Thursday, July 26, 2012

500TH POST!!!♥_♥ toma's bday card!!♥ old toma videos...old toma karaoke clips...a lot of older toma screencaps (LOL. mostly old stuff! xD)

so...i think i will finish this post by next week?? nothing much to talk about, Genji movie still not subbed, but i'll share some cute/funny screencaps from toma's bokura ga ita or genji promo time video clips that i finally watched (or were recently subbed)!! ~_~
-kate <3

i made it! it's late night of july 30 and i am gonna post this entry now. yey!! ~.~

hi~! how is everyone?
i hope it's not too hot where you are. luckily these days it's still warm days + cool/even cold nights for me. i heard from jamie's blog that it's very hot and humid in tokyo though...=T i have talked about this before, but if it's really hot where you live and you don't have an air conditioner (like me!) or have to spend some times outdoors, try wetting the sleeves of your shirt with some water, it'll help you keep cool! and while you're at home, you can get most of your shirt wet and it'll keep you cool for a long while!! ~__~ i discovered this 1 hot summer. hehe. (LOL. just looked for the toma bday card announcement post from july of last year and i also gave keeping cool tips! xD forgot this one, though: also, spray some water in your hair, cuz your head is where the most heat escapes yr body or something like that.)

oh, the london olympic games are going on now!! i am actually not that excited about it, but i'm rooting for japanese athletes!! hehe. (at least the ones that seem nice. lol. i really hate athletes that seem arrogant!) and american athletes too, of course. ~__~

(credit: tswift-gifs) this is kind of how i feel right now!! ~___~

THIS IS MY 500TH POST!!!!!!!! *____*
wowwwww.......after almost 5 years,
i reach the 500th post!!! 
゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・
(*・x・)/。・:*:・゚´★゚・:*:・。☆Congratulations ;*・’゜☆v(*’-^*);*・’゜☆ブイ♪ to meeeeeee!!
i wish i could do something to make this post more special
but i really couldn't think of anything much. lol. sorry.
but i just want to say a big "THANK YOU!" 
to everyone who comes here and keeps coming back,
and everyone who comments and leaves messages in my cbox!!!
you are all awesome and please keep visiting this blog 
and please keep supporting and loving toma!! 
i wish i could give everyone who comes here a hug today!! heehee.
*hugssssssss* i will try to keep going until i reach 1,000 posts,
and even after that!!!!!! 
i love toma and i love my TL-chan (this blog)!!

................... and here is my message in japanese! xD i used (formerly known as babefish), so it's a pretty good translation...i hope it will read ok! and if you want to read it in romaji, copy it and paste it here: =)

これは私の 500 の記事です!*____*
ほぼ 5 年後に… うわー、
500 の記事を達成 !
゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・
(*・x・)/。・:*:・゚´★゚・:*:・。☆Congratulations; ※ ・'゜☆v (※ '-^ ※); ※ ・' 私に゜☆ブイ♪ !
しかし、大きな「ありがとう !」と言って一緒にいたい
すべての人のコメントし、私の cbox でメッセージを残す !
サポートと愛情の当麻を維持してください !
ここの抱擁を今日は誰を与えることがしたい !heehee。
※ hugssssssss ※ 1,000 通をまで続けるしようとする、
斗真を愛するし、私 TL ちゃん (このブログ) を愛する!

1------bday card 1 2------bday card 2
i almost forgot that i should start collecting your names+messages for toma's bday card this year!!! o_O luckily i was able to find a nice colorful card recently (there seems to be less and less pretty cards. sighhh. T_T), and it's a unicef card too! it says buying that card helps unicef provide 4 packets of something (the name was kinda long. xD) to help prevent dehydration. BUT IT IS ACTUALLY A CARD FOR A FRIEND, but oh well....i will add to it, so it will read "our idol and friend of all seasons. we love you and think of you as our friend." or something like that... 

also, the pics of the pink cupcakes on the right side of this page look so yummy right?? i found it while writing my tomapi/gakky fic, and here is the recipe, in case anyone is interested. ~__~ credits + recipe for the yummy cupcakes:

(this is gonna be almost exactly the same message as last year's. lol):
i'm just sending it to the official Johnnys fanmail address. hopefully toma will get it. and hopefully he'll actually open it. lol. if anyone wants me to add their name to the card, please comment at the end of this post and i'll add u. usually there's not much people, so there should be enough room. 
it would be great if you want to write him a message too. on the bday card, i will write everyone's names, but for the messages, i'll write them on simple notebook paper i bought from kinokuniya (couldn't find any nice stationary that didn't look too flowery/girly. =T) and put them inside the card (similar to what i did last year).

go ahead and comment below with a short message (like 1 or 2 sentences) and your name (and what country you're from), and i'll write them in for everyoneremember, the DEADLINE to comment is probably mid-september!!! -___- (please remember that i'll be writing them by hand, so i won't be able to write it if you post it in certain languages, where it would be hard to copy the characters or something! xD)

for example:
happy bday toma! i love your dramas!
-Sarah (from France)

i will send the card probably around mid-september to make sure it gets to japan by october 7, toma's 28th birthday. ~___~ AND if you want to send your own bday card or letter to toma, that's great!! (just remember they don't allow gifts. they WILL send it back to you. =T and for letters, nothing bulky!!) i posted a few different addresses to send toma fanmail (except you probably shouldn't use the Winkup one anymore, since he does not have a column for the magazine anymore.) here:

just real quick, this month i was able to do something really cool and awesome,and it's the best thing that i got to do, so far, this year!! yeyyyy!!! ~___~
my 1st time going to a BIG TIME RUSH concert!!! woo hoo!! ^____^
IT WAS REALLY FUN!!! I SANG ALONG AND JUMPED AROUND AND GOT HYPER AND EVERYTHING ALONG WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHER GIRLS THERE. =D i loved that it was an outdoors concert too. we were up high and it was a cool, starry night. *_* for me, outdoors concerts definitely beats indoors concerts!!

oh, also, i was able to buy the Genji movie DVD at the video shop at mitsuwa!! ~__~ there are no subs, but it's kind of an official DVD, at least, and it was only $15!! (the official japanese DVD version is like $50 and not playable on american dvd players!!) i've only watched a tiny bit of it...still waiting for english subs!

......................... toma's messages 
for some reason, toma didn't write any new entry for this whole month!! =/ i'm sure he has a good reason...maybe just too busy with filming his movie. but it's strange and not like him to not post for so long. hmm... maybe something's wrong with his phone? or he's written a lot of entries by hand and will post them all up later? i don't know...=T

EDIT: kavya told me that toma updated his jweb, apologizing for not posting anything lately. he says it's because he was filming and says he feels very alone/isolated right now (something like that). =T (thanks to himawariyusuke for the translation!)

wow...filming must be really intense, that he didn't have time to post anything!! O___o poor toma. i guess it's just that all he does these days is study his script and film, and he has no time for anything else or meeting his friends or family, so he must be tired and feeling lonely. -__-

............................ top 10 7 toma things that happened during June 

1~ new VITZ cm! =D
you can DL it here:
and see some screencaps here:

2~ Bokura Ga Ita, parts 1 and 2 will be released on DVD: 
september 28 and october 19!! ~___~ i'm really looking forward to it!!

a bunch of old toma singing/misc. video clips!! some really RARE ones!! *__*  
i ended up sharing 11 folders, each around 50MB!!!! o_O 5 are singing-related and 6 are miscellaneous toma videos....fanmade MVs, old clips of him and yamashita and other johnny's jr's, old toma interviews, etc. etc.! i have a list of all the videos in each folder too, so you can choose which ones you want to DL and don't need to DL all of them. (^_^)v

4~ kavya made and shared many awesome karaoke (+subs) clips of toma and other johnnys artists singing back then!
3TOPS singing Kimi to Boku no 6 Kagetsu- Karaoke
4TOPS with KAT-TUN singing Hakka Candy- Karaoke
Asahi Wo Mi Ni Ikou Yo & Love and Peace Karaoke
Neko Neko Rocket -Karaoke
4TOPS, KAT-TUN, K.K.Kitty - Tulurira Karaoke

5~ Kawai Fumito of A.B.C-Z thanked toma in the wink up messages section (aug. 2012 issue)!
go to the link above to read the message! he thanked toma, kazama, and yamashita for congratulating him on his group's debut earlier this year. 

i was wondering where he met and talked to toma cuz toma rarely gets a chance to meet his kouhai's, and enshinge told me: "Toma said somewhere that he was out for food/drinking with some friends, he just happened to run into Kawai and hugged and congratulated him :)
awwwww. toma is a really great senpai!! ~__~

6~ some random toma-related polls at Toma's Room. hehe. 
(i miss seeing toma show up in random japanese polls about celebrities!! T__T well, there haven't been much interesting ones about male artists recently, anyway...)
[POLL] do you think toma will ever get a role in a hollywood movie? do you want him to??
[POLL] if toma cheated on his girlfriend, would you still be his fan?what if someone cheated on u?

7~ RANDOM toma stuff:
toma talked about how much he loved and respected Kabuki...

--i found out u can watch Unubore Deka + some of toma's other dramas at!! ~_~
(i've been re-watching unubore with my family recently. hehe.)

old toma fanvideo with A LOT of his singing/dancing clips from jr. days!

.................... my favorite toma pictures (screencaps) 
again, only 1 new toma pic from +act!! o_o well, i hope you'll like all these screencaps i got from the bunch of toma video clips from the time he was promoting genji or BRI, which i finally got a chance to watch this month!!! ^_^

either a picture taken during his movie filming or they randomly took a pic of him playing paintball?? xD either way, he looks cool!! (credit: tomafanindia, weibo)

also, i like these 2 pics from the genji movie!

this is a nice pic, but from last year i think?? kinda looks like he has a beige towel wrapped around him. xD

oh, 1 more thing, i made some toma collages!! my favorite toma kisses and hugs!


4#yuriko--i felt nothing by the end xDDD3 warattekoraete--impressions of him

5#about shuns marriage6comment on s marriage

7 #white day Q&A @womens univ

8 #BRI another INTV [clips from movie!]9 #2 BRI pics

10 BRI--special--111 BRI--special--2

12 BRI--special--3

13 toma pranks yuriko xD14 with his bro 1

15 with his bro 216 with his bro 3

17 guys show 1

............................. my favorite toma gifs from tumblr 
(sorry, i can't post them up because blogspot has a limit on how long the post can be, and i'm sharing too many toma screencaps this time, so i'll just post the links to the gifs! =T

old gif, but i really love this!! toma looks sooooooo cute!! it was supposed to be a friendly hug, but it almost felt like a romantic hug???? xD

gifs + credits:


kavya said...

YAYYYYY congratulations!! 500 must have seemed so far away when you started with this blog right? Now you'll get to 1000 too!! ^_^ (i only realized babelfish became bing translator yest. itself.. but it seems to translate better than google translate atleast! xD)
Aaah I wanna send a message too! this would be my first time!! yayyy! :D
Name- Kavya
Message- Happy Birthday Toma! Wish you life's best! Come to India next time you want to eat curry. xD
yup, that's all! too long eh?
Aww what! There's a limit on the length of the post now? Too bad! I love seeing so many photos and gifs in one post! Atleast the links are still there! :) Awesome post as always Kate! Congrats again! ^_^

kavya said...

oh, and a little correction. This time it'll be Toma's 28th bday, not 27th ;)

kate♥toma said...

thank you, kavya!!! ~.~
i never really thought about # of posts, i just thought about # of visits i got. but reaching 500 posts is really awesome!!

yeah, i go to babelfish a lot, so i knew when it changed to bing translator. back then it still had a little explanation of why we were redirected there. =T i hate the new look, but at i still use it cuz it translates a little better than google. ^^

oh, this is your 1st time? hehe. that's great!! lol, your message is ok. as long as the message is pretty short, it's fine. doesn't need 2 be exactly 2 sentences. xD

yeah! >_< not sure why, but since around 2 posts before, there is a limit. =T i guess that's fine though, cuz i don't want my posts to go on 4ever. haha. i hate going to pages where a ton of stuff is loading, anyway.

(yeah, about the toma bday age typo, i'll fix it later. :P)

Anonymous said...

Heyy.. Aww im so happy cuz I can send a message to Ikuta toma (T--T)

My name : khulood
Message : happy 28 birth day toma.. I love u so much and you really have a lot of fans here in Dubai :) do ur best.

Thank you Kate ^^

kate♥toma said...

thanks for commenting, khulood! ^^ i will add your message to the card.

********* to everyone else,

3) COUNTRY you are from

(if you don't mention it in your message)

even if u mention it in yr msg, i will still write it something like this:

"hi toma, i'm a big fan from the USA! happy bday! -kate (from United States)"

so it's easier to tell what country you are from, and probably a lot of ppl will not mention their country in the message...

kate♥toma said...

i just realized maybe a lot of people will comment without reading what i wrote in the post about it, so PLEASE REMEMBER:
write a short message (like 1 or 2 sentences) and your name (and what country you're from), and i'll write them in for everyone.

remember, the DEADLINE to comment is probably mid-september!!! -___- (please remember that i'll be writing them by hand, so i won't be able to write it if you post it in certain languages, where it would be hard to copy the characters or something! xD)

for example:
happy bday toma! i love your dramas!
-Sarah (from France)

マシトマ said...

fufufu.. It's been awhile ne-
too busy with my RL xD
but I wont miss this~!!
this is 3rd year.. I want to join~! again hehehe.. please Kate-chan..

wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on ur special day, but on every day of the year! [hoho.. quite long isnt it?]
3) COUNTRY you are from

kate♥toma said...

hi mashi! ~_~

3rd year ur doing it? hehehe. your message is fine! not too long, and very sweet! thanks for taking part in this again!! ~.~

Anonymous said...

Just found this website when I was looking up what Toma Ikuta had been up to lately. I just finished rewatching him in Hana Kimi and it reminded me how much I liked him! Please add my name and message to his card as well!

Have a wonderful 28th birthday! From your fan in Canada, Ana.

kate♥toma said...

hi ana!

thanks for commenting. your message will be included in the bday card. ~.~

actually, since a lot of you are including your countries in your msgs, i guess i don't need to add it in ( ) at the end of your message, it would be repetitive. lol.

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Hi Hi!
l almost missed this. I'm so crazy this year *runs around juggling time*

It's a lovely colourful card you got. You so organized with the birthday. If I may add a small message to it, that would be great.
(^-^ I got distracted looking at the pink cupcakes - looks yum and pretty)

OK, my message:

* * * *

Happy Birthday Toma! Special wishes for your special day. You light up the screen and our hearts. Looking forward to your new movie and drama.
From Paige (Australia).

* * * *
Hope that isn't too long, let me know if so. Thank you for adding our wishes with your card. Pray for it's safe and smooth journey through the post when you post it. :)

You know, your translated 500th post looks really cute in Japanese. I don't know, maybe it's seeing the characters together with a bit of English and the (*hugggsss* part with the coloured heart makes it cute.XD
Thanks for the paintball pic, I liked it.

kate♥toma said...

hi paige!

yeah, i was waiting to see when you might comment. haha. you always take part in it ne... luckily you remembered! but cuz i just posted at toma's room about it, so even if u forgot, you would know about it there. xD yes, those cupcakes look yummy! too bad the recipe requires that u make a lot, or else i'd try baking some! ^^

thanks for your message! it's not too long. (: yes yes, i always worry a little, but i think probably it'll get to the building ok!

yeah ne! i like how it looks in japanese too! ~_~ with the bits of english and all, i like how it looks. heehee. thanks for noticing it!

no problem! i like it too. toma really looked into it. hehe.

kate♥toma said...

oh, yes. i'm glad you like the card! i like it a lot! ~_~ it's been on my desk all this time and i'll miss it when i have to send it to toma. lol. maybe i'll buy another 1 for myself. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy! i wanna join too >.<
still available?? :/
if still available, please put me innnnnnnn T^T

Name : Fatimah
country : Malaysia
Message: Woa you're 28 already :P have a blast on your day! keep on your work, everyone's love it~

sorry if it's kinda long

kate☂ said...

i'm sorry! i already sent the card, but forgot to remove the pink cupcake pic asking for ppl 2 add their name to the card. =( (just removed it)

umm...but i can add your message to my toma bday post at this blog later on, though! next year, please comment sooner, ne...