Sunday, October 6, 2013

happy birthday, tomaaaaaaa!! he's 29 now. =)

(i am so not ready for this post. lol. i will edit it tomorrow. too hot now. o__o)
HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY, Tomaaaaaaaa!!!! ^_^ v

like every year, i was able to go to twitter and tweet for toma's bday. =) even though there was not as much people there as last year, but it was still fun. if you missed out on it, just go to my twitter to read a bunch that i retweeted:

also, i posted at Toma's Room a poll and some fun birthday game meme things. come check it out!! 

(oh, there will be no September monthly post since i covered most of it in the August monthly post! xD)

! Orange-Wedding-Bouquets2 (1)
i wish i could give toma a pretty orange, autumn-ish flower bouquet, kind of like these!! ^_^

(credit: tomafanindia)
(the message below is my message for toma that i wrote in the bday card i sent him)
Toma, like flowers, you have an unspeakable beauty. And you are such a talented and amazing person! I always look forward to watching your dramas and movies. =) Don't worry that you're geting old. 29 is not old! And even when you're old, you'll still be the most gorgeous guy i've ever seen. ^_^ and you'll always be my favorite actor. I hope you know how much you inspire your fans (all over the world) every day. I love you, Toma!♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!♥♥♥♥

^_^ i sent toma a birthday card last month already, and you can see all the pics from it here:

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