Saturday, August 24, 2013

not adding any more people for Toma's BDAY card because...

i posted about it at Toma's Room and i now have 17 people who want to be included. and 1 person from here, so that's 18.

i think i might be able to squeeze a few more people in, if you REALLY want to participate. but that's it. the little note paper i will write the msgs on is thin, but 18 will bulk up the envelope a little, and i don't want it too big.


tita said...

Excuse me, may I ask you some question? I'm from Vietnam, but in my country, there isn't much news about him. I don't know how he is now. I couldn't find anything about him. Do you know his fanpages ( such as facebook or something)? I really want to update news about him. Final question :D: You can contact with Toma, right? Thanks a lot!!!!

kate♥toma said...

hello, tita! :)

you're from vietnam? cool! i am vietnamese, but i was born and live in the usa.

there are only a few active websites about toma in english. i'll give you a list of the main ones. =)
(don't go there now, though. there might be some Nou Otoko spoilers!)
(this site is in french, but you can use google translate or something...)
(this is a facebook fan page, but it's not active)

kate♥toma said...
oh, for this site, please join the community to see the members-only download posts! =)

i send him a birthday card every year to his fanmail address, but i wouldn't say that i can contact him. =)

Aki - ngoan - hiền said...

I am also a Toma's fan and a Vietnamese. :) I know a facebook fanpage of Toma in Vietnamese which is pretty cool. Here is the link:
I hope you find it interesting...:)

kate♥toma said...

hi aki! thanks for the link! i guess there must be many vietnamese toma fans out there! hehe. =)

i forgot to share this link too! it's full of toma videos subbed in vietnamese. they haven't been active lately, though. =(