Monday, July 12, 2010

toma's august 2010 (from june/july) magazine pics!!!!!!!!!! ^_~

(credit: hudie, and mizza @ WINK UP 08'10 , POTATO 08'10, & DUET 08'10 are at

(remember, u can get them at the toma gallery, too:

august 2010 myojo and popolo, and winkup/potato/duet!!
and some more unubore magazine pics....forgot which magazine, but u can go to mizza's blog or the toma LJ too, for them. (there have been a lot of unubore pics, u can get them all at the toma LJ or mizza's blog. but they wore the same outfit for most of their pics. lol.) she posted at both places, like w/most of the other toma scans. ~___~ thanks so much to mizza-chan!♥ dunno what i would do without her.....awww. *hugs + chu*

.............toma + yui!!!!!!! ~__~
uwa.....super sweet and cute romantic....awwww.

(credit: baidu,, and hana@

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mikiya said...

nice pictures!