Sunday, March 31, 2013

toma will be in a new stage play this fall: the seagull *_*

hi everyone,
i'm really sorry i'm still not done with the monthly post for March yet... i've either been busy or been feeling down and not in the mood to work on this, so... please wait a while longer for the post. oh, i changed my profile pic here, btw. i feel better when you can't see my face clearly in the profile pic. haha...

meanwhile, go to toma's room or my LJ to read my posts about toma or The Host and jake abel, both of which i'm currently obsessed with. lol....

i'm really sorry for posting this extremely late!!!!!! it's already may 1 today!! wow... i don't think i've ever been this late. xD i apologize, but like i said, cuz i've been sick/busy/etc. don't worry, i'm feeling much better, or else i wouldn't be able to work on this post. xD actually gathering things for this post didn't take much time at all, 'cause not much toma news or pics lately. =(

i think toma finished filming for his undercover cop movie sometime during March... well, since april is over, i guess this post will actually count as both March and April's monthly posts. lol. hopefully there will be more toma news/pics in May!! it's been very quiet in the toma fandom!! too quiet!! =T

.................................. toma news, links, etc. from March/April ♥

............... toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full messages, go to! ~_~)

vol.529 (march 17):
he went to watch kabuki with his brother. he really loved it, except that he got splashed with some water from the stage's waterfall. xD
vol.530 (april 6):
he announces that he will have a stage play in the fall, Kamome (The Seagull). He's been watching movies, reading books, and he's happy that it really feels like spring, with so many cherry blossom trees in bloom. also, he points out that his blog logo (Toma's Room) looks different now.

..................... toma's new stage play: Kamome (The Seagull)

so around the start of april, we found out that toma's gonna be in a butai this autumn!! he'll be busy with work around the time of his birthday again. haha...

some info about the play at the links below:

hmm... the story seems boring and sad to me. xD but i'm glad toma gets to be in a stage play after 2 years. i think he likes acting in butai's more than anything! but i'm not sure which character toma will play yet...

..................... Toma video clips ^_^

TFGirls have subbed Himitsu no Arashi-chan and 1 nou otoko-related interview! =)
and there are also some raw toma video clips such as:
-a 10 minute NOU OTOKO special with behind-the-scenes stuff + crank up + some new scenes (i shared this! ^^)
-Nou Otoko soundtrack! (thanks, kavya!!)
-Osawari bloopers (thanks, tomadaisuki!!)

So high | Yano + Nanami (this is a really great fanmade mv by imbanana, with all the best parts from the Bokura Ga Ita movie (both parts 1 and 2)!!!!!)

---also, sorry, i forgot to mention last time, that you can get a detailed summary/translation of the entire Janiben episode here (thanks to kavya for the link and essie07 for the long summary!!):

...................... random toma stuff ~_~
[poll] 4 RANDOM POLLS...~_~ nakatsu, naoto, ryosuke, takemoto, junpei, etc. who would you pick???!!
(who do you want to be your boyfriend? to be with during an alien invasion? etc... xD)
[polls] about Toma's sexy An An issue, since it was released in April (3 yr anniv. already! xD)

.......... my favorite toma pictures from March/April ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics! IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OTHER PICS FROM EACH PHOTOSHOOT, GO HERE:

there's just been a whole lot of nothing recently, whether it's toma pics or news. =(

thanks to bea rea for showing me this pic posted on twitter!! xD 1st time we see toma in character as Kikukawa Reiji from Mogura No Uta!! despite his weird flashy hair and clothes, he still looks good, right? hehe...

(Source: tomafanindia)

(source: jscanshop)

pic of him with his high school classmates that i’ve never seen before!! ~_~ (more pics of toma when he was a kid here:

...................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥

only 1 gif this time, of toma and the other guys having fun together in their Four Tops days. awww. ~_~


Kavya said...

i hadn't seen that high school pic either :O too bad there is not much news about him these days... toma where are youuuuuu? T_T

kate♥toma said...

yeah, it feels like i've seen every toma pic there is out there, but sometimes there are still those that i missed, that show up and surprise me. xD's sad when there's no new anything about toma. but at least now we have some new toma mogura no uta stuff!! yey!!! :D