Friday, October 5, 2012

~.~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMA!!!♥ (things u can do 2 celebrate his 28th bday + the bday card i sent him)

omg, 13 hrs, 38 minutes left until toma's birthday!!!!  
(less now, as i'm actually posting this up. lol.)

i knew it was coming and have been preparing 4 it, but i didn't remember to start on this post earlier. T__T and now i'm nervous cuz i hope i can get this post done soon and post it up before tomorrow, since i'll be busy fangirling at tumblr or LJ for his bday! xD and i'm gonna try to watch the toma's subbed Another Day show and maybe some of the un-subbed Genji movie, too!! yey...and eat some yummy food too. hehe. already got some pre-toma bday smoothies. hehe... =P

I WILL BE AT TWITTER (@tsukiigirl)+ TUMBLR + THE TOMA'S ROOM LJ COMMUNITY AROUND MIDNIGHT (Oct.7, JST time), the start of toma's bday to fangirl with everyone!!! ^__^ actually i might be online since around 11:30pm JST.

(yeah, i couldn't think of anything else + i suck at photoshopping, so this is what i came up with. lol. pic credit: mayacy, memo_toma)

the main thing we're doing in the fandom is still the twitter thing. (though no one really talked about it at LJ or tumblr, so i dunno if a lot of ppl remember to do it. O_O) 

REMEMBER TO TWEET A LOT ABOUT TOMA @TWITTER on his bday, OCT. 7 (JST time) especially at 00:00 JST (last year people also tweeted at 10:07 JST), using hashtags #toma_birthday and #love_toma. ever since 2008, i think we've been trying to get toma in the trending topics. lol. last year he made it into the top 30 in japan, i think. (thanks to kavya for the info! she got it from here:

also, toma's philippines fans have some activities you can take part in. come join the #ocTOMAfest!!! :Ddetails here:

also, there is a fans gathering in malaysia. i've listed info for it and ^_^ IDEAS OF OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO TO CELEBRATE TOMA'S BIRTHDAY HERE:

(i wish i could give toma some gourmet cupcakes + pretty flowers like this!! ~__~
i thought of sunflowers cuz of his drama, but it's not as pretty as these purple ones...

Happy Birthday, Toma!!!! ~.~
Tanjoubi omedetou!!! I love you!! *hugs*
In the coming year, i hope you will be able to do more things that you want to do, whether in your work or in your personal life! have an exciting, unique bday celebration!!


which is related to the movie/drama/etc. he worked on that year. i thought of finding some bruce lee stuff, or a "bad boy" cap, cuz of his 1st bad guy, fighting role in Nou Otoko. but then i found THIS!!! OMGGGG. a super cool black umbrella that looks like a samurai's katana! there's even a shoulder strap so you can carry it on your back! even though Ichiro's weapon of choice was a kalis in the movie...but toma WAS a samurai in a butai a long time ago. xD well, it's martial arts-related, at least, and useful (especially during the rainy seasons).

i want one too!! ^_~  (actually, since it could be mistaken for being a real sword, it might be risky to use it in public. maybe the smaller version is less likely to be mistaken for being a weapon!) 

do you think toma would like this? hehe... xD

Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella
(and the product description is hilarious! xD i love thinkgeek! xD)

(this is the card with stamps on it. =)
i chose these stamps. hehe. they're really colorful and pretty ne!)

i sent toma's bday card on sept. 12, 
so it should have already arrived at the Johnny's building. i took pictures of everyone's messages for toma that i included in the card. there were 19 messages in all, which fit on 4 pages (front and back) of note paper. =)

you can see all the pictures of the messages and the card here:

actually, fatimah posted a message, but after i already sent the card, so i promised i'd post it here. here you go, fatimah! sorry i couldn't include your message in the card! =T

Name : Fatimah
country : Malaysia
Message: Woa you're 28 already :P have a blast on your day! keep on your work, everyone's love it~


kavya said...

uwaaaaa your handwriting is really nice ^_^ and in typical toma's style, you promoted the lj communities and tumblr to him. Awesome! He is always doing it to us, promoting his films/dramas, so it's only right that we do it too ne xD
thanks for taking all those photos.. the card and the stamps and the writing, are all very pretty! *_* and lovely colors!
thank you <3 and you wrote such a nice message too :) i hope he reads it and loves it ^^

Wieny said...

Thanks a lot for the birthday card, Kate... Your hand writing is really neat so it's really easy to read. Great job! I'm glad I can join your project. Otsukaresama~!! :D

I hope it's arrive savely to JE, he could read it, and become proud knowing that he actually have lots of fans from all over the world. ^^

Btw, I'm just curious, after reading your last blog about never re-watch a movie. So.. After seeing TFGirls release a hardsub of BRI, did you also download it? Did you re-watch that movie? :3

Anyway, this is my first time post a comment to your blog. So, Yoroshiku~ ^^ Keep up the good work!

kate♥toma said...

hi kavya!

thanks! other toma fans have told me that too. hehe. ~.~ yes yes, of course i have 2 promote the toma fan sites! hehe.

aww. i'm glad you like it all!! i think he would like it, ne? ~_~

kate♥toma said...

hi wieny,

thank you! i always get compliments on my handwriting when i do this. hehe. i'm glad you took part in it! ~_~ yes, i hope toma has read the card, too!

ohhh. yes, i did say that. xD but i have commented at TFGirls saying that i will re-watch it since they worked hard on the subs and i want to support them! ^_^ also, since i will write a review of the movie, it would be helpful if i re-watch it. hehe. i don't like the movie that much, but i WILL re-watch it!

oh, thanks for commenting for the 1st time!! ^^ yoroshiku! hai...gambarimas!

Haizah said...

hi kate, just realised i didn't write the bday comment. it's okay there'll always be another year right?

Btw, the samurai umbrella thing, i have one of those :) hehe

i read in "arama they didn't" website that he got to act with his brother in his new tv drama. i'm so waiting for it. :P

kate♥toma said...

hi haizah!! ~_~

aw...yeah, you can take part in it next year. make a note and stick it on your calendar or something so you'll remember next year! lol. =P

you have a samurai umbrella!! OMG. awesome!!! xD

yes yes, his brother appears in ep.1 of toma's new drama. hehe. :D (btw, remember to come to toma's room LJ for the latest toma news and updates...also my tumblr!! except i haven't been on tumblr recently cuz need 2 avoid BGI spoilers. O_O)

Birthday card messages said...

This is such a nice post wishing one a happy birthday. Nice handwriting ;-)


kate♥toma said...

thanks, hazel! =)
surprised someone would comment on a post from last year. haha.