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TOMA'S HAIR IS NOW BLONDE, FOR HIS NEW MOVIE, MOGURA NO UTA!!! O.O nou otoko stage greeting...toma vs ohno vs jun on Last Mission!!! (my bday = feb.9 = N.O. day!! ^_^)

new blue flowers banners, because Feb. is V Day/love month + also my bday month, and my favorite color is blue!! also, i'm tired of all the PINK used for V Day, so i thought i'd go with blue for a change. of course, i'm working on the monthly post for January. it's coming soon!! :)

how has 2013 been for you so far? mine is super awesome!! just kidding. xD but i hope it will be super awesome at least for february, because it's my bday month! i'm getting excited, planning stuff i wanna do and buy (i have been since the end of jan. lol.)!! heehee. i keep saying it over and over everywhere, but my birthday is FEB.9, AND NOU OTOKO IS GONNA BE RELEASED ON MY BDAY!!! yeyyyyyy!!! ~__~ actually today is feb.7 here, but it's already feb.8 in japan, so tomorrow is feb. 9 and Nou Otoko will be released!
(i'm going to be all hyper and happy like this
for the whole month, hopefully!! ahahaha... credit: selena-gifs)

for the osawari poll here,
only 36 people voted, and turns out 33% have not watched it yet, 55% like it, and 11% don't like it. are people waiting for the whole series to be subbed and then watch it? or too busy so far? hmm.

COME CHECK IT OUT!! i really love it!

i asked scattie if they were going to sub toma's nou otoko stage greeting video clips and she said they might, but they really need someone new to be project leader, so i said i'll do it!! :) i guess i'll just need to keep track of the progress and remind people to do their part for each project? it can't be that hard or time-consuming, i hope? ^^;

and here's some stuff from my LJ that i want to share... :)
my nou otoko flyer came in the mail!!!!!! ~_~
30 day meme!!!!! ~_~
my review of genji monogatari (i haven't watched it with subs yet, but when i do, i'll talk about it + post some screencaps here.)

........................ toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full messages, go to! ~_~)
(he's still so cute, despite his hair!!! xD
Source: tokeis)

he said happy new year. =)
he wonders if they ate mochi, got gifts, and got some time to relax. he'll gambatte this year and still needs your support. first will be nou otoko.
it's almost time for nou otoko. he has a lot of interviews to do and he's hyper about it. he can't wait to watch the movie.
he will be filming for Mogura no Uta soon. he gets to work with Miike Takashi for the first time, and with Kudo Kankuro the 2nd time (they both worked on Unubore Deka). this movie will be awesome and will make you laugh so much, you'll cry. he's really hyper!! and Nou Otoko is coming!!!
he was in the elevator when it stopped. there was a little girl and her mom waiting to get on. but the girl looked at toma and got scared, and stood behind her mother. later, a woman asked if toma was ok. toma said he was ok and wondered what was wrong. he looked in a mirror and sees that he looks like a bloody gangster. since he's filming for Mogura no Uta right now. (i'm not sure if he actually still had some fake blood on him or he was just saying that. xD) (this entry is from feb.2)

................................... toma news, links, etc. from January ♥


i don't mind the bright blonde color too much. at least it's better than nino's YELLOW blonde and toma has been blonde-ish many times before... but i really hate it when his hair gets long and he styles it like that...bunches it up on one side and make it a big wavy, tangled mess. -___-
oh well. it's for his role and he'll probably style it a lot of different ways, and not just that 1 style. =( but this time he had to shave off his sideburns, and actually, i think they also shaved off more hair on both sides, but you can't really tell because it is covered by the longer, outer layers of his hair most of the time. sighhhhh...
i just noticed that on a lot of recent tv shows, toma is wearing dark suits and goth-ish necklaces. please don't start dressing like a jrock singer, toma!! i hate that look!!! o__o

(Source: jeraburabu)
i don't like violent gangster movies, so i was worried when i first heard about his new role, as an undercover cop. but then some people were saying it will probably be a funny movie, and then toma himself said it will be really funny, so that's a relief!! whew... ~_~ and i guess the director and script writer are both famous and talented, so probably they'll be able to make a great movie, together. and toma is really excited about getting this rebellious/tough guy role and working with them, so i'm happy for him, of course!

(source: trifectaofje)

‘Mogura no Uta’ to get live-action adaptation starring Ikuta Toma
by Shiso on January 20, 2013 at 8:24 pm
It was announced that Takahashi Noboru’s popular manga “Mogura no Uta” would be getting a live-action adaptation starring Ikuta Toma.
The original manga is currently being serialized on “Weekly Big Comic Spirits“, and there has been 33 volumes published. Apparently, many musicians, comedians, and even other manga-ka have stated that they were a fan of this manga.
‘Mogura no Uta’ revolves around protagonist Kikukawa Reiji, a police officer who graduated from the police academy with the lowest grade in history. The story starts where Reiji is condemned to dismissal by the chief. Ostensibly, it was a disciplinary dismissal, but it was actually a command for him to become an undercover agent (commonly called “Mogura (= mole)”).
His target is Todoroki Shuho, the boss of a big Yakuza clan in Kanto area, Sukiya-kai.  Reiji happens to become a favorite of Hiura Masaya, the young leader of Akogi-kai, a subsidiary Yakuza family of the “Sukiya-kai”. Gradually he reached Todoroki by overcoming many hardships.

Ikuta will be playing the protagonist “Kikukawa Reiji” who is stupid and perverted, but still a virgin. Though Ikuta has played many different roles in movies, many are expecting to see a Ikuta Toma which has never been seen before. In the beginning of the movie, there will be a scene in which Ikuta is bound hand and foot on the hood of a car naked, and the car runs at full speed while he is still on the hood. There will also be scenes where the original author Takahashi expressed, “I thought it could only happen in Manga!”

Miike Takashi will direct the movie and Kudo Kankuro will be in charge of its script. This will be Ikuta’s first time working with Miike, but he worked with Kudo in the drama “Unubore Deka.”  Ikuta commented, “I am looking forward and excited to be there when the two talented people who Japan is proud of, clashing into each other. I would like to be soaked deeply into the Miike Kudo world. I am fired up!!! Bring it on!!!!”

Miike also said, “I want to make the movie with such a sense of speed that you can’t take our eyes off the screen as something happens every 5 minutes, sort of like a ‘Japanese Mission Impossible.’ I also want to make it so extreme that it might traumatize junior high school students.”

The filming will begin at the end of January, and it will end in March. They are aiming to complete post-production for a 2014 release

(pic of the manga...this is the guy toma has to be.
why did he have to have such a crazy blonde hairstyle?? O__O he HAS sideburns, though!!)

fan's reaction + more news/info about toma's new manga-based movie, Mogura no Uta (Mole's Song)  
fans' reaction to toma's new hair color

more blonde toma pics + [poll] what if toma did a full frontal nude scene?!! O_O
(well, i joked about it after toma's sexy anan photoshoot, but i really would rather not see toma completely naked!! o__O i would be okay with seeing him naked from behind, but not from the front! because really...guys don't look sexy down there. just look at any random yaoi manga and you'll see what i mean. lol
i think we pretty much have seen the sexiest parts of toma's body from that anan photoshoot. i don't need to see anymore. :D i'm already satisfied.♥ hahaha...)

.................. pics + video clips of the Nou Otoko stage greeting + toma on various TV shows to promote the movie! *__ (credit: H@youtube)
toma at HIMITSU NO ARASHI CHAN (ohno vs jun vs toma!! *_*) + Nou Otoko-related video clips!!!!!! (1 OF THE RARE TIMES I'M SHARING TOMA VIDEO CLIPS!! hahaha...)
there are tons of cool nou otoko stuff that i reblogged here!!!

the stage greeting/presscon for nou otoko was so cool! they walked down a little runway and there was confetti and it was a huge place! i'm so curious about the diagram. i guess it's showing what toma is thinking about most of the time?? that was a clever idea, because of the title of the movie.

i was really upset when i first saw screencaps of toma with blond hair, but i guess those were just bad shots of toma. he still looks really handsome!! *__*

i love it when toma's promoting a movie and he's on so many tv shows and magazines!!!! :D i already watched the raw of him on himitsu no arashi chan, and it's great!! toma was so cute and cool in it. i love seeing toma vs ohno and jun!! xD and i especially love seeing toma being dorky and messing up!!! lol. and he's always so happy and has so much fun on arashi's shows. it's great that he can work + spend time with his friends at the same time!! ~__~


........... Osawari Episode #7 + recent toma video clips:

(i hate it when guys shave the side of their head,
but somehow toma pulls off this look!! source: myjhersey17)
Osozaki no Himawari Ep 7 [SUBBED]

(oh, they added some a video clip from the fan meet
into the opening of the last episode of osawari!!

awwwww!! you can watch it here:
okusama100!! (september 18th, 2012
[the show where okura cooked for toma. :) [SUBBED]
121020 Ikuta kun no Hai [SUBBED]
[ryuusei (toma's brother) interviews him on the set of osawari!]
2013.01.17 ZERO [stage greeting for Nou Otoko]
Toma on ZIP! segment- 1000yen Buyers

............. toma, jun, inoue mao + others in the HYD cast went to jun and yuu's (3rd!) wedding ceremony in hawaii on Jan. 5 !!! *_*
(source: fierceastheireyebrows)
jun and toma even danced to the songs "happiness" and "one love" for the ceremony!! wow!!! but did they rehearse it before or was it a spontaneous thing? probably they planned it. xD

news about it here:

more pics here:
................. english subs for Genji released (omg, finally~)!
you can get it here: remember to comment and thank her!! she has subbed many toma movies! :D

...................... random toma stuff:
(Source: tokeis. he looks good with his hair up like this!! xD
i wonder what other ways he'll style it. so far, mostly only that 1 style. =T)
[GOO Ranking] Johnny’s you’d want to release a Solo Album  
(#3 is toma!!!!! ~.~)
audio clip of toma's cover of "Kanashimi no Hate", from his latest appearance on domoto kyodai
Top Japanese Films at the Box Office: 2012
[BOKURA GA ITA (part 1) GOT 13th place! and part 2 was 21st place.]

[Poll] which movie did you like better, Hanamizuki or Bokura Ga Ita????  

................ my favorite toma pictures from January ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OTHER PICS FROM EACH PHOTOSHOOT, GO HERE:


(Source: ukkihara)

(Source: remarkablemen)

pics of toma smoking, in a tanktop and holding a sword!!!! wow.... *__*
i am so turned on right now. xD he is just so hot and gorgeous!! i think this is the +act photoshoot? i'll look for it next time i go to kinokuniya. but they don't seem to have new issues of +act there....sighhhhhh. =(

(Source: a-m-n-o-s)

(Source: littlekarin)

(Source: sandralovesyou)

(Source: japanaut)

(Source: hybrid-angel14)

(Source: edelea)

(Source: angelala711) old osawari pic from last autumn...he looks so happy!!!! and cute!!!!

....................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥
(source: tomafanindia)
1ST FIGHTER: TOMA!! so cool!!!!! *_*
(source: mezashita-mirai)
jun interrupting toma's plug for his movie. xD look at how cute they both are!! toma pulling his arm down reminds me of when jun covered his eyes at the johnnys countdown and toma had to push his hand away. awwwwww. ~__~
(Source: kanamecchi)
toma's trick to kiss a girl. xD it seems cheesy, but i don't think there's any girl who would refuse a kiss from him!! xD

(Source: kanamecchi)
he's just so adorable!!! *_*
(^___^ there's a bunch more gifs from the show here:
(source: tomafanindia)
I LOVE SEEING TOMA WORKING OUT because of nou otoko!!! so sexy!! *__*

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