Monday, January 24, 2011

new V DAY/LOVE theme bannerssss!!!!!! ♥_♥

i had such a hard time finding nice pics to use for the LOVE theme this time!! whew...lucky i finally found the right pics tonight!! YEYY!! ♥_♥ if you already found your love (congratss!!) or if you're still looking (buy chocolates 4 yrself & yr friends or something xD), i hope you'll have a sweet valentines day! hehe.

oh....looked thru so many pics till i finally chose these 2...(the first pic above, i'm using for the Dear Toma... banner! kirei!!!! sooo pretty!!!!) so i wanna share some of the prettiest pics i found with everyone! ~___~



hanamichi0016 said...
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hanamichi0016 said...

hi kate chan!!!

howve u bn doin? i missd lookn at ur site sooo a lot of catching up to do...tho i guess schoolwork is still my priority...*sighs*
****** d banners btw " <3 "
theyre so cute.ive started d vid i told u bout too. but i dnt think ill b able 2 finish it on time.
(-,-)' oh well...

im so xcited bout valentines ^-^
...nd i remember its ur bday soon too!! in roughly 2 weeks time??how old r u gonna b?

soz. askin too many
well,neways hope ur havn a gr8 yr so far..


ps.if ur wondern y i deleted my 1st commen, it was just cos it ddnt make sense. i guess i was just a bt overwhelmed..-,-..

kate☂ said...

hanamichi-chan! *-*

i'm still doing okie, thanks! aww...i see. i'm glad u have time to catch up with toma stuff here now! hehe!

YEY! i'm glad u like the banners! no1 commented except u. =/ ohh...hai, u were gonna make a V Day toma video!'s okie if it's done kinda late ne... too! hehe. yep, in around 2 wks!! oh...yr bday is close to mine, right? gomen, i forgot when u said it was! i'm gonna be 29!! huhuhu...i'm getting close to 30. =(

my year is okie so far, thanks! i hope ur yr is good so far, too. ^^

oh...hehe. it's okie. i like both yr comments! =P (cuz i get the comments sent to my email, so i read the first one too. hehe.)

hanamichi0016 said...

oh really !?!29!?!

cul!i thought u were younger thought u were just 20...well age is only a number neways.30 sounds old but not really ^-^ specially a cul one who organises a toma fan site!haha. kinda cheesy i in one of those moods.but its tru neways..

yep!im havn quite a gud lv life for V day tho... *sobs*

ummm....all i can say is 'oh dear'... (_ _)''


kate♥toma said...


i guess most ppl think i'm younger than i am.
cuz i look young 4 my age too.
yep...30 is not that old i guess! hehe.
aww....thanks. =P i guess i'm older than most toma fans. hehe.
but it's okie...cuz i still feel young no matter what age i am. xD's okie.
if u're single, u should buy chocolates for yrself. ~__~

hanamichi0016 said...


...most ppl think im older than my age... -,- lol

...4 days left till ur bday!!

lol.yeah i chocs for myself.i kno wot i like 2 hav too!

kate♥toma said...

i guess you have a kinda mature look? that's not bad ne! better than ppl always thinking you're too young and not taking you seriously, like me. LOL.

now it's only 2 days left!!!! yourself some yummy chocolates. =P