Wednesday, March 5, 2008

new banner!!

finally made a banner.
1st one i made 4 this blog,
cuz be4 i was using elitejean's banner.
hope u all like it. =)
such a short, simple scene, but so cute, sweet and memorable cuz of toma!!

i also uploaded it here.

ALSO, i made a small banner so ppl can link 2 this blog using that....pls tell me if u've linked 2 my blog, i'd like 2 know! thank YOU!


Naomi_chan said...

Kyaaa, I love that scene from Hana Kimi! Lovely banner!

savvy kate said...

thank u, naomi_chan!! ~_~
that was really such a special moment between nakatsu and mizuki, though she didn't know it. hehe. really unforgettable!!