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toma was a guest kanjani8's Janiben and SCP!! and Nou Otoko was #2 at the box office!! =D

hey everyone!
i'm sorry i still haven't posted up the monthly post for feb. yet. i've been busy with personal stuff + work + helping out with the subbing of toma stuff. i totally forgot to post on the last day of feb., but luckily i can choose the date of the post, so i've set it as feb. 28. lol...

it will take me a while to catch up on toma stuff and gather things for this post... please be patient. meanwhile, take a look (and comment!) at my 3 posts about things i did for my birthday at my LJ (!! =)

(to be continued...)

sorry for posting the monthly post up so late!!!! it's already march 18 today.
it's almost officially spring time (on the calendar)!! that's why the 2 new banners (remember to look at Dear Toma's new banner, too!!) are lovely pictures of sakura!! i usually choose close-up pics of cherry blossoms, but this time, i thought it'd be nice to use a picture of a path with cherry blossom trees!! yey!! these pics are from a botanical garden in new york. i like how the blossoms are more fluffy and big than the ones in japan. =)

i also made a new spring (blue skies) layout for Toma's Room!! remember to check it out!! =)

and about Dear Toma..., i finally decided to find a new way for toma fans to write to toma!!! yeyyy!! ~__~ and that is submit your message at my tumblr page (at the link above or just click on the SUBMIT button on the left of my page)!! ^_^ i will publish it there and at Dear Toma..., i've linked to the tag where all the messages will go, in case toma knows about it somehow, then he can read all the messages in 1 place. go to DEAR TOMA... now for more info.

this month, i am most excited about 2 things. cherry blossoms and The Host movie!! *__* i got to go hanami this past weekend (at a park near LA. xD) and it was really nice. i was too focused on trying to take nice pics of the flowers, so i couldn't really relax and just enjoy the atmosphere. but it was really wonderful being surrounded by pink cherry blossom trees and seeing the petals fly by everytime there's a breeze.

and i'm really excited about The Host movie. it's a sci-fi/romantic movie. ian and wanda's love story is soooooo sweet and unique. i am reading the book it's based on too. i really hope the movie isn't disapppointing and does well at the box office!! THE HOST will be released on MARCH 29 in the usa. remember to watch it, ok?? ~.~ i've reblogged a ton of stuff about it at my tumblr. check it out!!
(oh, here's a really funny summary of the plot and characters: ALSO, WATCH THE TRAILER HERE:

take a look at my recent LJ posts ( =) i had an awesome bday month and got to go to many cool places!! and i became project leader at TFS and also helped TFGirls with Osawari subbing by checking the grammar of their subs. whew... xD i also will post pics and talk about the cherry blossom trees i saw there, soon...
my review of Genji Monogatari....

........................ toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full messages, go to! ~_~)

feb.7 entry:
he had to do 10 stage greetings and fly to many places in one day to promote Nou Otoko! but he's glad that a lot of people came to the theater to see the movie. he's filming for Mogura and it's been snowing, so he hopes they don't get a cold.
feb.8 entry:
after a really long wait, nou otoko is released tomorrow. they worked hard on this movie and he hopes people will like it.
feb. 17 entry:
he didn't have time to sleep for the last shooting day of (??). he says sorry to the shimanto river. (???)
but he had 12 hours of sleep last night, so he's feeling dizzy now.
he thanks everyone for supporting nou otoko. it should be watched in the theater, not on a blu-ray player. he urges people to go watch it now!
march 9 entry:
he finished filming for mogura no uta! he sometimes got no sleep because of it, but he truly loved working on this movie. it's almost the 2 year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and he wonders how the people there are doing. he doesn't know what he can do except entertain people through his movie. we're living under the same sky, we're watching the same stars, and seeing the same future. [this sentence is exactly what toma said, not my paraphrasing!] he will go with some people to tohoku, to pray together on march 11.

.................................. toma news, links, etc. from February ♥

............ Nou Otoko news and stuff
that's scary that toma made her faint because he was strangling her too hard, but that's the stupid director's fault!! geez. @_@ they should have been more careful! and there's also news about the premiere of the movie (same day as my bday!!) in this article. ~_~

(credit: myjhersey17)
Nikaido Fumi reveals that she fainted on the set of ‘Nou Otoko’, traumatizing co-star Ikuta Toma

--toma's movie did really well at the box office!!!! ^___^
this is how nou otoko ranked at the box office weekend results so far:
feb. 9-10: #2 
feb. 16-17: #3
feb. 23-24: #3
march 2-3: #6
march 9-10: #9
DESPITE THE CHANGES IN RANKING, FOR 4 WEEKS STRAIGHT, NOU OTOKO WAS THE TOP JAPANESE MOVIE AT THE BOX OFFICE!!!!!! ^_^ only the hollywood movies are ranked higher!! hooray for tomaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *claps*

[SCANS] Nou otoko photobook -Toma part-

...........TOMA WAS A GUEST ON KANJANI8'S Janiben!! ^_^
(Source: trifectaofje)

gifs from the show:
(darn it, i've been spelling it wrong, with a p instead of a b. ^^;)

get the video here:
not since 2009 has he been on that show!!
(credit: tomadaisuki)

get it here:
Shounen Club Premium February 27, 2013

................. TOMA'S SUBBED VIDEOS:
--EPISODES 8-10 OF OSAWARI RELEASED!!! now you can finish watching! =)
new TFS release: #138 121116 Pekepon
the 1st TFS project i was involved in, as project leader!!! woot!! =D
so glad it's finally completed and i was able to post up the entry.

............ toma's appearance on various TV shows:
he's been on many shows, such as Shabekuri 007, Sukkiri, Waratte Korete, etc.!!
get the video clips here:

or you can watch some of them online, here:
........... summaries of toma's nou otoko promotion TV/radio interviews:
himawariyusuke has kindly summarized the most interesting parts from toma's various appearances at her LJ! go there and read some! =) and remember to thank her!

........... TOMA-related news:
shirota yu mistaken 4 toma xD

"Johnny's Left Over". Ikuta Toma's Suffering from Junior until He Becomes Actor.
(an interview where toma talked about how difficult it was for him when he couldn't debut... =T)

--ryuusei's (toma's younger brother) wife is pregnant and will give birth around august of this year! toma will be an uncle soon. xD (thanks to leeloochew for the news!)

...................... random toma stuff:
go there to read them:
a sweet and short tomapi fanmade video from 2009 with cute moments from when they were young + quotes from their blogs of sweet things they said about each other. awww!! i miss tomapi!! (thanks to chikobear for the link!)
toma's wallpapers links + old TOMA FAN QUIZ i made ^_^ & TOMA + YOU namesquish i made ^_^

(credit: edit by me, original gif by: kashikuta)
"male star you want 2 be yr boyf?" poll results + [poll] have u fantasized about toma?!! xD  (SEXY/NAUGHTY POLL & GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD)
"Hanamizuki Photo book" pg. 32-34
(translation of an old, cute interview where toma and gakky talk about how it was filming for hanamizuki!)

............ my favorite toma pictures from February ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OTHER PICS FROM EACH PHOTOSHOOT, GO HERE:

(credit: renshin)
(Source: renshin)

(source: nesrivaki)
i'm not sure if it's awkward or sexy. it's kind of both?? i guess i still like it though. xD
(Source: renshin)

(Source: remarkablemen)

....................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥
(Source: deeal) toma picks ryo! i'd love to see toma and ryo in a drama or movie together, too!! someone, please make it happen!! xD
(Source: hellowello) i want to playfully hit toma's head like that too. lol. xD


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