Thursday, August 30, 2012

my 5th YEAR anniversary of becoming a toma fan! (:

august 30/31 is my 5th year anniversary of becoming a toma fan!! ~___~ it's my TOMAnniversary...i'm really happy and i'll celebrate it today and tomorrow!! 

5! i still remember being a newbie back then, not knowing anything about toma, asking other fans all kinds of questions, and trying to fit in. (if you look at my old posts on this blog, you'll see how it was like for me, being a new toma fan. i posted so much back then! haha.) 5 years later, i'm the one answering fan's questions and helping new fans. and in addition to this Toma Love blog (which somehow got so popular!), i'm the moderator at the Toma's Room LJ community too! and i'm also fangirling at my tumblr too! i never thought i would be so involved in this fandom, but i'm really happy to fangirl for toma along with so many friendly and awesome toma fans! all the time and effort is worth it! 

oh, i want to thank all the toma fans that have been nice to me or helped me or commented on my posts or wrote messages to me! thank you!!

toma is such a talented gorgeous and cool, but so adorable and funny, too. he is a truly amazing person...i love toma and i'll keep supporting him and his fandom! thank you, toma. i wouldn't be who i am now if i wasn't your fan. you have already achieved so much in 5 years, but i know you will keep getting more popular and respected. and i know you will continue to make me smile and make me proud to be your fan. ~.~
later on, i will post some pics here of how i celebrated my 5th TOMAnniversary.i'll just celebrate by eating some special food...xD are some pictures i want to share with everyone! after 5 years, i have quite a collection of toma stuff. it's mostly magazines and photobooks. but the things below are the ones that i treasure the most.

1) my very expensive official hana kimi dvd sets, Part I and II. it sounds crazy, but one of the main reasons i bought it was to get this tie! lol. i love ties, and i thought if i had this tie, i could wear it and feel like i'm one of nakatsu's classmates! yey!! xD (well, it took a long time for me to convert these japanese region dvd's to region-all so that i could watch it though! T__T i really need to re-watch it sometimes to get my money's worth, but it's got no english subtitles! hahaha.)

2) cezie gave me this big toma photobook she made for my birthday in 2010!! *___* she was a toma fan that i talked to a lot back then, and one day, she said she wanted to give me something for my birthday. and she sent me this photobook (she lives in canada, and i'm in the usa). wahhhhh!! i was so shocked and happy. i was only expecting something like a card or something small. there were so many recent toma pics inside and also old childhood pics of him!! ^__^ it was just really super sweet of her to spend time and money on this gift for me, and i will always treasure it! also, i remember her saying that the girl that worked at the printing place was a toma fan too!! lol. but it's too bad that we gradually talked less and less because she got busy (she's a nurse) and i don't know when was the last time we's sad when people leave the fandom without saying goodbye! =( 

but she wasn't the only nice toma fan to send me 2010, anjerin-chan (from malaysia, who i have also lost contact with. =T) went on a trip to japan and she sent me some hanamizuki flyers (that i requested) and a nice little lavender flowers bookmark from a flower farm (tomita, i think?) in hokkaido!! ~__~ i kept 1 and sent the extras to mizza, mashi (we still keep in touch! ~.~), and some other fans. ^_^ then in 2011, mashi sent me some birthday presents! aww...i feel really lucky that some toma fans that know me through my toma blog liked me enough to send me stuff! thank you, again, anjerin and mashi!! *hugsss* (I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS TO TRY TO GET PEOPLE TO SEND ME GIFTS! LOL. I'LL BE HAPPY ENOUGH IF YOU POST MESSAGES FOR ME ON MY CBOX OR COMMENT ON MY POSTs. ~_~)

3) my 2 favorite toma posters. there has only been 1 big toma poster included in a magazine (in recent years), and it's from the 1st time he was on the cover of Potato in 2009. i hope he can be on the cover of 1 of the main idol magazines sometime again, and it'll have a nice big poster of him inside! ~_~ the 2nd one is a pullout from wink up in the march 2009 issue. it was the 1st time i ever bought a japanese magazine! it's still my favorite toma mini poster because his hair, outfit, and his smile...everything is perfect! 

4) careline went on a trip to japan in 2010 and was able to see toma at a stage greeting for ningen shikkaku! she got some flyers for her friends and had 1 extra and asked if anyone wanted it. of course i quickly asked for it and she sent it to me (from germany)! *__* it's important to me because it's the flyer of toma's 1st movie. also, it's the kind that folds out, so there are 4 pages, actually! it's also the best quality toma movie flyer that i have. i have the hanamizuki one too, but it got bent during shipping. careline sent it to me in the same basic envelope that anjerin used for the hanamizuki flyers, but amazingly, it was not bent at all. whew!! ~___~ 

5) my cinema square magazine with toma on the cover... it's significance is that seeing the preview pics on mizza's LJ post is what got me and her talking more and eventually we became friends. and later on, while chatting, we came up with the idea for creating the Toma's Room LJ community!! of course, it's also because this is 1 of my favorite toma photoshoots. he's so cute and sexy in the pics!! ~.~ also, i remember it was particularly tough to special order this magazine from the sanseido japanese bookstore at mitsuwa. xD cuz the lady that worked there somehow couldn't find this issue online so that they could order it for me, but then i spotted it on the screen, off to the side! :D 

6) of course i had to include the toma an an issue!!!! ^_~ i think it might be the biggest toma magazine i have (except for the MORE fashion magazine). i was really surprised at the size, cuz i thought it was going to be the size of a wink up. it's so great to see such big sexy pics of toma!! xD in this picture, you can see that i put it on top of a blue bag. that is the bag that i hide it in, and i keep it on my bookshelf. hahaha. i used to look at it often back then, but i haven't looked at it much after that year. (see, i'm not a pervert! xD) but it's great to know that whenever i feel like seeing toma shirtless, i can just pull out this magazine. hahahahaha... 

so...i don't usually post clear pictures of myself, but i thought this time i'd make an exception, kind of. here are toma-related pictures of me (+ some explanation of each pic) 1 from each year, from 2007 to 2012! ^_^ 

(yes, i have a very round face + look young for my age! -__- i hope you aren't disappointed or think of me differently after seeing my pics. well, people who have come here a lot in the past already kinda know what i look like, from the pics of myself where you can see my face...the ones i used for my profile icon, though those were tiny pics. xD)

(see the full size pic here)

2007: i took this picture during the autumn. after it rained that day, the weather was so perfect! breezy and a little cold...the sky was so blue, with so many white clouds. i remember jogging for a while, listening to Ikemen Boogie. (also, it was 1 of the rare times that my bangs and haircut was perfect and exactly the way i wanted it! lol.)

2008: after i bought the hana kimi official DVD, of course i had to take pics of myself wearing the tie and crest. my 1st ever attempt at cosplaying! haha.

2009: me posing with 1 of my drawings. ~_~ (dunno why my lips look weirdly red, i never wear lipstick!) i spent sooooooo much time on 4 toma drawings that i sent to Wink Up and Potato, hoping they would print it in the birthday fan art section. but none of them were chosen. sighhhhh. oh well, it was nice to draw again after a long time. i used to draw/sketch a lot for fun...

2010: me looking tired cuz i woke up before dawn to work on my 3rd toma fic. lol. i first wrote a super long (interactive! xD) toma fanfic in december 2008. then i wrote the 2nd one, continuing the story, in december 2009. but the 3rd one was during march 2010. i love writing and it felt like i was really in the story with toma!♥ i still like writing toma fics, even if not much people read them. i want to write another one soon! i already have some good ideas! xD

2011: this picture is significant mainly because i'm wearing a nice pink spring dress that i really like, that i bought online from yesstyle. lol. no...cuz i'm holding an unofficial (badly subbed. xD) DVD of hanamizuki. it's my 2nd favorite toma movie, so far. i really loved the romantic moments and the lighthouse scenes. i really like lighthouses and i have a lot of lighthouse stuff! i have only been to 2 lighthouses but i wanna go see more in the future! and this movie made me a gakky fan! hehe. i still ship them and that's why in my last fic, they were a couple! ~_~

2012: i only took this pic recently, for this post! xD i'm holding a bokura ga ita booklet that jamie ( got for me. she lives in tokyo, but she is from the usa. (: she wants to be a manga artist. she was accepting commissions in december 2011, so i asked her to draw a picture (chibi version) of mizza and i. :D but because she was dealing with some personal problems, it took her a very long time to complete it, and by early 2012, i asked if she could send me a BGI flyer along with the drawing, if she sees them, and she said yes! in the end, she wasn't able to find a flyer, but she was able to get me this small booklet from a bookstore in japan. ~_~ it was really cool to get mail from someone in japan for the 1st time ever! *__* 


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Congratulations on another year. Hope you had a nice TomAnni day!

I remember your B/D drawings - you know - I really love your drawings, you should draw again sometime, not necessarily for his birthday (I guess that makes it a special event), but boy if I had the talent to draw /doodle like that, I’ll be drawing every second third day (or weeks perhaps....XD) for fun of course.

Anyway, the Hana Kimi is a real special set. Again, the Japanese deluxe version looks so good. And that photo book from cezie looks really well made - like it was printed on as a book right?

Okie, have a nice day (of course, no pressure on the drawings...I was just chitchatting/joking ...oops no not joking, cos yes I really love your drawings, just joking as in pushing for a new drawings...yeek...babbling

kate♥toma said...

thank you, paige!! ~__~ i had an ok day. at least the weather was kinda nice!

i'm really glad you liked my drawings! thanks! well, it's not exactly something you have to be born good at. i think if you want to draw, try drawing! try learning from a book, a class, etc. =)

as for me, i dunno...i used to love doodling in class, drawing my favorite actresses or anime characters. but for some reason i'm not into it anymore. but i do admire people who work as artists for a living. like jamie, who i talked about in my post. even though she's just trying 2 be a manga artist, but her manga-ish drawings are awesome.
(check out her art here:

yes, i'm really glad i bought the hana kimi dvd set, everything is really high quality and in addition to the tie, you get the crest and a deck of cards. ^^ yes, it was binded like a book. and the pages are kind of glossy too!

hahaha. thanks again, but i really don't know when i might draw again. i can show you my some of my old drawings though! mostly from around the time i was in high school i think (i liked sailor moon back then and my real name means moon, too. haha.)

but i've always been better at copying (drawing a real thing or drawing in the style of an anime) than drawing spontaneously...something that came directly from my mind. xD

kavya said...

whoaa you wrote 2 super long posts in 2 days :O :D
Congrats on your 5th toma-fan anniversary <3 You've given so much to the fandom and helped us out so many times, thank you so much! :')
I loved the pics you posted! Wow, you have so many toma goodies.. I want to buy some myself, but with my own money, and since I don't work still... ahem :D
I think you look really cute and definitely too young for your age ^^
and the photobook and other things you were gifted are also so pretty *_*
hopefully you'll complete many more years in the fandom! Thanks again for everything you've done! :)

kate♥toma said...

Hey kavya,

No, u see, I always write my posts little by little when its near the end of the month. :) so I had plenty of time 4 getting these 2 posts done. Getting both done in 2 days is impossible! Haha.

Aw! Its my pleasure! I love Fangirling 4 toma and plenty of fans have helped me too, so I will always try 2 help other fans when I can. I really never imagined I would make a difference or stand out in the fandom! But I'm so happy that so many ppl know me and like my blog. :)

Oh...Thats ok, im sure you will have a toma goodies collection of yr own 1 day!

Aww. Thank u!! I'm not that cute, I just got good at taking flattering pics of myself f/ certain angles. Hahaha!

You're welcome!! I'll certainly be a part of the fandom 4 a long long time!! :)

kavya said...

aaaaaaah i see :D it would be superhuman-ish to write all that in 2 days ^^'
you've been around for so long and consistently posting updates about him, and you also respond back quickly, no wonder you stand out :)
haha no need to be modest about being cute :D

kate♥toma said...

i guess so...i have posted so much and i try to reply to everyone. i remember when i was a newbie and i was so intimidated by the fandom and got "scolded" by other fans sometimes if i did something wrong at the ikuta_toma LJ or the Tomalicious Intl forum...

i just want people to see that i'm friendly and approachable and they can ask me things. but even so, some ppl were afraid 2 talk 2 me at my blog. lol. i guess it's just cuz my blog is popular and they assume certain things about me...

ahaha...i'm never quite sure how to respond when someone says i'm cute. not that it happens a lot, but i don't want to seem like i'm vain or something. talking about this makes me think of when people on tv shows say toma is cute, and he just shakes his head or says thank you. ~_~

Paige said...

The Sailor moon pics are cute! Even the other doodles takes a resemblances.
I dunno, I'm not a drawer - I would doodle but they're doodles stuff, LOL, Can't do the shadings part, so portraits look one-dimensional haha, maybe cartoon stuff work. But the interest is not that strong to draw. I'll stick to PS playing and writing. That is more fun for me

I actual have ventured over to look at Jamie's blog. Yes, her manga drawings are very cute too.

Thanks again for the card inclusion again.

kate♥toma said...

thanks!! ~_~
oh, i see... yeah, PS is a lot more fun. i wish i was good at PS. haha.

you did? yeahhh! i hope she really will get to publish her own manga 1 day!!

you're welcome! ~.~