Friday, March 14, 2008

what i think about Honey and Clover...

i think the last time i wrote about what i thought about honey & clover was after watching only ep. 1. right now, i've finished the 6th episode (*I'VE FINALLY UPLOADED ALL the SCREENCAPS i've got so far here.*) , but i still don't like it much more. haha...sorry toma!! i am really trying 2 like it, but it's just so....don't get me wrong, the acting, directing is great, but it's just too melancholy and preachy 4 me. i will keep watching cuz of toma, but seriously, if toma was not in this drama, i would NOT be watching. no wonder the ratings R so low....but i thought lots of ppl would still watch 2 support toma...but i guess toma isn't popular enough 2 make that happen (yet!). =/

-> things i don't like about this drama:

-hagu!! she's the main female character, but she's so annoying and hard 2 like / understand!
i've noticed she doesn't swing her arms when she walks!! and her hands R always at her side, in the same position like that...ppl in the country don't walk normally?? i guess it's supposed 2 make her seem more childish or something? weird. (BTW, i guess a lot of my complaints R also about the manga, since the way the story/characters/dialogue is, it's based on the manga.) anyway, i still don't like her 4 all the reasons i listed be4, in my first post about this series. she's pretty, kind, and talented, but she's also very annoyingly naive/stupid and talks/reacts so slow. i am really getting tired of her confused stares! i'm just talking about the character, but i also don't like the actress....i think it's hard 4 any actress 2 pull off this role and make the character likeable, though.

-takemoto is too wimpy (even little kids beat him up!) and depressing! i guess his character's supposed to be a real loser and have the WORST luck, but i mean, ppl R always stepping all over him (sometimes literally!), and he can't do anything about it!!! it's really frustrating 2 watch, and half the time, u want 2 yell at him to "DO SOMETHING!!" instead of just complaining about his bad luck in love and life in his narration AFTER what happened. ...but still, i get so mad when i see his friends or other ppl being mean 2 him!! poor guy.

BUT, KUDOS 2 toma, 4 trying his best 2 make his character likeable...i think only toma's cuteness can make takemoto's character likeable or at least tolerable...that's a hard thing 2 do!!!

-THREE main characters all with unrequited love is depressing and too much! ok, WE GET IT. unrequited luv sucks / life is unfair. why so much sadness and longing....(sigh!) this series is like....50% sad/depressing, 20% funny (and most of it R scenes with TOMA!), and 30% boring. so it's 80% no good. lol....well, i mean that the feeling it gives u.....even the end themesong is SO depressing.

and i've noticed how this series...the colors...the's mostly so...dark or their rooms and where they hang's a little distracting cuz i'm a clean freak. haha...i especially don't like the room...1 of their teacher's office? i forgot his name....that's where they hang out mostly, and i just REALLY don't like this cluttered, small room, where most of the time, it's so YELLOW from the near evening sunlight, it seems....i just don't like how it looks in general, plus the mostly seems that it's always around the same time that they film in there...around be4 sunset, so it's so bright and .... it's like time has stopped in that room.....did they do this on purpose??

-TOO MANY METAPHORS. every1 seems 2 have some kinda metaphor 2 teach them about life or love. but it starts 2 get old FAST, when every other grown-up seems 2 have a ready-made metaphor or analogy 2 tell them. sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't (karaoke is like xmas?!).

-too many flashbacks sometimes.

-most of the episodes, the ending is sad/depressing. sometimes it ends in a cliffhanger, but mostly it's just SAD. who thought this was a good idea, 2 really get the audience depressed at the end of each episode?!?!

-i really don't like rika, the older woman that mayama loves. she looks so "motherly" and she's just so plain's weird 2 see a cute young guy be so in love with her. it doesn't help that she reminds me a little of my own mom!! she also has some weird slowness in reacting, hagu-like stares or other hagu-like traits that i hate!

(to be continued...
with things i like about this drama)


Naomi_chan said...

I agree- if Toma was not in Honey and Clover, I prolly wouldn't consider watching it. And I thought that it would get better as the eps continued, but I was slightly disappointed cause I always end up getting mad at all the characters! [I'm still only on ep 6]

I get mad at Hagu for liking Morita, at Morita for liking Hagu, at Takemoto for not telling Hagu how he feels, at Ayumi for liking Mayama, at Mayama for liking Rika... aarghh, so frustrating! And the drama's slow pace doesn't help either.


Wow, SORRY for ranting!!! I can't help it ^-^;

But either way... GO TOMA!

Anonymous said...

This show is SUPPOSED to be melancholy. It's kinda stupid to force yourself to watch a video that you don't even like just because an actor you totally love is in it. That's like torturing yourself on purpose. (Kinda like Ayumi ya know!) Don't know how you feel, but I wouldn't do that...

Personally, I liked Honey and Clover the animated version better. Real people just don't put the images (not just their appearance) of these fictional characters to justice. (I don't know why but I love this series for the reasons you people hate this series. lol)

Toma's great though. Aha~ He'll be in other better series. And become rich probably... XD

savvy kate said...

didn't think it'd take this long 4 me 2 respond!!

thanks 4 commenting!

Naomi_chan, me too! haha, about getting mad at the characters.

i'm behind now, i need 2 catch up fast!! still haven't started ep.7 yet, and the series is probably already finished in japan??

Anonymous, i know it's supposed 2 be about bittersweet love, but 2 me, they're overdoing it.
well, i don't HATE the series, i just wish it was better. it's ok. i think it's fine that I and other toma fans watch it 2 support toma even if we don't like the series. i don't want 2 feel like all toma's hard work and time was wasted on this series...i'll surely finish watching it.
right...some manga should not be turned into tv series.