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TL's 5th Bday!!♥ YOU CAN WATCH BOKURA GA ITA NOW!! & toma's press conference 4 Nou Otoko (cool action scenes!) f/his new drama...

(i made it! sept.29 today...whew.)

so it's almost october already!! it's supposed to be fall already, but the weather is still warm/hot these days. thank goodness for the cool nights. in tokyo, seems like it's already cold and rainy these days. i'm so envious!

at least the moon is back these days. yey!! and i love october cuz it's toma's bday month, the 1st month of autumn (weather is cooling down slowly), and it's spooky halloween time (& candy and costumes time)!!

well, as i said in my cbox, i sent toma's bday card on sept. 12! ~__~ it probably already arrived in japan on sept. 19. i took pics of the card and the messages from toma fans before i sent it. i'll upload them and share the link with everyone in the toma birthday post later. ONLY 11 DAYS LEFT until toma's 28th birthday!! ^_^ if you're planning to do/make something for his bday, start planning now!!

ok, toma updates now. 
a lot of things to talk about this time!!

........................ toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full message, go to! ~_~)

toma posted a picture of the celebratory envelope (sorry, dunno the official name for these kinda special envelopes!) for the crank-in (the start of filming) of his new drama. [vol. 502, sept.1] toma came up with a nickname for his drama's long title: Osawari! xD he talked about being really happy to film for the new drama and how it doesn't feel rushed. but the weather has been hot during filming. he reminds everyone to take care in the heat. [vol.503, sept.7] he reminds people to go rent Bokura Ga Ita on DVD and Blu-Ray. ~__~ [vol.504, sept.14] he really loves the themesong for Osawari! so much that he cried! he likes the way the drama is filmed and thinks the drama is amazing.

........................... toma news, links, etc. from September 

(source: sunburst-rainshine)

(credit: shiawase-mahou)

-(u can see a bunch more bokura ga ita movie stuff i reblogged here:
also, this awesome gif set has a lot of nice moments from the movie!

(Part 1) NOW!!!!! ^_^ 
you can get it at the links below:

(good quality version, no subs, only 395MB! thanks to kavya! ~.~)
(HQ version, with chinese + japanese subs)
(best HQ version, no subs)

(Source: ashiya-maki)
------------ SkewedS Fansubs and TFGirls Team will sub this movie!! ^__^
but you can already get the softsubs, by yuizaki_libra, here:
-but since yuizaki already released subs, i wonder if these 2 fansub groups will continue with the subbing...? i feel kinda bad for this, but i will probably only watch the movie once, with yuizaki's subs. i don't see the point of re-watching it again with slightly different subs. and unless people say yuizaki's subs are not very accurate compared to these 2 team's subs or something. anyway, it's rare that i ever want to re-watch a movie, unless i really love it or it's a funny movie.

......BY THE WAY, 
after you finish watching the movie, vote on this poll at toma's room! thanks! xD
[poll] did you like Bokura Ga Ita??  

2~ TOMA'S PRESS CONFERENCE FOR NOU OTOKO + cool preview clips of the movie!! he wore glasses! *__* i love his outfit and hair! he looked so gorgeous and mature. smart + sexy! xD

A Big Change for Ikuta Toma in “Nou Otoko”
Last Sept 13th, Ikuta Toma attended the press conference for the shooting completion of his upcoming movie, “Nou Otoko“. Director Tomiyuki Takimoto attended the conference and announced that the movie will hit the cinemas on Feb 9th next year.

Based from a novel of the same title, “Nou Otoko” follows the story of a human killing machine void of any human emotions. The said novel won the 46th Edogawa Rampo prize for Mystery Novels back in 2000.
Ikuta Toma, who plays the titular role of a dark hero known to commit murder in the name of justice, said that playing the role of “brain man” has been a huge risk. “I put my soul into this character,” Ikuta said and even admitted that he became socially withdrawn a month before the shooting to get closer to his character. “I think that this role really change my perspective as an actor,” he added.

One of the movie’s highlight is Ikuta’s fight scene with the detective played by Yosuke Eguchi, it has been reported that the scene took 27 hours without sleep or rest. “I thought I was gonna die,” Ikuta said.

“Nou Otoko” will hit the cinemas next year, Feb 9th.

jnews1 and Sanspo (source:

---------------------------toma really worked hard for this movie. 27 hrs without sleep or rest?!!! T_T i guess it will all be worth it though...this movie really looks very cool!! toma's character really looks very cool!! *___* the car explosion scene and fighting scenes!! WOW!!!! ^o^ i usually don't like action movies, but super cool + gorgeous toma fighting/blowing up stuff?? F yeah!! xD seriously, i'm really looking forward to seeing the bad guy side of toma. (and i hope there's a shirtless scene in the movie cuz i wanna see how good his body looks after all that martial arts training. fufufu. ^_~)

------ a lot of gifs and photos from the press conference and some scenes from the movie here.
thanks for all the gifs, kavya!! ^_^

------ go here to DL video clips from the presscon 
(which includes clips from the movie):

------- i made 10 toma icon gifs (from N.O. presscon + scenes from the movie)! =)

3~ news about his autumn drama...osozaki no himawari (or Osawari ~_~)
(credit: tomafanindia)

--we have a short nickname for Osozaki no Himawari!! yes!! toma shortened the title of his new drama to "Osawari"in 1 of his jweb entries. xD thanks toma. cuz your drama title is kinda long. haha.

--toma's new drama will start airing on October 23.

--watch the CM for toma's new drama here:

he will only appear in 1 episode. i'm sure they'll be really embarrassed to work together, but it must be fun, as well. yey for toma's brother being in a drama for the 1st time ever!! (thanks to fierceastheireyebrows for the news!)

(credit: weibo)
--some pics of toma during the filming:
seems like they have a pretty casual and fun atmosphere on the set. =) and toma looks cute & young with that simple hairstyle and in casual clothes and a backpack. hehe.

--Mr.Children to provide the theme song for Ikuta Toma’s drama ‘Osozaki no Himawari’!

4~ Another Sky (toma's trip to london) has been subbed!!! =P
thanks to TFGirls!!! you can get it here:

5~ various toma appearances on tv show clips
120918 Okusama 100 (Okura and Ikuta Toma)

there are many here, including a CM for his new drama! =)

6~ 2 translations of toma's magazine interviews from 2009
thanks to dancingdogz123 for the translations!! ~___~
Toma's Seventeen Interview March 2009  
Ikuta Toma's "Toma Super Sexy!!!" Interview 2009 

7~ RANDOM toma stuff:

(DEADLINE TO SUBMIT STUFF: October 20, 2012, 11:59pm (Saturday))

---toma's kouhai, yamada ryosuke (of Hey!Say!JUMP) wrote a message to him in the Winkup dengonban section (october 2012)! ~__~ he said he is turning 20 soon and he hopes he can meet toma sometime. he thinks toma is a great actor. read the whole message here:

come check it out!! xD the background makes all the difference. i found it at deviantart. hehe. layout credits here:

---for those of you who are french toma fans, there's a new french fansubbing team! 
they're recruting people right now: this is their site:

................. my favorite toma pictures from September ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics!)

(Source: sandralovesyou) wahh!! outdoors sky pic!! *___* 

(Source: bespeckledcupcake)

(credit: tomafanindia)

(credit: weibo) toma + food is always cute!! xD 

(credit: weibo)

(credit: weibo)

(credit: weibo) you know, i don't like how his hair has been looking kinda messy/floppy/poofy lately. xD sometimes it looks nice. sometimes it looks weird. haha...

(Source: foolmeee) from FINE BOYS, last month. cute pose and i like this backpack! xD
(you can see the rest of the pics from these photoshoots + some i didn't include in this post here:
NYLON hoodie + cool suits
eating pics
blue jacket
kinda cozy
sky (edit)
sky (unedited)
red shirt)

........................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr 
(i don't want too many gifs loading, so i'll only show a few here...)
[toma eating. xD]
[talking 2 camera cutely]

[toma pulling up sleeve + laugh as talk to okura]
[toma looks at fingers/tease yuriko]
[toma eating spinach curry]
[toma's cute/cool expressions at the maou presscon back then!!! *___*]

(i had trouble finding a good bday gif, so this is it. lol. 
i guess it's like selena = this blog.

TODAY, sept.24, IS TOMA LOVE'S 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ v
according to clustr map, i've had over 160,000 visits to this blog, from countries all over the world!! wahhh!! thanks for coming, everyone! :D

even though i only update this blog each month, but i still come here everyday, and often, it's the 1st site i go to when i go online! ~__~ i've met (talked to) so many nice and friendly toma fans here, and became friends with some of them, too. i also write about random things on my mind, in my cbox here. i guess it's the closest thing to twitter that i have, in case any of you are interested in what i'm thinking about/done recently. haha...

i want to continue posting toma news, pics, etc. and keep sharing toma info with everyone here!! even though it takes a lot of time to gather everything at the end of each month to make the post, and i rarely get comments or messages at my cbox... but i know there must be a lot of people that still come here for toma news, because i still often get 60-100 hits a day. it makes me really happy that many people still come here for toma updates and that this blog still shows up on the 1st or 2nd page of google or yahoo search!! *__*

THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who is reading this and comes here often!!
please keep supporting toma. also, remember to check out my tumblr and the Toma's Room community often! also, please leave me comments/messages at the cbox sometimes. i get lonely here sometimes. xD 500th post, then 5th anniv of being toma's fan, and now this. i'm kind of all celebrated out. xD i guess you could say that i just celebrated this time, by having a yummyyy jamba juice Peach Pleasure smoothie and i started watching Bokura Ga Ita. ~.~

NEW AUTUMN BANNER!! i can't wait for cool fall weather!! ~___~
(at Dear Toma, i'm using the pumpkins 1 from last year. lol.) i hope you like it! also, finally changed the pic that links to Toma's Room. i loveeeee that pic so much. wish my bedroom was so pretty and big!! xD

(i am gathering stuff for the september post...
i'll finish sometime this week and edit this post. wait for it... :D)


Anonymous said...

I'm the guy (OZinOH) who took the photo in your banner. Thanks for linking to my Flickr page so I could see it! And I really like the crop you have made to the picture: it have a lot more impact that way.

kate♥toma said...


i really like your photo. =) i'm glad you like the crop!

yes, i always give credit and link to the photo i'm using in my banner. i want to let the photographer know i'm using their photo...i think that would make them happy.

kavya said...

uwaa i'm super late.. i came here thinking you'd have put up the September post but totally didn't expect this!xD your 5th anniversary of creating TL-chan? WOW! Congrats! So, like within a month you had created this blog and started writing? That's so cool! I remember joining Toma's Room, and creating my tumblr only after 4-5 months after I entered the fandom xD I can probably never do something like you have done for the fandom.. thanks a ton for all your help to new and old fans!
Keep going! ^_^ looking forward to the september post XD

kate♥toma said...

yeah, i will try 2 finish the sept. post soon!! not enough time online these days 2 complete it yet...=T

thank you!! ~__~ oh...yeah, i guess that's right. cuz back then, i was already used to doing stuff like that for the hacken fandom, so i thought i should start a blog for the toma fandom too. hehe. awwww. you're very welcome!! i'll keep doing what i can to help toma fans stay updated on toma stuff!!

kavya said...

just finished reading it.. didn't know enshinge had translated that dengonban issue.. i wonder if toma can reply back there? i guess not, since he has graduated from wink up already.. it's nice to see his kouhai are looking up to him :) he has turned out to be one fine man, right? ^_^ there was a time we'd hear him admiring his senpai and now his kouhais are speaking in the same way about him ^^
thanks for the post! fun reading it, as always xD can't wait to see the pics of the bday card xD

kate♥toma said...

yeah! i wish toma got the chance to interact with his kouhai's more... it would be nice if in his next drama/movie/cm/etc., he could work with a kouhai. =) i'm sure he's inspired so many of them!

you're welcome! oh, yep. i kinda messed up on the bday card a little bit though. lol. the writing on the inside, i mean.

oh i finished BRI!!! i actually liked it more than i thought i would. but i hate the bittersweet love stories. T__T i'll get screencaps + write a review later...

kavya said...

yeah, and that too with the kouhais that already like him, it would be even better :D
oh! i'm sure it looks fine :D if i had 'messed up', the card would have only had to be thrown away xD
nice nice.. i'll look forward to it! ^^

Kiiro Whei said...

Konnichiwa! I'm Kiiro, new Toma kun fan. Thank you for this site. I will always go here for Toma kun updates. Ganbatte kudasai. ^_^

kate♥toma said...


sorry for the late reply. thanks for commenting!!

you're new toma fan? great!! =) remember to keep coming here, but also go to my Toma's Room LJ community and my tumblr for the latest toma updates! since i only update this blog around once each month...