Monday, July 12, 2010

hanamizuki private showing!! & a bunch of updates....

hi hi, everyone!!!!
wahhh, it's good to be back!! 2 wks of no new post....gomen ne.
i really missed my TL-chan (toma love-chan...copying mizza. xD)!!

sorry about the long wait.
btw, u can always to go to the mizza's blog or the toma LJ to get the latest updates about toma!! they always update faster than me ne. mizza-chan updates almost daily. also, zoe's blog. (i've linked to them all in my LINKs section on the right.)

toma's got some new CMs recently! and of course....toma's new drama! unubore deka. the conceited detective. it started airing on july 9. no subbed version of ep. 1 yet...maybe sometime this week TFS will have it done?? xD [watch CMs of unubore or tv shows toma went on to promote it at h's youtube page or the toma LJ or mizza-chan's blog. =) linked to some below...]

and hanamizuki promoting has just started recently....i guess july 8, cuz that was the preview screening? the movie airs august 21. awww....thanks to anjerin-chan for my hanamizuki flyer!!!!♥♥♥ yeyyyyyy.

UNUBORE DEKA ranked #3 as The Most Anticipated Summer Drama & HANAMIZUKI ranked #4 as The Most Anticipated Movies for the Summer Holiday in Oricon's Summer Drama & Movie Ranking. thanks to mizza-chan for the news!! ~__~ sugoi ne....

really looking forward to Hanamizuki!! though they seem to be giving away more and more about what happens in the movie.....wayyyyy too much spoilers. =T i already feel like i know everything that's gonna happen. lol. ah...but i still wanna watch this movie so much!!! ~__~ (haven't even watched ningen or seaside....ah...dunno when i can watch them.....ningen DVD is released on august 4! i'm not buying it though. haha. gomen, toma. it's super expensive + i need the subbed version. -__-)

toma's 2 msg summaries f/the end of june, from Toma's Room. new msgs yet, still....(or inseiko didn't translate it yet!
he watched hanamizuki (at the end of june) and thinks it's a very good movie. he'll do his best to promote it so many ppl will go watch. =)
he was really excited about the world cup... (aww, i wish japan coulda gotten in the best 8 too, toma!) really excited about unubore. wants every1 to help promote it by saying to ppl, "i'm looking forward to Unubore keiki~ from july 9th, is it~?" xD (credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum)

(some screencaps f/his 4 cool/funny new nissin ufo and lotte acuo CMs. thanks to mizza-chan & strawberry_gemm.♥ ~__~ u can DL the CMs at the LJ links i listed below or watch at the official websites of lotte acuo and nissin ufo, or at h's youtube page. ehhh. i forgot the official website links. but u can search for it at this blog. i'm sure i posted it somewhere. haha.)

(official unubore poster @the website! thanks to mizza-chan.♥ pretty cool ne....)

(LOL!! bloody toma (4got his character's name!) mad at his cell phone??!! xD)

...........................................toma's news
Nikkan Sports Fan Awards
(ningen ranked #2 in the films category. YEY!! ^O^)
Nagase Tomoya holds press conference for his new drama
TV Rank kingdom: "Most wanted nude celebrity photos"
(TOMA WAS 5TH PLACE!!!!!!! omgggggggg. i guess after his anan, every1 wants to see more. lol.....believe it or not, i don't think i seriously wanna see him full naked though!!! fufufu. xD)

...................hanamizuki private screening

hmm........i guess this is the first preview screening? ~_~ i love how they had the flower petals falling down.....i don't like toma's wavy hair + white outfit though....ehhh...nande...? but it was really cute, how toma was waving happily...but then he also made this super cute bored/annoyed face, in the middle of waving. LOL!!!! ahhhh....toma. *hugs*

[it's so cute, how they asked toma something and gakky & toma both got so shy & embarrassed....i only know toma answered "love" and he started stuttering and laughed?? awwww....♥]

(pics f/the event from mizza or zoe or strawberry_gem....thanks!)

“Hanamizuki” makes your want to believe in miracles (Aragaki, Ikuta attend private showing)

Upcoming movie “Hanamizuki“, starring Aragaki Yui and Ikuta Toma held a private showing on the 8th. This movie took ideas from the lyrics of Hitoto Yo’s masterpiece “Hanamizuki“.

Yui said, “The movie makes you want to believe in miracles.” A partner of Yui, Ikuta Toma also said, “It’s quite shameless to compliment the movie I’m in, but it is a great movie.”

The shooting of the movie was held in Hokkaido, Tokyo, New York, and Canada.

“Hanamizuki” will be released on August 21st.


source: tokyohive,]

....................... cool toma LJ stuff:
#111 Seaside Motel Press Conferences (4 diff news clips!)
[HANAMIZUKI IN MANGA VERSION. thanks to mizza-chan!♥]
[translation of the interview in Myojo August 2010]
(uwaaaaaaaaa. toma talks about how he likes girls that smell nice, with a unique kinda nasal or husky voice and who likes to clean up things....heehee. ♥__♥ toma, i am all of that!!!!!! u'd like, me, i just know it!!!! xD *delusional*)
[if u haven't already watched the full trailer @the official webbie....u can DL it here.]
[*DOWNLOAD ~ NEW CMs OF NISSIN YAKISOBA UFO. thanks to mizza-chan!♥]
[some CUTE toma+gakky icons!!!♥]
[Himitsu no Arashi-chan 07.08.10 Toma's Cut]
(that funny arashi show where toma & the others are all wearing a funny-looking cape-thingy????!!!! lol. i'll wait for TFS to sub or when h uploads it to her youtube page. xD)
[download Toma new CM + Mezamashi + Mezanew (hana Mizuki)]
[Rankings *most anticipated summer drama & most anticipated movies in Japan + presscon hanamizuki pics]
[Kuchikomi] 2010.06.01 - Toma seaside motel promo
[Download: Unubore Deka Episode 1 RAW]
[ACUO HAITATSU CM (15sc), thanks to mizza-chan!♥]
[video: cm ACUO hanamizuki]

[toma promoting unubore or cute. and i love how he & gakky seem so shy/quiet when promoting hanamiz. ~___~ gakky is super cute & sweet!!!! her outfits are nicer than toma's while promoting the movie, so far. LOL. credit: mostly mine, but some are mizza's or other ppl's caps! thanks!! xD]

....................... random toma things to share:

-- pics of the ningen shikkaku DVD sets at yesasia:

-- HIMITSU NO ARASHI CHAN & toma's new CMs and hanamizuki stage greeting
show DL it at mizza's blog. & CONGRATS TO MISA-CHAN ON HER 150TH POST!!! ^_^v yeyyy....omedetou!! ahhh....i love my ichiban so much too...♥♥♥

(@___@'s late. *sleepy*
finally posting these 2 entries up....whew!
good night.......sweetie dreams...♥♥)


Mashi Toma said...

wah...kate-chan..u got hanamizuki flyer??ufufufu... copy for me plz hehe..*kidding*... but.. i really want it too >_<

kate♥toma said...

gomen ne.

i wonder what happened to luna....if she goes at the end of this month, maybe she can get u one??

Mashi Toma said...

ufufu.. its ok kate-chan..
as long as i can see him at ur blog n mizza-kouhai blog ne..

thnx to both of keep update bout him..

mizza update almost daily n u summarize all of toma news ;p

good job ^^ love u kate-chan >///<

kate♥toma said...


actually, MASHI, I HAVE SOMETHING FOR U.....CHECK YR EMAIL asap!!! heehee. xD

i love u too, mashi. >////< *hugs*

i love mizza & her blog too!! <3

Anonymous said...


ok2.. i'll check ryte now...

Anonymous said...

heyyy saw my name at the post lol
do itashimashite, Kate-chan ^^

wow ...i like Toma in that poster, he looks cool ne!

i'm looking forward to Hanamizuki rather than Seaside Motel actually ...quite disturbed by the bed scene in seaside LOL


kate♥toma said...

ah, anjerin-chan!! ~_~
i really love my flyer. and just sent out the extra flyers u sent me. yeyyy!! even be4 the bed scene, i wanted to see hanamizuki the most. yeah...seaside is a little ero ne...omgggg that bed scene. >_<

Anonymous said...

hehe oh really! just send the extras to whomever you want yeah ;) sigh, shld hv taken more of the flyers home ... oh well, lesson learnt!

yeah, why Toma has so many bed scenes nowadays haha! is this what they call 'art'?? hmmm, maybe he's looking much yummier now so, well, he can just show some of his 'stuffs' lol


kate♥toma said...

yeah, u really made me and the other girls soooooo happy!!! xD's time u can get more...

ehhhh.... >////< i dunno. it's cuz his roles require it. and i guess toma wants to show that he's grown up....he can do even THOSE kinda scenes!! haha.