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preview pics of the GENJI photobook... toma is the 5th sexiest johnnys!! and toma's BDAY msg & FANGIRLING from his bday!!!

preview pics of the Genji photobook!!!!
ehhhhhhh….pretty! but i dunno….
feels a little weird 2 see him like this. ^^;
(of course, i mean the pics where he looks like a woman,
the other pics, he looks handsome n cool like usual!!)

so...turns out, toma had to kinda cosplay the women in the movie for the photobook!!
what a cool idea ne! ^^


YOU CAN NOW PRE-ORDER THE PHOTOBOOK AT YESASIA!(link and other info about the book here:

i think i kinda said the same thing the 1st time seeing toma dressed as a woman in the madame de sade play. lollll. i dunno, he still looks pretty, but it still weirds me out somehow. ^^; i dunno why, cuz i love girly toma. i think it's just i don't like seeing him with too much makeup?? o_o that must be it...yeah...cuz i thought he was cute in the pink nurse costume in hana kimi!!

credit: strawberry_gemm, oomontyoo)
goo ranks johnnys on sexiness (who is most sexy and charming)

toma got 5th place in the poll!!!
he ranks high in the polls that really count. xD but i was so surprised 2 see his pic, his name in the top 5!!! SUGOI NE!!!! =D hopefully he'll show up in the top 10 in more polls from now on. v(^_^)v

.......... TOMA'S pics~ ♥♥
(mostly preview pics. for the HQ, go to ikuta_toma LJ or toma-gallery LJ! credit: as watermarked, oribejunpei, weibo, neyhershey,, thanks to memo-toma!, fuckyeahtoma, jeraburabu, harjii, sina)

sooooo many great photoshoots recently!! sorry, it's kinda too much for 1 post, i hope u don't mind, but they're all so great, so i wanna share with everyone!! xD smiling toma pics too!!! awwww. i miss his smile!! ^.^

........... toma's MESSAGES
(these are just the summaries. to read his full msgs, pls go to TFGirls' post linking to their translations here: and to toma's room (the posts are members-locked))

(i think this pic is from last yr, since i don't think he has to dress up as genji to promote the movie recently?? but i'm glad to see toma's bday cake!! why didn't we see this since last year?? =T credit: oribejunpei)

------ vol. 451:
he read from ken tadashi's novel for the Marching J video. if you pay for the video, the money will be used to help people affected by the earthquake. he wanted to read louder but it's hard. he was a little awkward, but please watch and show your support. thank you.

uwaaaa, shooting on the roof. it was super glare, so no need to use lighting, just the sunlight.

---- vol. 452:
there's a wind storm. are you ok? be careful.

there was air cast and air jam 2011, so for 2 days, it was like a war on the field. he got 30 mosquito bites all over his body! that's really really itchy. but it was fun. he was really energized! almost paralyzing! and really really itchy.

but glad he had fun at the rock concerts! xD)

----- vol. 453:

at last, it's time for Genji Monogatari at Roppongi Hills.

he thanks the thousands of beautiful women who came to the event. it's a shame that the beautiful women all over the world couldn't come, but he thanks them too. the beautiful women from roppongi that went, he thanks them very much!

thank god, the show was quite successful. let's watch and enjoy Genji Monogatari. please...

ah, the air has become cold recently? for those that don't know because they're not outside that much, it's cold, he's freezing..hopefully he won't catch a cold.

(awwwww! toma, such a sweet talker! xDDD i'm glad he remembered he has many many pretty fangirls all over the world!! i wish i could be there 2 shake his hand or at least be close to him!! *sigh* but thanks toma~! i know it's silly, but reading this made me so happy. ...maybe it's cold, but better than too hot, right toma? =P)

(my reaction: _omgggg....
he knows we exist!!! :D:D

------ vol. 454:

in japan, the genji tickets are already on sale. you could watch it or share it with your friends. everyone should get it.

soon there will be campaign events, so his face will be at certain places. when the time comes, so that you can meet him in a healthy condition, please do certain activities that are needed.

and time for him to leave behind the summer mood. time for his mood to move on.

------- vol. 455:

renewal (update?) at the last moment of being 26.

tomorrow, ikuta toma will be 27 years old.

at 27, he still needs your support and help. first, for Genji, okay...

please, everyone.

mmmm....about aging
from 26 to 27

there's no drastic personality changes!

(happy 27th bday, toma. ~_~
always stay sweet and silly like this. =P)

------------- vol. 456:
(oct. 16) (summarized from not 100% accurate translations, thanks to senko_fuji and ingenjimode!)

he's worked hard to be who who is at 27.
in 3 years, he'll be 30~

he celebrated with many different people. received a lot of gift packages at his house. the sake was awesome yo. birthdays are great ne?

as a 27-year-old, he'll keep working hard.

sou desu.
tomorrow, The Tale of Genji photobook will be released.
genji tried doing it by himself. murasaki shikibu, lady rokuji, etc. he wore their clothes. [he had to cosplay them...xD]

let's continue with everyone's support.
it's exciting, right?
he wants to see it with his own eyes, how the audience feels about the movie. he wants to somehow give people reasons to like it. will the mystery be revealed? please wait in anticipation. please excuse us. please enjoy.

----------- ohh. this is the correct version, thanks to akemi's japanese friend for the translation!! but the not exactly correct version, i like too, so i'll still keep it here. xDD

"Its me Ikuta! I turn 27 years old! I will be 30 in three years. (Oh Men)

I was congratulated by many people, so a lot of birthday presents are covered on the floor, which makes me happy.

A lot of SAKE bottles, Japanese alcohol, are great. I will be drowning by a Sake Ocean.

Oh, I want to tell you about the Tale of Genji Monogatari which means very old Japanese book. The story will be a movie which I have acted. Before the movie plays at theaters, the picture book of Genji will be released tomorrow. I have acted the characters of movie Genji Monogatari, so I have worn a lot of costumes. Many of the staffs of the movie of Genji Monogatari helped me wearing heavy kimonos. I was very beautiful. The movie is very nice, so I hope everybody come to watch the movie. Before the movie plays at the theater, please check the pictures on the book of Genji, which is shown my pictures wearing Kimono. I hope everybody enjoy the movie and the book!"

(drowning in a sake ocean!! LOL.
toma does love drinking ne. xD)

.............. cool toma LJ THINGS:

[info] Marching J Special Movie 10/15 (the 2nd toma special video)
Icons and background : Ikuta Toma (memo-toma made these awesome graphics. ^^)
(memo-toma made a nakatsu video for toma's bday!)

----------- @TOMA'S ROOM lj:
[one shot] Promise (carry wrote a tomapi fic for toma's bday)
^o^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMA!!! ♥♥ [BDAY MESSAGES FOR TOMA. also, i posted some toma bday mv's there, in a comment]
akemi's bday post, about a nice toma MV. ^^
Still Celebrating Toma's Birthday!
[akemi's post, she made a toma video for his bday using Sweet Child O'Mine]
(off-topic) what do u think about Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS???! O_O
anybody interested in translating/summarizing toma's magazine interviews/blog entries sometimes? ^^
english-subbed Genji teaser!! =)

Summary of Wink Up [Logo Scan] - November 2011
Myojo November 2011 - Interview
--------- thanks to senko_fuji for the translation/summary of these articles!!! ^__^
ryuusei's 1st Chuggington Sunday show. he danced in a cute way with some kids. =P

............ you probably already know, but...
JAPAN OFFERS 10,000 FREE TRIPS to foreigners in 2012 !!!


ahhhhh....wish i could grab this rare opportunity,
but still not the right time for me to go, even with free tickets. =(

............... RANDOM toma things

(credit: ingenjimode)
[cute toma pics from the time he guested at yamashita's concert. ^^]
[awwwwww. toma embarrassed when seeing a video clip of himself when he was little!! ~_~]
[another sekushi almost kiss from genji!! also made by oribejunpei. ^^]
[toma's sempai carrying him in the Love and Peace drama, i think. ^_^] [kavya wrote this really nice message for toma's bday! ^^]

............... toma's BIRTHDAY fangirling ♥_♥

(bday posts at toma's room ^_^)

these are messages and fanart that everyone wrote or made for toma. ~___~ there were a ton of messages and fanart at facebook, twitter, and tumblr!! i chose the best to share with everyone here. ~_~ (*** you can see a lot more at my tumblr, i reblogged SO MUCH toma pics n msgs that day and the day after too!! ***)

also, in case you're interested, pics of japanese snacks i got for toma bday celebration + i tried making okonomiyaki. xD

(Source: fierceastheireyebrows)

toma_birthday got into to the TOP 30!!! *___*

tomas was trending!!! a swedist poet who won the nobel prize for literature that day! xDi'm so glad there WAS a "toma" person trending for toma's bday!! xDDD

(bday msgs @twitter for toma... ~_~)

(bday msgs @facebook for toma ~_~)

(credit: lala-pon)

(credit: toma143)

(credit: oink8)

(credit: imbanana)

(as watermarked)

(as watermarked)

(credit: born2bealone)

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