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toma's new movie role....a gorgeous, intelligent, emotionless murderer?!!! =0 and you can already watch the Genji movie right now! *_*

this is post #499!!! wow.... ~__~
just posting now 2 make sure the date of this post is within june. 
it's gonna take me a while to gather stuff for this pls be patient! 
ja ne! 
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hi everyone! ~_~
i made it!!! it's still june. xD it's june 28. thanks to kavya for pointing out that this is post #499 for me, and for toma's blog, his next post will be #499, too! heehee. it would be really awesome if i could update this post the same day that he does. we'll both post our 499th post on the same day! *__* hehehe. 

well, i made a new banner!! yey!! it's an infinity pool near the sea. wish i could be there right now. xDD thank goodness i'm in california, where our summers are not that hot, but it's been getting warmer and i've started to get bug bites. noooooo. T__T also, another summer thing that's happening soon is the 4th of july! so fast... that's why i'm using some blue text in this post, so that it will be red, white, and blue in some parts. xD
oh, i recently bought a simple birthday card that i might use for toma's birthday. i know it's early, but somehow, i always remember around june or july, to look for a nice bday card for him. xD cuz i usually send it around mid-september so it'll get to him in time for his birthday. ~__~

by the way, i posted random pics at my LJ and talked about my experience at an anime convention!! v(^_^)v my 1st time ever going!!
random pics of the sea, snacks, manga, kitty (+1 genji pic) from may + earlier this month...~_~
my 1st anime convention! AM2. v(^_^)v lotsss of pics! xD

(credit: sumigomin)


at first, i was really freaked out, because i hate violent movies about killers. T__T but after i read the news about the movie, it doesn't seem so bad. since his character is killing bad guys, and toma trained in martial arts for 6 months (since the start of this year) to prepare for the fighting scenes!!! *__* and finally, an intelligent character for toma! he's supposed to be an emotionless killer, but at least he's also gorgeous and extremely intelligent. hehe. but from the pics and video clip they released, toma's hair and clothes looks so similar to how he looked in ningen shikkaku!! =/ i don't want him to have that same look again...hopefully that was just for that 1 scene and he'll look better in the movie.

seems like most toma fans would loveeeee to see toma as the bad guy!! lol. and toma himself said in an interview a few years ago, that he wants to try an assasin role some time, so his dream came true (kind of...well, pretty close anyway)!! xD hehe. i'm really happy he got a really dark bad guy role this time, and it's an action movie, too! we get to see a different side of toma! i just hope he's careful during the fighting scenes and doesn't get injured. also, i hope toma's dark side isn't too scary. xD

(i wrote a long post about my thoughts about this new movie, here:
filming only started june 7. not sure how long it will take, but i really hope toma gets a new drama where he's the lead actor before this year ends!!! pretty pretty pleaseeeeeee!!! it's been forever (3 years since majo saiban!)!!! -__-

......................... toma's messages 
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read all his messages, go to to read them! ~_~)
on the same day that they announced toma was starring in the Nou Otoko movie, toma also announced it at his blog. ~__~ he said he did a lot of things (the martial arts training?) to get ready for this role and please support him. (Toma's Room Vol. 494. june 12. go here to read the full message: 

toma talked about how it was raining during a photoshoot... (he mentioned raindrops)

he said he likes location filming (for the movie i guess). he talked about how he wrote the kanji for "shadow" wrong in his previous message (adding an extra stroke), and so his "shadow" is especially dark. xD

meeting new people...the movie's director, staff, and actors, made toma happy. but he also has to meet the new him (i guess he means his character, "Nou Otoko").

[for some reason, toma has been writing his entries by hand, on a notepad and taking a picture of it instead of typing it on his phone. ~__~ he has nice~ handwriting! maybe because it's faster that way? he must be really busy with the filming + training...!! or maybe he just likes writing things down...hmm. i like jotting little notes down on paper rather than typing it too. my brother sometimes says i'm so "old school" (old-fashioned) when i use a pen/pencil to write something down. lol!]

on june 22 (Vol. 498), toma reminded everyone to watch Genji Monogatari because it's been released. he mentioned that he's writing the message as he's on a vehicle! (well, he said he was moving, so i guess he means he's on the subway. i don't think he'd walk and write at the same time? xD)

............................ top 10  6  toma things that happened during June 

(credit: tomafanindia)

1~ news about toma's new movie, Nou Otoko (Brain Man):

---Ikuta Toma to play a serial killer in ‘Nou Otoko’
by HPriest on June 12, 2012 at 1:19 am

On June 12th, it was announced that actor Ikuta Toma will be starring in Takimoto Tomoyuki’s new movie ‘Nou Otoko‘.

Based on an award-winning novel by Shudo Urio, Ikuta will play a mysterious man who commits countless murders in the name of justice. People call him ‘Nou Otoko’ (‘Brain Man’) and an ‘expressionless murder machine’ for he possesses intelligence and outstanding memory, yet never seems to show any emotions. Throughout this violent and mysterious story, the viewers will slowly be able to unravel the mystery that he is.
This role will mark the first dark hero in Ikuta’s career. He commented, “It’s a new challenge for me and I want to go all out for this movie.”

As there will also be a lot of action scenes, Ikuta prepared himself by practicing kalis (a Filipino sword) and Jeet Kune Do for almost half a year since January, proving that his ambitions are more than just nice sounding statements in news articles.

He added, “One of the highlights of the movie are the impressive and very realistic action scenes.”

Actress Matsuyuki Yasuko will play a neurosurgeon who wants to examine the protagonist and find out the truth behind the incredible abilities of ‘Nou Otoko’, while actor Eguchi Yosuke will play a role of a detective who drives ‘Nou Otoko’ into a corner while chasing a malicious serial bomber.

Matsuyuki commented, “I want to perform many intense dialogues and give delicate psychological descriptions.”
Eguchi added, “It certainly feels like the birth of a new kind of Japanese action movie.”
‘Nou Otoko’ is scheduled for release in February of next year.
Source: Sanspo


(note: a kalis is a "a type of double-edged Filipino sword, often with a "wavy" section". they are "comparable to the Japanese katana". credit: THERE ARE SO MANY TOMA FANS IN THE PHILIPPINES. I BET THEY'RE REALLY HAPPY TOMA HAS BEEN TRAINING WITH THIS FILIPINO SWORD! :D )

(note: jeet kune do is "a hybrid martial arts system and life philosophy founded by martial artist Bruce Lee with direct, non classical and straightforward movements". credit:

---more news about the movie:
"a story about a good-looking yet deadly murderer"

"While the actor has lost weight after taking on Kali, Shooto, and Jeet Kune Do martial arts training, he has gained a lot more muscle."

"In preparation for the role's action scenes, Ikuta started learning various martial arts since six months ago at the request of the movie's director. In addition, the climax scene when Suzuki Ichiro faces off with a serial terror bomber will be filmed at a former hospital in Toyama Prefecture which was due to be demolished instead of relying on CG. Filming began in early June." 


so it turns out that this killer is supposed to be really handsome!! xD i also read somewhere that he is supposed to have a "perfect body" too. toma's playing a handsome character again. xD of course it's not his fault that he's so handsome and ppl keep casting him for good-looking characters. ^_~ but i just hope that sometime, toma will get a role where the character description does not include something like "incredibly handsome", you know? xDDD of course, i don't want them to make him ugly, but...something in between would be nice. haha... i just 
want people to see that he's more than a pretty face, but i guess most people know that by now, anyway. 

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE MUSCULAR TOMA + TOMA FIGHTING SCENES!! :D :D :D i only remember he had some simple fighting scenes in his old butai's, and i already thought that he looked so cool!! xD
BUT they're blowing up a REAL building??? o____O seriously??? it sounds like it'll be a really cool explosion scene, but i can't help worrying about toma's safety. =T oh, the movie will be released in february!! MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! yey!! ~__~

---- you can watch a really short video clip of some scenes from the movie, where toma is looking creepy and emotionless, here:

---- this is the movie's official website:

----toma's short comments about the movie and some additional info about the book the movie is based on. ~__~

2~ see how toma fans reacted to the shocking news of toma's killer role! xD a lot of people commented!
(2 POLLs: how do you feel about toma being a killer in his new movie? AND would you want "toma underwear"? xD)

3~ you can DL and watch the genji movie already!! ^__^ 
seems like the movie was available for renting since june 15 (the dvd is on sale june 22), so a lot of people already ripped it and maybe a lot of toma fans (at least the chinese fans, anyway) already watched the movie before june 22! lol. i'll wait for the english subs for now, but if you want to watch the movie right away, go to the links below to get it. both versions below have chinese and japanese hardsubs. :D
thanks to memo_toma! (this version split into 6 parts)
thanks to hpswf1! (this version split into 3 parts + 2 other links to download, other that MF)

(it was just a skit, but lucky yuriko!! she got to be toma's "girlfriend" again. xD it was funny how they kept saying she's ugly though. lol!! toma looked so cool when he 1st appeared and was like "don't say my girlfriend is ugly." *__* kyaaaaa!!)

4~ some more toma tv appearances have been subbed (in english)! =) 
go to the links below to get them:
Warate Iitomo (March 16th, 2012) (the show where toma and his brother, ryuusei were there together!)
Picaru no Teiri (the show where toma falls madly in love with a weird girl!! xD)

5~ jun said that toma's eyes have "power" in a magazine interview!!
junma shippers must have been happy about this!! =P and i completely agree with jun. toma has such beautiful eyes and sometimes i have trouble looking directly at his picture, if he has an intense gaze for that pic. it feels like he is really looking at me and i have to look away! xD

read the whole translation of jun talking about eyes that have power and take a look at the scan of that interview question here:

6~ i shared more rare hana kimi video clips! ~___~
MORE RARE VIDEOS f/the hana kimi DVD! different vers. of cheerleader scene, toma & maki dvd talk...  

.................... my 10 3 favorite toma pictures 

THIS IS THE ONLY NEW PIC FOR THIS MONTH. =T at least i like it more than last month's dark, black & white +act pic. and it's been so long since we got a toma yukata pic! ^.^ it has a nice summer feel to it... and they mention how the genji movie is on dvd now, i guess. :D (credit: CherryKakaaaaa)
2 genji screencaps. that little boy is so cute!! ~__~ i forgot that genji has some kids or at least one son. we get to see toma in daddy mode! hehe. =P (credit:
a nice pic from the genji movie official website. ^_^
(it was posted here:

............................. my favorite toma gifs from tumblr 

toma was expecting some tomapi love questions?? xD

toma yelling for maou promos or something back then. xD 
even when he's yelling, he manages to look cute!! hehe.



kavya said...

hey kate.. this is your post number 499, and toma's latest jweb was entry number 498.. wow, it'll be nice if toma writes his 499th entry the day you update this post! ^_^

kate♥toma said...

ehhhh!! what a coincidence! lol. thanks for telling me, kavya. hopefully toma can i can both post on the same day!! xD i better hurry up, then! :D

kavya said...

aww too bad he didn't post anything ..maybe he's super busy! :( nice post as always! not much happened this past month other than toma's movie being the highlight :(

and about being old fashioned, lol i'm like that too; i like writing down more than typing, i still think writing letters by hand is way more personal and beautiful than typing out an email. It can't be helped if you are living countries apart, but if I'm in the same city/country, and I get a letter(which is VERY rare now, I got my last letter in 2006), that would totally make my day. ^_^ I also make it a point to include a hand-written note/letter if I'm sending a gift by post to someone. :) Totally old-school, but yeah, I like being that way :D

kate♥toma said...

aww. =/ yeah, he must be really busy filming for the movie these days.

thanks! yes, nothing much to talk about. hopefully there will be more toma stuff happening in july?

really? cool! ~_~ i do like getting letters or postcards and also sending them out. it's a shame not much people do it anymore though... i really like all the different pretty stationary paper the japanese bookstore has! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi kate!
here's my b-day message for toma-kun:D

Happy birthday Toma-Kun! Im really glad that I met you
-azzil(from Philippines)