Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TL's 6th Bday!!♥ and Nou Otoko subs released!!!!

Toma Love!!!!!!!♥

(i'm lazy to write something long, so just read last year's long message i wrote about how i want to continue sharing toma news at this blog, thank toma fans that come here a lot, blah blah blah. xD

time to party hard like it's selena g.'s 21st bday!!

not really, haha. but i'll be watching Nou Otoko to celebrate!! yey~~!! 
i was going to watch it anyway, with no subs. but then just yesterday, i see a post at the ikuta_toma LJ. there was a fansub group that wanted to sub the movie, after all!! the fansub group WhattheSub have released both hardsubs and softsubs for the movie!!! ^___^ go to whathesub (http://whathesub.livejournal.com/) to DL it! The post is locked so you'll need to join the community to access it, though. and they probably will approve your membership quite fast.


fierazor said...

thanx for your info about nou otoko softsub!!!

Kate said...

You're welcome!! ^_^
Enjoy the movie!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome !
Thanks Senpai :D

Kavya said...

wow, 6 years!! congrats! ^_^
have you seen it already? :)

Anonymous said...


you're welcome!! haven't seen you in so long!! *waves* =)


i watched half so far. lol. it is a bit disappointing because i thought it would be more action packed. but half of the movie is just talking/ explaining about his past. =/

kate♥toma said...

oops. anonymous is me. haha.