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hi, everyone! i almost thought i should skip the july monthly entry because not much happened, but actually a lot of new toma pics and some interesting news came up, so i decided to go ahead and make this post. sorry for the delay. august 11, today. at the end of this month, Nou Otoko will be released on DVD, finally!!!! crossing my fingers...i hope it's not too weird/creepy/bloody for me. ALSO, the end of this month is my 6th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of being toma's fan!!! wow!!!! i'll try to do something special to celebrate. hehe. ~__~

WHY HAS NOT 1 SINGLE PERSON COMMENTED ON MY LAST ENTRY TO ADD YOUR NAME/MESSAGE TO TOMA'S BDAY CARD???? =( well, i posted about it at Toma's Room, and got 11 comments so far, so i'm happy about that.

......................... toma news, links, etc. from July ♥

............... toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full messages, go to! ~_~)

vol.538 (july 24)
he's surprised there are Maou reruns right now. it's been 5 years. he was 23 then, but this summer he's 28. he'll work hard during the Kamome (the seagull) rehearsals. he's nervous and excited about it. he hates waiting for the opening day and wished it could start now. but right now, he's not ready! OMG...this troublesome script. he'll keep moving forward with it slowly.

....................... TOMA WENT TO NEW YORK CITY WITH SHUN, MASAKI, etc.!! =D
(credit: ogurishun,

more candid pics of toma in NYC + ***1 pic with 2 fangirls!!*** + info here:
so...toma went to a jay-z + justin timberlake concert with shun, shun's wife, masaki + some other ppl?? cool!! xD but i don't like it when toma tries to look gangsta. hahaha... and what does he have in his mouth?? don't think it's a cigarette or lollipop?? really have to thank this guy (he just randomly talked to them + took a pic with them??) for posting the pic up on instagram! found out from this site that they had a jay-z/justin concert in NYC on july 19, so that's probably the day this pic was taken.

also, some people said that a few of the guys from arashi were also in NYC during that time?? there are no pics of toma hanging out with them, though. and some people said he was there for kazama's wedding?

............. Ariel (detergent) CM
(promo pic for the Ariel detergent,
where toma still had nice hair. =P
credit: slants_of_light)

DL the irodori and ariel cms

Ariel CM new version

Ariel CMs & Making Of

..........................Johnny's Film Festa 2013

(credit: oka)
it says at toma's website that he's going to be in the Johnny's Film Festa 2013. this is the official website of the festa, but it's in japanese, and has a spooky theme. lol. is this like...a big deal that he gets to take part in this?? i'm not sure...?

i found some info about it from a kat-tun fan:
"Kame will be among the 26 Johnny's talents appearing in the Johnny's Film Festa 2013 footage. It will be shown in Tokyo Dome City Hall from August 1st to September 1st with three showings a day. The cost is 1,500yen and will last around 2hrs. TOKIO's Jōshima Shigeru is the navigator. The footage will consist of comedic situations as well as special talks. (It seems that Hey! Say! JUMP will perhaps be part of the main story?)"

...................... RANDOM toma stuff ^_^
--- there's 1 part in yamashita's new PV where he is NAKED!! you can see his butt in the PV for the Summer Nude song!!!!!!!! not toma-related, but i thought you should know. lol. you can see some gifs of sexy yamashita swimming in the nude, here:
---- as of august 1, THE OFFICIAL JOHNNY'S WEBSITE FINALLY IS IN ENGLISH, TOO!! ^___^ they announced it in the email newsletter. =) it's also in chinese and korean!

--- toma talking about why he loves nino xD (in an interview from 1997):

............ my favorite toma pictures from July ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OTHER PICS FROM EACH PHOTOSHOOT, GO HERE:

i'm really TRYING HARD to like his new hairstyle, but i really hate it. sigh... no matter how they style it, it still looks bad. can't wait for his play to be over so he can have a better hairstyle!! O__O i like seeing him in blue, though!! *__*

(credit: tomafanindia)

(credit: tomafanindia)

(credit: tomafanindia)

(credit: myjhershey17)

...................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥


Najah Fareeha Abd Rashid said...

Ikuta toma!! i hope he will go to malaysia

kate♥toma said...

thanks for commenting! i haven't gotten comments here in a longgggg time! haha.

yeah, it would be great if toma could visit some countries in asia. he has so many fans there...

Kavya said...

hehe sorry for not commenting here :D
i hope to see a new hairstyle after kamome too.. he has had this long hair for too long T_T

kate♥toma said...

hey, kavya! :D
it's ok, i'm used to no one commenting. lol.

yes!! i'm so tired of this long, unflattering hairstyle. >_<