Sunday, August 29, 2010

i've been toma's fan for 3 years!!!♥ (on aug.30/31)

it's been (almost) 3 years!

thank you...

i decided to do something i've never done before, which is post this entry early, cuz i wanna post during the weekend, and i really can't wait any longer to post it up!! heehee. and also, post up a handwritten message for minna-chan...

these are the links to my 1 and 2 year posts, btw:

(click on the pic to see my messsage more clearly)

here's my 5th fic, "the pool...". it's just a short oneshot. haha...
but i promise the next one will be longer and more interesting!! xD


мëмό-тόмâ said...

How are you?
I can not believe it

Will you send a card to Toma ?
This is very cool

Please,Please,Please, T__T

Can you write my name on the card as well?

And how to send the card ?
Do you have the address Toma?

I want to know that his fans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Write my name " Memo - Toma "
and " Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "

thank you so much honey ^__^

Anonymous said...

waaa...3 years ne!
congratulation kate!

kate♥toma said...

u posted here too? haha....

yep, it's been 3 yrs!
arigatou ne~! ^///^

мëмό-тόмâ said...

sorry ^_*
coze I'm so happy for you " kate "

Cezie said...

Omedetou Kate-chan on your third year anniversary as a Toma fan. *shakes hand and jumps up and down d/t excitement*

I'm so happy for you! Sorry I'm still in lurk mode right now but I try to keep updated as i can. >_< I'm so thankful to Toma too for meeting many people out there like you. Toma indeed has given light to us his fans and led us to a more beautiful outlook in life, ne?

and omo! who's your lucky man? eeehhhh. Im so happy for you. best of luck and happiness and more more love come you're way Kate-chan. Let us both succeed in the battle of Love!!

Love you lots!!! I miss talking to you! we should definitely meet up one of these days ^_^

kate♥toma said...

it's ok. =P
awww....thanks. you can call me kate-chan ne. ~__~

thanks so much!! heehee.
*shakes hands & hugs & jumps up and down with u*

that's totally ok, i don't mind when ppl lurk. haha....hai, thanks to toma, i've met so many wonderful people, like you. ~__~ and yes, he's lit up my life and made me realize how beautiful life can be...^///^

awww...>////< thanks, cezie. battle of Love...=P hai.....let's keep trying our best!!

aww....i miss talking to u too, and i love you too! heehee....i hope we'll be able to meet in tokyo one day! xD

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Happy Toma Anniversary.

It's fast. His career has developed very nicely. Hope you had a nice day!

Will catch the fic later on.

kate♥toma said...


heehee.....toma anniversary. thanks~~
i've had several really nice days of celebrating. xD

hai....and i hope u'll like it....>///<

J e N N i said...

thats so sweet of u~~~

I hope i could find someone to love~

I should celebrate too hey!?
I'm from Australia, 19 yr old Azn girl... who have been a toma's fan for a year and a half~ LOL

hope someday! i want to live in japan after uni!!!

well, nice to meeting u~
and hoping to see more updates!

P.s. - i've been a fan of this website! THANKS FOR MAKING A BLOG ABOUT TOMA-KUN!

LOVE YA!! <33
arigatou gozaimasu!

kate♥toma said...


~__~ thanks.
i'm sure you'll find someone...hehe.

oh....really! omedetou!!
and it would be so cool if u could live in japan.
though i would be soooo happy if i could just even visit japan for a little while....xD

it's nice to meet u too. i love talking to toma fans i've never met before, especially when you're a fan of my blog. heehee. yeyyyy. it makes me really happy to know ppl love my TL-chan (toma love blog). i'll definitely keep updating, but it's just that there's not much toma news lately. haha...

Anonymous said...

wow Kate-chan ...omedetou for being a loyal fan for 3 yrs! Toma really needs more fans like u =)
i guess Hanamizuki being able to top the box office is an icing to the cake, right!
it's like a double celebration ;)

and that was a sweet letter ...
cute handwriting lol
hey glad u have found someone in the 'real world' ...ah, Toma won't mind, i'm sure he's happy for u too xD

right's really nice meeting so many other Toma fans here at your blog. do keep up ;)


Lou said...

Hi Kate! *waves* :D

Omedetou gozaimasu on your 3rd year anniversary of being Toma's fan! (Gomen ne, I would've posted this earlier, but my internet died after I downloaded too much unubore deka!) >< The characters become more hilarious as the show progresses, ne?

Thanks to your blog and LJ, I've got to meet many more Toma fans from so many places- it's great getting to meet and talk to others who admire him too :D I really enjoy the news you post here, and your comments, it really makes my day especially when I've had a really hectic day at uni/work. I feel more happy and relaxed being able to discuss topics with people who I know are just as passionate! Also, congratulations on finding your soulmate, I'm really happy for you! :D

Arigatou for all of your hard work! For fuelling all of our fangirl hearts with news! Keep it up! :D I hope that I can discuss more with you in the future! :)

kate♥toma said...


arigatou! ~__~
aww, u're so sweet...i really do wanna be toma's fan for life. hehe.
hai...i'm so happy for hanamiz's success!!! it's a nice coincidence, that hanamiz is released just 9 days be4 my anniversary.

heehee...thanks, anjerin! my honey likes my handwriting too. >////<
i guess u're right...haha...and if toma has a secret girlf right now, i'd be happy for him too. xD

hai...i love meeting toma fans...most of them are SOOOOO nice and sweet.
gambarimas!! *-*


hi hi! *waves back* =D

ah, arigatou ne! (fufufu, it's ok! =P) definitely! haha...i love this drama, though sometimes it's just a lot of nonsense. lol. xD

aww...thank you. >///<
i'm sooooooo happy i found the right person for me.

hai....i totally agree!! i've met so many wonderful ppl f/all over the world... souka...i'm really glad coming here can cheer u up!! ~___~ i'll keep trying my best to keep all u fangirls updated on toma's stuff!! sure...i'd like that too. and u can post in my cbox too. hehe.