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~__~ toma's in TOKIO's PV!!!!!! UNUBORE ep.1 comments! & other updates...

hi everyone...
kate desu. ~__~

these long posts each week.....whew!! *tired*
so much to talk about, though it doesn't seem like much is happening. lol. ehh....i hope this post is not too long, but i'd rather not split it into 2 posts....gomen. =P

so this is what's been going on...
DOUZO~! (you're welcome!! ~__~)

omg.....toma's 1ST TIME IN AN MV!!!!!!! ♥__♥
YEYYYYY!!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR TOMA!!!!!!!! *hyper*
(i wish he could have his own song and PV though......*sigh*)

toma gets to be in a PV!!!!!! sooooo awesome!!! a really funny/cute pv, too!

LOL. i love it when nagase is singing to toma and fixing his tie....toma almost looks like he's in love with him...heehee. he looks SUPER CUTE too, white shirt, black tie...kakkoii....♥ and toma really looked super hyper, dancing to the music....haha. xD poor toma, they were tickling him and must have teased him so much though! lol...those silly sempais!!
[sharksoul24's long video clip about the PV filming. =)]

and u can DL a clearer video clip here (thanks, mizza!) or watch it at h's youtube page. there's also a 15 second CM for it, u can get it at mizza's blog or see it on youtube too.

(credit for all the pics in this post, not in order. lol... me xD, ken, mizza♥ @, zoe, kyara, sorry if i missed any....)
Toma Ikuta stars in new TOKIO music video

Johnny’s Jr.’s Tohma Ikuta (25) will make his music video debut with TOKIO for their upcoming single “NaNaNa (太陽なんていらねぇ (Taiyo nante irane))”, it has been revealed yesterday reports

The music video will focus on Ikuta, who plays a man dumped by his girlfriend for being too unreliable, but is cheered on by TOKIO’s song to try and propose to her again. TOKIO members appear throughout the video, including group leader Shigeru Joshima (39) dressed in a pink bathrobe, and Taichi Kokubun (35) on a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling.

Ikuta has been reported to have said he was excited to have worked on this project.

“To me, TOKIO have been great big brothers for years.

“I’m really happy to be able to work with them in this way,” he said.

The popstar also said he was happy with the finished video.

“If you relax a little, it’s enough to grab your heart and make you cry,” he said.

[source: momoedgewood via AF:]

.............toma no heya...kate's summary of his recent messages. =)


(to read the whole messages, go to the toma LJ right now. ^_^ or mizza's blog: thanks to jessica for translating his entries!)

he's been working really hard, non-stop! but he's having fun filming for unubore! but he's also been spending a lot of time with yamashita and they talked a lot. ~___~ he also went to watch a movie with yoko and yoko embarrassed him by yelling out "isn't that toma!" when the hanamizuki trailer was shown. xD heehee... oh, he reminds everyone to watch unubore deka of course...yoroshiku. about the PV, toma says
"I never performed in a pv before, I'm glad to have this chance." and
"The procedure of filming it was great! The first edition cd includes the PV, please support :)
It's a work that is very touching.
Again, Thanks to the TOKIO members who let me perform."

and he wrote a long, touching message about how he felt when watching ningen on dvd again (cuz it's gonna be released august 4!)... ~__~ he thinks he looks so normal (boring?) in the making of ningen. lol. and he says:
"I think it is a very important movie for me.
Everyday, feels like it's a dream, it makes my life full and happy.
Everytime I think about the finish filming and the scene of hugging the director, it's still very touching." awww...... and this part is kinda long, but so touching and inspiring ne!!! thanks for your words of encouragement, toma!!!♥♥ LET'S ALL KEEP TRYING OUR BEST!! GAMBARIMASHOU!!! YEY....

"After the making,
I said: No matter what happens in the future, I would think about the things that happened in the past 2 months
Now, honestly, lots of things are stuck together, it's very hard.
This is the first time for me to get encouragement from myself.
I just feel it, It' not really tough though.

So I'm gonna have to try my very best.
People who are reading this journal, who feel tired or sick of anything,
let's do it together and try our best!

It is nice for us to meet like this,
I still have to work harder and harder,
follow me! :D"

( much toma and gakky cuteness!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ and toma and shun love too! LOL. ehhh. shun's hair doesn't look good. and i don't understand why gakky keeps putting her hair up, in a bun, in some photoshoots. it makes her look older (like toma's older sister? haha.) and not so pretty. =T toma's AESTHETIC preview pics by himself are KAKKOII!!!!! OMG....kyaaaaaa. *BLUSH*!!!)


the hanamizuki photobook!!

the toma bio book!

...............I WATCHED EPISODE 1!!

unubore is a really funny drama!! hahaha. though toma's got a pretty small role, i really enjoy watching it. =) sadame (toma's character, the conceited actor) doesn't seem so interesting so far....but he's definitely the cutest guy in the drama right?? haha. but he seems to wear a certain denim vest a lot...but i don't like denim vests. o__0

nagase (the conceited detective, unubore) is soooooo funny and childish. LOL. he's got a ton of funny faces!! but he's also kakkoii and smart ne. and he does seem like a really nice guy...though he's love. xD umm....toma and the other guys, Unubore 4, are quite annoying and nosy though! and i don't get their jokes and gestures sometimes... i don't like unubore's partner/boss either. but i really like unubore's super jealous, cool ex-girfriend, rie! haha. and i love all the pretty locations....the bar, unubore's apartment, etc.....sugoi ne! and kato ai-san was kirei and sweet like usual....~__~

umm...since toma's only got a small role in this drama, i'm not gonna have post a lot of comments or screencaps for each episode, like i did with his dramas in the past....unless toma does something interesting, i'll maybe only post 1 screencap and talk about the episode a little bit...

oh, here are the ratings so far. i hope it will go up...hmm.
Unubore Deka (うぬぼれ刑事)
Time: 10PM (friday)

Episode 1: 12.2
Episode 2: 7.9
Episode 3: 7.3

AND unubore ep.2 has been released!!! xD get it here....
(the posts are members locked though) toma LJ things:
[strawple's chibi Toma + Jun + Pi gifs! =P]
[toma & gakky promoting hanamiz... 20100728 SHINSUKE+20100727 DON + 20100727 HIRUOBI + 20100727 ZOOM IN. thanks, mizza!]
[tomatoloves's translation of the latest Popolo interview with Toma & Gakky!]

an excerpt from the interview. wow.....otsukaresama, toma!!!

Ikuta: I woke up in the middle of the night at 2am and left the harbour at 3am. And then I came back at 9am in the morning. Those days were harsh.

Aragaki:We filmed during October last year, right? The sea seems really cold.....

Ikuta: I only remembered after you said that. It was really cold. (bitter laugh) The boat would be rocking and it was pitch black all around.

[Nakashima Mika - Ichiban kireina watashi wo PV. i didn't know mika was a singer....she sings pretty well and the MV is cool....underwater ne! this is a cover of some1's song right? the lyrics are so nice....though the song is bittersweet ne...]

................ random toma stuff:

annome's gif: chuuuu on chibi toma's cheek!! xD

................. i've been watching some OLD toma video clips that i haven't got a chance to watch/finish....whew!! yokatta....

(some screencaps from @DEEP DVD special.... Akihabara DICTIONARY!)


WHEN HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE THAT (HIS HAIR IS COOL THOUGH!!) AND HE'S IN THAT SILLY COSTUME!!!! XD KAKKOII.......^///^ aww....i'm gonna miss the @DEEP team!! cuz i sometimes feel like i'm an otaku i'm kinda...just a tiny bit like izumu-chan, my personality. haha...sore ga nani ga? xD (her motto: so what? wait, or is it sore wa nani ga? not sure. xD) and like them, i'm a combination of great talent, but fatal flaws. LOL!!! ahh...i'm just trying to be conceited like unubore and sadame. *laughs*

[SCREENCAPS: Ai no Apron - Toma as guest, with review, thanks to yamapink!]

TOMA IS AWESOME AT BOWLING!!! =D (this is from 2008, honey & clover time ne...)HE'S A STAR!! THANKS TO NAKAI'S CANDY. LOL. AND HE'S TOO HANDSOME!! SUGOI KAKKOII.....HEEHEE... he's such a cutie ne......♥__♥


Kyara said...

Hi kate! I love reading your blog and looking all the pictures + comments about them- they really make my day!

I was just wondering about the 'ai no apron' epsiode- toma looks so cute in the screencaps and i'd like to watch the video but i'm not sure how to get to it...

Anyway, keep up the great work! It must take a lot of time to create each post and we all appreciate it!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Exciting to be able to see Toma in a PV. I think it's cool that someone realised that Toma could participate as an actor in a PV. His first taste would be a thrill for him too.

Oh, Mika is pretty famous singer. She's got that rock star image.
Nagase dancing in his white suit near the end of ep2 was funny and couldn't stop watching. And pretty actresses camoes for the episodes is nice.

kate♥toma said...

hi kyara! ~_~

(the kyara that buys toma's magazines and scans it to share with everyone? ^_^ sugoi...)

URESHII.......i'm so glad my posts can make u happy~~ :D it takes quite a long time for long posts like this, but it's all worth it...cuz i know there are lots of ppl like u who look forward to my posts... ~__~ yeyyyy.

oh, i knew some1 would ask about ai no apron. haha. umm....u can DL it here, but u need to have more than 50 posts to access this post:

kate♥toma said...

paige... ~__~

it's really so awesome!! and cuz it's the unubore themesong....toma can help promote the drama in this way too...xD his first PV and it's a really cool/funny one with his sempai's!! a perfect first PV experience!! *__*

ohhhh. LOL. except for johnnys boys, i really dunno much about the japanese entertainment world. souka....she does have a really cool rockstar look!! =D i really like her style. ehh? haha....nagase....xD

hai....i like how there's a different pretty actress in each episode for nagase to fall in love with. but they're all guilty of some kinda crime. LOL.

Pigmom said...

Thks 4 ur super long post...Lol...i like reading it very much ^^
I was pretty disappointed when i watched Unubore ep.1 cuz Toma got little screen time in it...he...hmmm...appeared 4 a few minutes to do some silly actions & then gone >.< made me wonder how he went from starring role back to supporting role like his early days ="(...& its not even an interesting role *sigh*
well, luckily the following ep make up 4 ep.1 XD XD XD. im still not sure wats the purpose of Toma's character in the drama...but i enjoy watching him more now *yay!*...hes definitely funnier later on...& of course Nagase is pure win :D
except that if every episode is always about how he falls in luv with some pretty chick and then breaks his heart when he finds out the chick is actually a witch/murderer...etc... then idk if im able to stick w/ the show 4 long
hopefully, the plot will pick up soon :O

Kyara said...

Haha, sorry that must be another kyara: i would feel bad for taking credit for someone elses work -_-'

Alright! I will get to work on trying to DL the 'ai no apron' episode. I'm sure it will be worth the effort! Watashi wa gambarimasu!

Thanks heaps Kate!

kate♥toma said...

(wow, yr username!! hahaha.)

i'm so glad u enjoyed reading my huge post!! ^_^V
lol. it was super long, huh? xD it was partly cuz i had so many pics though....hehe.

awww.....i already knew he would not appear much cuz paige told me, but yeah....seems like his role is so unimportant and not special at all. totally agree with you!! it's disappointing. but i guess it's cuz he's so busy promoting movies, that he took such a small role.

really? good to know!! i'm sure toma will get more screentime later on....he'll probably become unubore's best friend or something?? nagase is just AWESOMENESS!! xD might get repetitive. but i guess the other characters will have their own interesting storylines? toma, at least!!

kate♥toma said...


i see!! haha. what a coincidence, then.

hai....enjoy the show! xD toma's super duper cute. he's super cute when he's just chewing, even!! i love how he's wearing pink too. xD

u're welcomeeeee!!
i'm happy to share the toma cuteness....heehee.