Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥♥♥HAPPY (early) 26TH BIRTHDAY TO TOMA!!!!!♥♥♥♥ v♥___♥v

ok.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMA!!!! bdayconfetti_0032.gif bdaycake_0069.gif
TANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!!! double_hearts.gif double_hearts.gif double_hearts.gif double_hearts.gif

(lol....i'm posting early again.toma's bday is oct.7
well, in tokyo time, it's oct.5 already...)

i already sent toma his bday card (thanks to the fans who wanted to include
their names on the card!!!) on sept.20, so i'm sure it's arrived in japan by now. heehee. if u haven't seen the card, u can see pics of it here:
(if u wanna see what i did for his bday the past few yrs, look on the right side of my blog, under the FOR~ TOMA section.

i can't think of anything to make for toma this year, but i promised him i'd celebrate his bday with him in my fic, so here's the link to my 6th fanfic!!!
i've been brainstorming and writing since around the end of august....lol. but i ran out of ideas and got stuck for a long long time....and so i still haven't finished the 2nd half of the fic!!! T___T wahhh....this is bad. i will try super hard to finish it quickly..... HERE~ is the 1st part of the fic (it's a private post 4 now. i'll change the setting as soon as i finish editing my fic). i'll link to the 2nd part at the bottom of that post later. i hope u like it.... ~___~

i'm sooooooooo excited toma's bday is coming!! it's like my favorite holiday!! ~__~ (i guess i said this last yr too. LOL. and it rained today and it's gonna rain some more. we haven't got rain in forever here and i love this fresh, cold-ish weather! yeyyyy. nice weather for toma's bday week!! ^__~) i'm sure lots of fans will do something special for his bday. i already know some fans are making MVs for him....heehee. oh, strawberry_gemm wants everyone to tweet about toma (use the hashtag #ikutatoma) on his bday. in japan time, oct.7, from 8am-11pm. hopefully we can get toma into the top trending topics! yey!! *O*

ja.....since it's toma's 26th birthday....
cuz of all his movies, dramas, CMs this year.....


i want to give him some pieces of small, cute cakies, like these....

and to celebrate toma's first 3 movies being released this year.....and cuz he's filming for his 4th (BIG!! such a big budget movie and a huge deal!!), Genji.....

i want to give him a kyoto guide book like this....
(cuz he spent 2 months there when he was filming for ningen shikkaku. he really loved the quiet, pretty city and wants to go back some time~)

i want to take him to a seaside motel, like this...
(we could eat at a fancy restaurant there. xD and take a romantic walk on the beach together in the evening. hehe.)

i want to give him some flowers from a hanamizuki tree, like this...♥♥♥
but actually, hanamiz flowers are not very pretty and they would not be blooming in october, so i'd probably just give him some pretty pink flowers, like this...

and i want to give him a cute horse plushy, kinda like this...~__~
(cuz i think toma spends a lot of time horseback riding, as prince genji. hehe...)

and i want to give him a cute toy japanese police car....
(cuz in unubore, toma was the conceited detective (kinda). xD and he was a police man for a WWII period drama SP
that will be aired this month.)

I want to give him a TOKIO NaNaNa CD
(the 1st time ever he got to be in a PV, and it's with his beloved sempais. heehee....sugoi!!)

i want to give him a cool final fantasy figurine, kinda like these...
(i couldn't find a pic of a Hyur warrior, the one he cosplayed in the CM. hmm....what if there was a toma FF14 action figure!! awesomeness!!! ^_^ and i remember toma saying he loves to collect figurines.)

and lastly........
some of yui-chan's stuff. hehe.*^-^*
i want to give him some of her things,
cuz i miss toma + gakky....and gakky's photobook is so nice and her songs are sweet. ~___~
this is her new CD, niji (rainbow) and photobook.





Anonymous said...

Oh I also will celebrate like if it was a holiday!! ^_^ aww kate san I can see your fanfic because it doesnt want me to enter =(

kate♥toma said...

akemi-chan! *-*

yeyyyy!! i love this toma holiday!!! xD oh, sorry about that. cuz i'm not done editing the first part of my fic yet. i'll try to get it up soon and make the post public so u can read the first half at least....~___~

(oh, i just replied to yr comment here!! haha. sorry for the lateness.

мëмό-тόмâ said...

I really want to thank you so much
coz you but my mane in the bday card
i'm so happy and i will celebrate like if it was a holiday!!
i don't know what shude i say to thank you honey ^__^

I love you so much kate♥toma

kate♥toma said...

(oh, btw, i think i know why my other posts got pushed to the next page. cuz i copy and pasted the text from my email, so i could keep that color text. & maybe too much emoticons...oh well...i wanna leave it like that. SO...JUST CLICK ON THE OLDER POSTS TO SEE MY OTHER POSTS. ^-^)

u're very welcome, memo-toma!!! ~_~
YEYYY!! LET'S ALL CELEBRATE TOMA'S BIRTHDAY LIKE IT'S A BIG HOLIDAY!!! hahaha....^-^ sugoi ne... aww...i love u too! <3

Angelou said...

Congratulations to TOMA and especially to us his fans for the wonderful achievements and hardworks done.
Let's continue our pledge to support and share our love and aspirations to Toma.
Let us live Toma's legacy of persevering to achieve the things we want in life....

Happy 26th b-day to Toma.... Congratulations to you Kate and to all Toma Fans...

Anonymous said...

hai kate!
woah..nice post!
i hope one day ur wish to give him all the things come true kate..hehe..^^
i'm on my way to read ur fanfic..can't wait to finish it! ;)

kate♥toma said...


what a nice message!! *hugs*
aww....yes, let's all keep supporting and loving toma with all our hearts!! and also work hard to reach our dreams, like toma. ~__~


ah, arigatou ne! heehee...i'd love to give him at least a plush animal or flowers. hehe. u'll read my fic? yey!! please do comment and i hope u'll have fun reading it. hehe. xD

Anonymous said...

ur most welcome kate!
auww..so sweet u want to give him plush animal or flowers..^^
yup!finish read ur #6 fanfic..will comment later..n ofcoz i've fun when reading ur fanfic..gud job kate!feel doki2 right now..hahah.. ;p

kate♥toma said...


heehee....yep, i would like to give him those things. ~_~

wah...thanks for reading it! heehee...i really worked hard on this fic ne. i'll really try to get part 3 done soon!! =)

Anonymous said...

gambate kate-chan!!! yosh!!! ^__^

kate☂ said...

thanks, amal!! ~__~
i hope i can finish this fic soon...

Anonymous said...

genki desu ka? how are you? wow...so many toma updates since i last had proper access to the internet! (connection problems have restricted my internet usage to the university for the last few weeks and time's been restricted due to work). i'm sorry i haven't been able to posts much until now!

otanjoubi omedetou, toma-kun! :D i ended up baking a cake in celebration on toma's birthday...and then gave it to my friends to meet :p i love all the pictures you included in your post, you put a lot of effort into thinking of what to get for him :) and those little cakes look amazing...i would love to be able to cook something like that lol..so cute and pretty!

ohh, and you've started another fic! sugoi!!! i will endeavour to read it asap! i love your fics!! :)

thank you so much again for all of your hard work, keep it up! :) lou

kate☂ said...


hi hi! :)
hai, genki des. hehe.

(oh...i see! that's okie, u don't have to apologize ne.)

wow, really? cezie baked a cake to celebrate too! aww...giving yr friends some cake is such a nice way to celebrate! oh, i'm happy to hear that!! ^__^ it did take me a while to think of those things and find the pics...whew! oh, yep! i love those cute/pretty cakies!! they look so yummy too. =P

hai.....and i just posted up the last part of the fic today!! whew...i hope u love this fic too. hehe. aww...thank u thank u! i'm so happy u love all my fics!!♥

no problem!
yep!! gambarimasss!! hehe. *O*