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TOMA'S GOT A NEW DRAMA!!!!! he went to yamashita's EroP concert!! ^_~ his magazine interview translations...

whew, finished editing the 5th year anniv. post. 
i think i'll be able to post up the august recap post tomorrow! 
it's my 5th toma anniv. today!! yeyyyyyyyy!! *__*
ja ne! ~_~ 

i made it! 
last day of the month post!! xD

hi everyone! 
is it hot where you live? i know it's still very hot and humid in tokyo, at least. summer's almost over, but i think we'll continue to have hot days until at least the end of september, here in southern california. it was really hot for most of august, but it started cooling down a little yesterday! yes!! sometimes i wish i could be nocturnal during summer, then i wouldn't have to deal with the daytime heat and could fully enjoy the nighttime cool air (and look at the moon all night!!).
nevermind, let's talk about toma now!

TOMA'S GOT A NEW DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_____*
IT'S A LEADING ROLE, TOO!!!!!!!! ^__^
i'm really excited and happy about this!!!!!! :D :D :D

(see my reaction in gifs here. xD i feel a little bad that i was not super super hyper when i found out, but maybe cuz earlier i heard about a toma drama rumor and i just keep thinking he'll get one this year. 

so, what we know about the plot so far, is that toma's character lost his job and his girlfriend. he hears about a revitalization project going on in a small town that needs volunteers, so decides to go there and start his life over. he meets a woman (doctor) on the train, on his way there, and she is annoyed by him being too positive. probably later, she likes toma, but toma will like a different person. there are 4 other characters in this drama.

well, the story doesn't sound very exciting and i don't know any of the other actresses/actors, but WHO CARES, IT'S A NEW TOMA DRAMA AND HE'S THE LEAD CHARACTER!!!!!!! ahhahahahahaha.... i hope the toma fandom gets a lot more lively and fun during the time his drama airs! i really miss the super active fandom that we had around 2007 and 2008. =T i’m a little surprised/disappointed there hasn’t been much of a reaction in the fandom to the news of toma’s new drama, so far. =[ except for us hyper fans at the toma-room LJ and some people on it because many fans don't know about it yet?? 

........................ toma's messages 
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read his full message, go to! ~_~)

(in my last post, the translation was not right, toma was not feeling lonely! xD) he's done filming for Nou Otoko. he's sorry he hasn't posted anything in a long time. he is looking forward to this movie, which will be really weird/confusing (?). (vol. 499, july 30)

He had a nice summer vacation after he finished working on his movie. he did a lot of summer activities and also non-summer things. maou is re-airing. just like in 2008, maou and the olympics aired during the summer. it's really hot these days... he wants to make a lot of good memories and not waste any time. (vol. 500, august 22)

He talked about the new drama, too. he hasn't been in a drama for years, so he is excited about being on a drama set and he'll work hard on it.

Right now, he is obsessed with the manga Touch after he randomly bought/found a volume. he's never felt this way about any other manga. he likes girls like minami asakura (a character in the manga).

He is happy to work on the new drama and everyone, wait for it, ok...(vol. 501, aug. 29)

............................ toma news, links, etc. from August 

(credit: tomafanindia, someone else on weibo, sumigomin on weibo, )

1~ TOMA'S NEW AUTUMN DRAMA: Osozaki no Himawari ~Boku no Jisei, Renewal~. 
that's a long title! xD it means "The late-blooming sunflower ~ renewal of my life". this autumn drama will air tuesdays at 9pm in october. here's a bunch of news and information about it!! 

On August 29th, Fuji TV has announced that actor Ikuta Toma will star in their upcoming fall drama ‘Osozaki no Himawari ~Boku no Jinsei, Renewal~‘ (lit. ‘Late Blooming Sunflower ~My Life, Renewal~’). It will be his first starring role in a drama series in three and a half years.

The drama is set at the beautiful Shimanto River in the Kochi prefecture and revolves around a group of seven men and women and the unfolding of their lives.

Ikuta plays a man named ‘Joutarou’, who’s a typical example of the so-called ‘lost generation’ in Japan. The term ‘lost generation’ refers to people who face a scarcity of employment right after graduating from school and therefore are left without any real perspective. He was lucky to find a regular employment, but it didn’t last long and he was laid off due to downsizing. Around the same time he was also dumped by his girlfriend. Fed up with his life, he somehow ends up in a ‘revitalization group’ of the Shimanto River area in Kochi.

Fuji TV already produced similar dramas about different individuals living together at the countryside such as ‘Kita no Kuni kara‘ (1981~2002) set in Furano, Hokkaido and ‘Hakusen Nagashi‘ (1996) set in Matsumoto, Nagano, which were very popular at the time. It seems, they are now aiming to transfer the same concept into the current generation.

Ikuta commented, “There have already been many great dramas about unique groups of people living together in regional towns. I want this drama to prove that our generation can create something just as wonderful as those masterpieces and meet everyone’s expectations of a drama about a youthful crowd.”

Actress Maki Yoko will play the heroine in the drama. You can also look forward to the appearances by Kiritani Kenta, Kashii Yu, Emoto Tasuku, Kimura Fumino, and Kuninaka Ryoko, as well.

‘Osozaki no Himawari ~Boku no Jinsei, Renewal~’ will air every Tuesday at 9:00 pm, starting sometime in October.

Source: Sanspo

(credit: careline18)

--the drama's official website:

--more info about the drama:

--see how toma fans reacted to the news! ^_^: (check the comments below the news article!)

2~ toma's action movie, Nou Otoko, will be released on February 9, 2013!!!!
that's my birthday!!!!!! omgggggggg!!! no special toma-related events ever happen on my bday!!! so happy about this!!!! v(^____^)v
(check my tumblr post to see my reaction in gifs. xD

3~ toma went to see yamashita's EroP Yokohama concert on august 5!!!♥ 
tackey was there too! toma didn't come on stage, he just stood up in the VIP area, dressed casually, when yamashita announced that he was there. hehe. i'm not sure if he was supposed to go on stage with tackey, but couldn't, cuz he came late? but it was nice that the audience called out "toma!" and toma seemed a little embarrassed. xD
more details here:

(credit: dragon-fat)
4~ toma went to the Rock in Japan festival (august 3) 
(thanks to myjhersey17 @tumblr for the info!)
and he took a cute pic with kyary pamyu pamyu there! just cuz they took a pic together, some ppl were saying they wanna ship them. lol. she's cute, but only 19 though!! (if u wanna reblog the pic go here: 

5~ some subbed toma video clips:
--TFGirls subbed the VS Arashi episode where toma was the +1 guest! *_*
get it here:
--Guess Toma's mom! Quiz Jr. no Mama! (this is from the time toma was still a kid. hehehe.)
get it here:

6~ some translated toma interviews: 
FINE BOYS (Sept. 2012) scans + partial FINE BOYS interview translation (toma's gardening hobby! xD)

2 [pretty good xD] translations of toma's 2012 interviews (and 1 f/2009)!! 

Scanlation- POPOLO Feb 2011  

Scanlation- Duet Dec 2009  

"Secret Love Affair" (POPOLO, june 2009)

(by the way, if you want are interested in translating toma's interviews, please comment here: thank you in advance!! ~__~)

................. my favorite toma pictures ♥
(copy the link to see the full-size pics!)

(credit: tomafanindia)

............................ my favorite toma gifs from tumblr ♥
(i don't want too many gifs loading, so i'll only show a few here...)
[his cute smiling face, in his grey sweater at warrate(?)!! ~__~]


[ryosuke: laugh/chuckle]
[nakatsu in the bath with the other guys...xD]

[nakatsu: bunch of idiots!]




kavya said...

it's not hot here at all.. in fact, from the start of july, it got colder, even though it didn't rain much at all.. but i guess the city i live in is known to have the best weather in the country for a reason, so that's why it's very pleasant here.. xD
i really really hope the old toma fans come back to the fandom and remain active during his drama.. i really miss the atmosphere from 2007-08 even though i wasn't even a part of it T_T

great post as always, of course ;)

kate♥toma said...

Really? That's awesome!! When I think of India, I always picture it being hot, but I guess of course it depends on where u live and the season! I think good weather is so important 2 me, so I can't imagine living somewhere like Japan, where in the summer u die if u don't have AC. Lol.

Hmm...I hope so too! But u know what I think a lot of them have moved on to other fandoms...I know plenty have gone to Kpop fandoms...sigh...


kavya said...

Lol, there are places here where there are just 2 extremes- extremely hot in summer, and extremely cold in winter... fortunately, there is some sort of balance in the place i live xD
wow, summer is that bad in japan? :O i should make sure i don't visit during summer or winter then.. maybe autumn would be a good time.. hmmm.

yeah, i guess so.. T_T

kate♥toma said...

oh, i see!
well, i guess i was exaggerating a little, but yeah, it's pretty bad. read jamie's post about how bad it is in the summer here:

well, i guess it's like that in a lot of asian countries around that area, though, where you have to deal with the heat + walking + taking public transportation.

but cuz of the bad weather in summer, it's usually the cheapest time to go to japan or HK, etc. lol. i think the ideal time to go to japan would be spring. the weather is nice/maybe cold and you can see cherry blossoms! but autumn would be nice too. the fall leaves are so pretty.