Sunday, March 2, 2008

finally got the compact toma Frappr fan map here!!

be4, the toma frappr fan map wouldn't show up at
and i also couldn't get the code 4 the compact version of the map.
until recently, finally it worked, and i just remembered 2 get the compact version up here. =)
(*** u can drag the map around 2 see different locations or zoom out or zoom in using the + or - buttons!)

though it now says the map's only been viewed twice,
it's actually been viewed 11,593 times!! =)

(sorry about the white/gray square "image unavailable" that covers parts of the map.
sometimes it shows up. it's weird like that, but sometimes it happens 2 frappr maps.)

edit: also changed the bg song 2 jordan's 0932.
my new fav song, and i love how the title is the start of
his girlf's phone number, what a sweet / neat idea for a title of a song!! =)

also, i noticed some more ppl coming here a lot.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! the more ppl that come here / the more that ppl come here,
the happier i am! THANK U 4 COMING, THANK U 4 SUPPORTING TOMA!! *__*

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