Sunday, October 2, 2011

happy 27th birthday, Toma!! tanjoubi omedetou, my prince.♥

(i know this is EARLY =P,
but i dunno if i'll have time 2 post it later, so i'm posting now. lol.
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for more TOMA BIRTHDAY FANGIRLING!!! yeyyyy!!! v(^_^)v
have fun celebrating his birthday, everyone~~~!!
(credit: chibird)


THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT, PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST TONS OF MESSAGES AT YOUR TWITTER ABOUT TOMA ON HIS BIRTHDAY USING THE #toma_birthday, we're trying to get him into the trending topics!! especially at 00:00 JST and 10:07 JST!!! arigatooooo!! i made this graphic so you can easily promote this toma bday project anywhere. please do spread the word!! thanks! *_*

i made this graphic for toma's room and for my tumblr too...
just finished it a little while be4 i posted this entry!! wheww....
took me so long, choosing the right fonts/size! o_O
but i really like how it turned out. YEY!!

(credit: Potato - January 2010 interview, translated by enshinge at:

sorry about the quote being from since 2010, but there
have not been a lot of toma interview translations in 2011. =T
and i really love this quote!! *_* and i got the idea from these 2 pretty
bday fanart, for demi and evanna. sorry, i can't
find the weheartit links anymore, only have these links...

toma cuteness through the years...^_^ toma + puppies. i didn't choose
toma + puppy pics on purpose, just happens
that he took so many pics with puppies! xD
(this collage took me such a crazy long time to make! o_O
i mean, finding/choosing the pics!! whew..bad idea. xD)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tomaaaaa!! _
i love you!! *hugsss*

toma is 27 now!! i hope he has a really really happy, fun, and exciting birhday!! and that his b-day wish will come true! and that he gets to eat a lot of yummy cakes. *_* (cuz well, he is a little thin right now...=P)

for his birthday, wish i could give him a crown necklace like this, because he's my prince. i already thought of him as a my prince charming long before he got the role of prince genji neee. (ok, i know genji is a playboy and not really the kinda prince that girls dream of dating, but you know what i mean. xD)

and of course, i want to give him a yummy pretty cake and flowers too. ^.^

oh, and of course, i already sent him a birthday card with a lot of love and messages from myself and some toma fans. **GO HERE FOR MORE PICS** of the card and fan messages!

(credit: at tumbler: dirtyatmosphere, floraldetails,,, and Toby Garden @


Doral real estate said...

These are great collection..These all pics is nice looking//I like this post..Thanks for sharing here..

Ecargenuj said...

I SUPER LIKE YOUR BLOG <3 Toma everywhere ^^

kate♥toma said...


arigatouuuu!! ~_~ please also visit my LJ toma community and tumblr. lots more toma there. hehe...