info:

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