Monday, August 23, 2010

hanamizuki opening day stage greeting...& other toma news n stuff

kate desu.
how are you? =)

(this is tomadaisuki's hearts icon. omg, it's SUPER CUTE!! heehee.)

sorry, it's been a while since my last post. it can't be helped...there hasn't been a lot of toma news until recently. umm....unubore's up to ep.7 and i haven't even watched ep.3. (but tfs only recently released it...)

GET THE NINGEN MOVIE HERE, unsubbed. thanks to zoe!

wow....after a 6 months wait...but i'll wait for the subs.
when is ningen coming to other countries anyway? hmm...


u can find it at youtube...(here's one 1 found: oh, there's a subbed version too. or get it here:
[TOKIO - NaNaNa (Taiyou Nante Irane) PV w/ Toma]

........summary of toma's recent messages:

he's been plugging for the PV, unubore, and hanamiz, of course. =D there's a super cute hanamiz theme at his blog now. he hopes everyone will support hanamizuki...must watch it! he thanks everyone for welcoming them when they came to different places to promote the movie. for the opening day, just a short message. "finally, it's the first day of hanamizuki" he doesn't think any1 hasn't watched, but if so, "hurry and go watch it~!!" haha.
(credit: thanks to jessica for translating! u can read the full messages at the toma LJ or mizza's blog.)


(credit: the hanamiz-related screencaps: mizza♥, for the toma pv filming shop pics:, stage greeting pic: xq ,

i dunno why toma's hair and clothes have been kinda weird lately?? ummm...his hair is all poofed up and long & sticking out in the back. this outfit is too white and i dunno....hmm. but i think it's nice how every1 held a hanamiz flower pic and they sang the chorus of the hanamiz song, making gakky cry! awww........~__~ here's the news:
Aragaki, Ikuta, Mukai greet audience for "Hanamizuki" opening day

i've been waiting for this day...a tiny part of me thought maybe somehow i could go watch it in japan. wish didn't come true, but then, at least i have the hanamiz pb. nanka...i feel that i've already seen the movie. heehee...~___~

to celebrate the opening day, i watched mizza-chan's special MV for hanamizuki!!!! yeyyy. it's sooooo nice and sweet.♥♥♥♥

oh, and guess what? "it has been officially confirmed** that Hanamizuki will be shown in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand ''and 4 foreign countries''!!!!!!!!!!![credit:] SUGOI!!!!! if only they'd release it in the USA....and somewhere near me so i can watch it. xD

......this is old news now, but they went to the Tokyo Daijingu shrine to promote hanamiz.....wah, both look so pretty in their yukatas!!! ~__~

news about it: (toma said gakky's nape is beautiful!! fufufu....xD) toma LJ stuff:

(gakky drew toma.....and he tried to imitate it.
it does kinda look like him! LOL!! xD )
[Scans of Duet + Potato + Wink Up September, thanks mizza!]
[DOWNLOAD ~ MP3 of TOKIO's NANANA 太陽なんていらねぇ (TAIYOU NANTE IRANE), thanks mizza!]
[DOWNLOAD ~ 20100812 DON + 20100812 NSUTA + 20100812 SUPERNEWS (toma & gakky at the shrine, in yukatas), thanks mizza!]
[Hanamizuki OST]
[awesome gifs of toma from the TOKIO PV. =)]
[SCANS OF HANAMIZUKI PHOTOBOOK (TOMA's PART - 40 pages), thanks mizza!]
[TOMAPI DOUJINSHI. fufufu....xD thanks mizza!]
[hanamizuki icons]
[Hanamizuki Official Photostory Book (68 pages)]
[Shop photo (NaNaNa Pv filming)]
[Preview of Random magazine]


Anonymous said...

i personally like his outfit though...its white but not just plain boring white. As for his hair...i guess hes still filming Unubore so he has to keep this hairstyle for the character but he cant just go to these important occasions without doing sth to it...unfortunately it turned out a bit weird & too...hmmm...gelly? XDXDXD
im still fine w/ it though. he still looks gud to me ^^
i really hope Hanamizuki will receive a lot of positive critics and keep its high ranking position like right now for a long time =")

kate♥toma said...

toma looks good in white, but i just don't like the white outfits he's worn to the hanamiz stage greetings....haha.

and his hair!! it looked kinda wet and weird. yeah, i guess cuz of his character. but i totally agree! he should have tried to fix his hair before he came. i guess there was no time or something. >__<

I'M SO HAPPY HANAMIZ GOT #1 AT THE BOX OFFICE!!!!! yeyyyy.... ~__~

Lou said...

I love Toma in white as well, but I'm curious as to why he wore white at both Hanamizuki stage greetings....Maybe the white outfit is meant to symbolise some kind of 'prince' character? You know how all 'prince charming's' are dressed in white, and Hanamizuki is very much a romantic movie...? Maybe I'm just reading into it too much lol :p

YAY~~ Hanamizuki is #1!!!! :D So happy...I'm still in shock that it net over $5 million (Aus dollars) in TWO DAYS??!! Amazing! So happy for Toma, he must be so excited that it's number 1..he's worked so hard for it. Just read the latest translation of Toma's Room, I reckon I'll just do about anything to see the movie!!!!! I really hope that someone will post a file on the internet, like with Ningen Shikkaku. Thank you for posting the news, Kate!! Yay!! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to see it! Now I just have to learn about HJSplit.....

kate♥toma said...


maybe you're right. haha. especially the first stage greeting, that white outfit really looked prince-like. heehee.

i think toma must be really hyper about it being #1!! xD wow, u really want to see this movie!!!! i just read his msg about it, and i'm really touched by it. ~__~ umm....i'm sure we'll be able to watch the movie, but only after it's released on DVD. it won't be for a long time. cuz ningen was just released on DVD at the start of august.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Your post really help me! I'm Toma's fans too *still newbie
I'm curious about Toma on making of TOKIO PV, How he'll be like? act on his senpai's pv for the first time. Aa~ I hope I can find the DVD of it~