Thursday, November 29, 2012

toma was on VS Arashi and All Night Nippon!! =D new Nou Otoko trailer & TOMA'S ROOM's 2nd anniv.!! *_*

(i'm going to post up the monthly entry a little late...please be patient! ~_~)

ok, so it's dec. 11. sorry for the delay!! this time, i thought i might as well include december stuff in this post, so EVERYTHING TOMA-related that's happened recently is pretty much included in this post, ok? you're welcomeee!! xD (and merry xmas, in case i forget to say it here later!! ^_~)

 i hope you like the new winter/snowing banner! ~_~ i also found 4 other great winter/snow pics that i might use for the 2nd winter banner later. (credit:,

oh, i bought a tin of Bath Roman bath salts!! the brand that toma promotes!! i've always taken showers instead of baths, so i really enjoyed the nice warm bath in the green, peach leaf-scented water!! i posted some pics of what the box looks like and the powder and the color of the water later at my LJ, here:

also, i made a new blue/winter layout for Toma's Room!! please do check it out! ~.~ AND ON DEC. 6, TOMA'S ROOM TURNED 2 YEARS OLD!! ~__~ go here to celebrate with us!! vote on the poll and comment!! thanks!!

and TFGirls have subbed up to episode 4 of osawari, but i still have only watched ep. 1!! (i also haven't watch toma on vs arashi or listened to his ANN show!! -__-) good grief...o_o i will find time to watch more episodes soon and i will post some screencaps and comment a little on each episode at my LJ. so check this post later, for my 1st post about it (covering eps. 1-3)! =)

........................ toma's messages♥
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full message, go to! ~_~)

he said that the nou otoku movie post-production is now done and he's nervous about that. he said something about how he loves his job because he can work with a lot of different good actors/actresses, like maki yoko. and he wondered if people like the 3rd episode of osawari, because it's his favorite (and there's a kissing scene in it!). he mentioned that he was a guest on the Domoto Kyodai, which he hasn't been on since 3 years ago. back then, their band played a song by elephant kashimashi for him. he keeps reminding everyone to watch his drama, like usual. xD

and toma's xmas/new year message on JFC is the standard one that most japanese stars say. something about becoming a better person/growing wiser next year. -_-

........................... toma news, links, etc. from November (or Dec.) ♥

............ TFGirls have subbed episodes 1-4 of osawari. =)
get it here:

[credit: fuckinamazemyboy, moraima86]

--also, a toma fan was able to see toma and the cast filming for osawari a few times!! *___* go read about it here:

--and there was a fan event in shimanto, where 2,000 fans sang along with toma and the cast, to the opening song, Anata Ni! =) read the news here:

--oh, the opening changes in later episodes!! they keep adding new clips to it! cool! ~__~ 

--and here's a funny pic of toma making an annoyed face in a pic with junno while on the set xD:

............ toma was on VS Arashi with the osawari cast!! ^_^

(credit: essu, jellybean6972. MORE PICS AND GIFS FROM THE SHOW HERE:

DL the subbed show here: 

.............. toma was the guest DJ on All Night Nippon and the osawari cast were guests! 
DL the audio clip and the video coverage of it here, thanks to kavya!

--himawariyusuke's summary of the program:

.............. nou otoko's new trailer!!! *__* 
(or 1st trailer, since the other one was a teaser i guess?)

(credit: riisa-euphoria. sexy half-naked bad boy toma!!♥)

go to the movie's official website and watch it! it's the first button on the right. or go to TFS and get it. they subbed it! =)
this trailer has some really creepy stuff! usually i would rather not watch movies with psycho girls or bloody scenes, but toma's in it, so of course i'm gonna watch it. i'll just fast forward those parts. haha. but i'm so happy about the shirtless toma scene!!!!! yey for muscular, sexy toma!!! hehe... ^/////^
oh, there's a NOU OTOKO MOVIE FLYER GIVEAWAY!! go there for more info, before the Dec. 14 deadline!)

(also, here's a new poster for the movie with shirtless toma!! xD

............ DL the various tv shows toma was on:
(thanks to kavya for sharing them!)

TOKIO Kakeru with Toma and Kenta 2012.10.17  

Waratte Iitomo  

............ I MADE 23 OSAWARI ICONS + 2 toma xmas icons!!! ♥_♥ 

i like how they turned out! hehe...i miss the days when people often made new toma icons, especially while he has a drama that's airing, so i made a bunch!!! yey!! if you like it/use it, remember to comment and credit! thankssss! ~____~

............ toma showed up in the Top 10 ranking in several polls :)

(cute toma and jun pic from vs arashi!! blurry, but i really like it, so here it is. xD
credit: merlinke)

[GOO Ranking] 20-something Johnny’s you wanna see Holiday Illumination with
[TOMA WAS 1ST PLACE!!♥ ~___~]
Ideal face chosen by men ranking 2012 !!
[toma was 8th place]
Goo ranking: Which Johnny's looks the prettiest crossdressing?
[6. Yamashita Tomohisa (1608 votes), 
7. Ikuta Toma (1452 votes)]
[GOO Ranking] 20-something Johnny’s who look like teenagers
(5. Ikuta Toma (28) -1,573 votes)
Goo Ranking for Skinny but Macho Johnny’s That Will Make You Fall in Love
[toma was 6th place]

................ my favorite toma pictures from November ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics!)

(i took this pic! i like how the cover is pink, and i like toma's cozy jacket. i didn't buy it though, cuz didn't like that photoshoot very much...xD)

........................... my favorite toma gifs from tumblr♥

(credits + other gifs i liked:
(toma on VS arashi)
awkward moment in osawari ^^;


Kavya said...

yayyy for the post, finally!! :D you must have been really busy, thanks for taking your time out to do this <3 i really really hope toma makes it to johnny's countdown this time round and *wishful thinking begins here* sings anata ni with other johnnys XD

kate♥toma said...

you're very welcome!! :) it was quite time consuming, but not as bad as last month. haha.

oh, the countdown! it would be so awesome if he could be there! i didn't even think about it. i wish they aired it here. the japanese channel here is airing kouhaku, but i am not really interested in that.