Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ocTOMAber!!! xD BRI Part 2, toma's bday, toma sang his drama's opening song, etc. etc.!! ~.~

it's NOVEMBER 16!! @__@ i'm sorry i'm posting the monthly post so late! if only it didn't take me so long to watch BRI Part 2. cuz i had to watch it before i went back to toma's tag on tumblr, which was full of spoilers. O_O but i didn't like the movie, so i kind of regret not reblogging toma stuff for a month just because of it. -__- i tried to keep things simple/leave out some things, so gathering stuff + writing this post wouldn't take forever...enjoy! ~.~ (as always, remember you can go to the Toma's Room LJ or the ikuta toma tag at tumblr for the latest toma updates! also, i usually remember to post important toma news in my cbox here!! xD)

(i love my current colorful icons @LJ!!!!! :D)
here's some toma-related + random pics i shared at my LJ!
my toma magazine came in the mail! the clothes i ordered came too!! ~.~
toma magazine, food, + random pics... :D
*^-^* my TOMA BDAY celebration♥ + Genji review + KOI NANKA HAJIMARANAI manga♡ + random pics!! ~.~

OH, THE LATEST BIG NEWS IS THAT TOMA WILL BE ON ALL NIGHT NIPPON ON NOVEMBER 23, at 10PM!! ゎぁぃ♪ ヾ(*⌒∇⌒)八(⌒∇⌒*)ツ ゎぁぃ♪ he will be the guest DJ (just like in 2007!) and his drama's cast will be the guests. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, YOU CAN EMAIL HIM AT you should email ASAP and write in japanese, if possible. many thanks to himawariyusuke for telling us about this! for more info about this, go here:

........................ toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full message, go to! ~_~)

toma thanked everyone who wished him a happy bday.♥ read toma's bday message here, thanks to himawariyusuke!

toma didn't talk about anything very interesting this month, except for his birthday. he said they had a birthday party for him on the set and he was happy that the cast of his drama could be there with him. =) and he talked a lot about Osawari, of course, reminding everyone to watch it and enjoy. on the night the 1st episode aired, he said something like naughty people who are outside so late, go home (to watch his drama)! haha! also, he mentioned how he was so surprised that he got the chance to sing the opening song! ~.~

........................... toma news, links, etc. from October ♥

(Source: nesrivaki)

TOMA AND THE CAST OF OSAWARI SANG THE OPENING SONG!!!!!! `*:;,。・ヽ♪(●^o^●)ヮイヮイ丿丿♪`*:;,。・ヽ it's a cover of Anata Ni, by Mongol800. the rumor was true! this would be the first time toma's recorded a song in the studio since Cat in the Red Boots, 6 years ago!! everyone was really happy and excited about it!!!!!! a lot of fangirl screaming and crying!!!

--go here to see how us fans at Toma's Room reacted to this awesome news!! (also you can DL the video clip of the opening here!)

THE BAD NEWS is that the song is not included on the drama's soundtrack. x_x but at least you can still get the mp3! thanks to kavya for giving me these links and thanks to thariamon and keiko_artemis for sharing these clips with us! ~__~ 
[HQ MP4/MP3] "Osozaki no Himawari" Opening Theme
Anata ni [romanji+english subtitle]

(the official poster for osawari. credit: tomafanindia)

(toma @press conference for osawari. credit: bespeckledcupcake)

...............Episode 1 of Osawari has been subbed!!
get it here:

i have watched episode 1 and i think it's ok. toma's character is like most of the roles he's had before, your basic nice, cheerful guy. i like the cranky doctor lady (sorry, don't remember anyone's names yet). lol. i love strong female characters. and i like how she's a bit sarcastic and antisocial and not trying to fit in and be all happy and perky like most of the other characters. i can really relate to characters like that because i'm quite sarcastic and cynical. i just don't show it much online. hahaha...

unlike with toma's previous dramas, i probably will not be posting comments and screencaps from the episodes after i watch them. ^^; it's too time-consuming, and i don't think i'll have much to say about this drama, i guess. maybe sometimes i'll comment about it on my cbox on the right, though. 

(credit: bespeckledcupcake)
(as toma's character's little brother!! xD)

--gifs of the scene, thanks to kavya! 

--translation of the news report about their scene and ryuusei's and toma's comments about filming it, thanks to himawariyusuke! 

--news about them filming the scene and their comments about each other:

toma on various tv shows promoting Osozaki no Himawari. if you want to watch them, there are some that you can download at the toma's room LJ. just go there and browse and you'll find them. remember, these posts are members-locked. OH, THIS IS REALLY CUTE, THOUGH...RYUUSEI HAD TO INTERVIEW TOMA AND HE CALLED TOMA "IKUTA-SAN". SINCE HE DID SO, TOMA ALSO CALLED HIM THAT, BUT THE STAFF WERE LIKE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO FORMAL. SO, TOMA IMMEDIATELY GRABBED HIS BROTHER BY THE SHOULDER AND THEY LAUGHED. awwwww!! ~__~ i dunno where u can watch this video, only seen screencaps.

(if you're curious about the toma shooting an arrow and the "toma peed on me!" parts, go to the links below to DL the video clip/for more info about it!!

the ratings have been pretty low so far. toma's dramas rarely get high ratings. =(

--here are a bunch of nice pics taken on the set of Osawari!

official N.O. poster! (credit: tomafanindia)
the nou otouko official website was updated with the official poster and teaser!

(they recently released the full trailer, but i'll talk about that in the next post, since it happened in nov. and not oct. you can watch it at the official website now, just click on the 1st button on the right!! the bloody parts and that psycho girl are creepy, but omg, sexy shirtless toma!!!! *_* i was hoping there would be a shirtless scene so toma could show off his more muscular body after 6 months of training!! i'm so glad there's at least 1 shirtless scene! hehe...)

--watch the cool 30 second teaser:

--check out the updated website:

(toma's bday cake from the fans gathering in singapore!! credit: mashi)

..................TOMA'S 28TH BIRTHDAY!!
TOMA CELEBRATED HIS BDAY AT MIDNIGHT WITH RYUUSEI!! ~__~ and for toma fans, most of the celebrating/fangirling was at twitter and tumblr. and some fans had gatherings to celebrate, with cake and japanese food, too! TFGirls and toma's philippines fans (#ocTOMAfest) had gatherings. =)

if you missed out on the super awesome and fun yearly twitter party at midnight (JST) of toma's bday, go here and scroll down. i retweeted so much!! :D

here are all of the toma birthday posts i reblogged!!

--my favorite post is this one. toma has had so many great roles, right? he's played all kinds of characters! artist...prince...psycho!!

--again, i talked about how i celebrated toma's bday at my LJ. ~.~ go there to see the pics!

(i made this BRI movie/manga collage! =D if you want to reblog it, go here: also, there were some really nice BRI 2 (or BRI 1) posts at tumblr... go here to see them!

.................Bokura Ga Ita (Part 2) was released and subbed!!
get it in HQ here:
get it in MQ here: 
get the subs here:

also, you can watch it online here. thanks to moko for the link!
(also, if you still haven't watched it, TFGirls hardsubbed Bokura Ga Ita (part 1). you can get it here: they have indonesian subs, too!)

THIS TIME, I WILL NOT POST MY REVIEW OF THIS MOVIE HERE, SINCE I DIDN'T HAVE A LOT TO SAY AND IT'S MORE CONVENIENT TO JUST LINK TO IT INSTEAD OF TAKING UP 1 POST HERE. i have to warn you though, i did not like this movie, unlike most people. it's like hanamizuki all over again. is it just because i'm too picky? hmm...
my review of Bokura Ga Ita (Part 2)

........2 new Bath Roman commercials!! 
i might buy try buying one Bath Roman bath salts box the next time i go to mitsuwa. xD get the silly CM's here. hahaha...

go to the forum to chat about toma:
go to the the LJ to DL some recent toma video clips with subs:

.........himawariyusuke's excerpts of toma's appearances on various tv shows. ~_~
go here to read them. it's nice to have little bits of extra information about toma, right? it reminds me of xdustbunnysx's LJ... remember to comment and thank himawariyusuke for the translation after you read something there! =)

..........Bokura no Jidai (Part 1) has been subbed!
the show where toma, shun, and okada had a long talk. ikemen paradise mini reunion! =P 
get it here:

....................random toma stuff:
--toma was a guest on Tamaki Hiroshi’s new Iron Chef show on November 2!!! i think the new version of this show is kind of a big deal, so i'm glad toma got to be a guest judge there!! :D (thanks to kavya for the info!)

--toma and the other 3 members from 4Tops are all in drama's for the fall season! ~_~ (thanks to fierceastheireyebrows for pointing it out!)

--video clip of toma making his family's special kind of gyoza!! tuna, cheese, onions, and mayonnaise??!! =P

--gifs from the press con of West Side Story, with the arashi guys and toma!! wahhh!!! they were so young!!

................ my favorite toma pictures from October ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics!)


(source: hybrid-angel14, miku-ness)

(Source: leeslittlealien)

(source: tomafanindia)

(source: tomafanindia)

(source: sumigomin, tomafanindia, a-m-n-o-s)

(Source: ezraskydel)

(source: tomafanindia)

(source: tomafanindia)

(source: tomafanindia)

(source: tomafanindia)

(Source: sh1v4)

........................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr♥

i really loved this scene in the movie, though it was way too short. i want to go to such a vast field of grass like this, too! :D (source:

i like toma's sweater vest, and his expression is cute! wonder who he was talking to on the phone? (source:

.................................[moved this stuff 2 the bottom of my used to be on top...^^;]
hey everyone!! i have not finished the monthly post yet, so please be patient. 
i haven't forgotten about it, i just need some more time... =T
meanwhile, happy halloween!! eat some candy, dress up, listen to Monster Mash!! xD 
i'm wearing glasses and a very simple liz lemon-ish "costume". lol. i'll share a pic later at my LJ... hehe. 
(halloween gif i used:

(nov. 1):
new autumn banner!!!!!!
i wish i had found this earlier!!  i think it might be the best autumn picture i've ever used for my banner! i love the bright, bold colors of the leaves!! it's just too perfect. ~__~ (i used a blue heart this time instead of a text heart. took a long time 2 get it right though! but i like this kinda heart better. ~.~ also, i still remember from art class that orange goes with blue. hehehe. it does, doesn't it? )

and i found these 4 other really pretty autumn pics from kyoto!! i love how they have lighter autumn colors, some almost peach-colored. absolutely beautiful!! *___*



Kavya said...

i thought i was late because i only came n saw your blog today, but since u posted late as well, i'm safe haha xD i don't even remember well what happened in BRI 2 actually.. i only remember the last scene because that was the climax i told u i'd seen in a video someone uploaded on tudou ages ago, n it spoiled everything XD
i'm liking the drama though.. n i'm totally supporting the annoyed doctor and toma.. they're cute together :D

kate♥toma said...


thanks for commenting! ~_~ yeah, i posted really late this time. haha. ohh... =/ well, if it wasn't for the spoilers, i thought that by the end, they would not end up together. but i guess they just can't forget each other, they're meant to be, blah blah blah.

really? i can't really see them as a couple yet, but i don't like the idea of him + the big eyes nurse or the other girl either. lol.

Kavya said...

lol big eyes nurse=kashii yu.. i dunno the doctor's name though.. it's kinda getting complicated though, all their relationships.. i wonder what path it will take..
but yeah, sometimes the drama feels like it's a tourism docu of shimanto/kochi xD

kate♥toma said...

hahaha. i'm usually annoyed when dramas/movies seem to be obviously promoting a product/place, but i'm ok with it in this case, since i love seeing pretty scenary in japan. =P

i still haven't watched ep.2 yet, cuz i need 2 finish my toma fic and do some other stuff, be4 it's time to post the monthly post for my toma blog again. thank goodness for thanksgiving + nothing much happening in toma fandom, so i have some more free time these days!! :)