Friday, May 25, 2012

not much to talk about since BRI promotion is over. =/ but there was a special stage VITZ CM....and A RARE NAKATSU SCENE YOU HAVE TO WATCH!! ^_^

hi everyone! ~_~
so...not much has happened in May. 
but i still took so long to get this post up. 
sorry! it's already june 7 today. =T 
hmm...let's get me-related stuff over with first. xD
here are some things i posted about at my LJ, 
some of which are toma-related...

(i found these pretty toma and gakky pics quick and the lighting is similar and their pics really match, but yamashita!! it's so hard to find a nice smiling pic of him and finally i just gave up and used this pic. lol.)

i finally finished my tomapi/togakky fanfic recently!!! it's been around 5 months since i started writing it and it made me kind of sad. =( but i'm so glad i finally finished it, and i can always continue it some other time. you can read the whole thing by going here:
wow!! old toma pic with a fan (on the HYD2 set back in 2007)!!
random pics: forest, toma on Fineboys, takoyaki, clouds, rainbow!
and 4 the longest time, i didn't finish the 2 posts i linked to since my last post, but i finally finished and posted pics, so please take a look!! xD pink-chan and this kitty is so cute!! ^_^
pink-chan is at mizza's university now!!
our kitty (temporarily)... ^.^

.......................... toma's messages 
(i'll just talk about some of the interesting things toma said in his jweb here, but remember if you want to read all his messages, go to to read them! ~_~)

toma went to watch a special kabuki performance that his friend (since high school) was in, and it lasted 8 hours long!! (thanks to himawariyusuke for translating vol. 490, from april 25.) also, toma said he's sorry he is too busy to reply to letters (his jweb subscribers, i think) because he's been reading a script.(april 28 entry) [NEW ROLE FOR TOMA??!! I HOPE IT'S A LEADING ROLE IN A SUMMER DRAMA!!!!!!!! *___*] 

also, toma talked about celebrating bokura ga ita getting over 3 million viewers by taking part in a "butai aisatsu" (giving thanks). [this was the special stage greeting i read about at toma's page at the official johnnys website, it was on may 11. xD] he was nervous but really happy that so many people like this movie! and he said something about warmer weather making people happier and also said everyone, take care. [hehe.xD sometimes toma says such random things.] (from vol.492, may 12)

and toma went to Mr. Children's concert too! he was really hyper to be there, especially when the bokura ga ita themesong was played! xD you can read his whole message here, thanks to himawariyusuke for translating it!

............................ top 10 8 toma things that happened during May (or start of June)

(credit: tomafanindia)

1~ toma, yuriko, (and i think the director of the movie) had a special stage greeting to celebrate the movie's success!! ^___^ i'm glad bokura ga ita did so well!! it must be toma's most successful movie ever!!! *___* congratulations, toma, yuriko, and everyone on the BRI team!! cuz hanamizuki did really well, but i don't remember him and gakky doing an "aisatsu" (special stage greeting to thank people for seeing the movie?), so probably they didn't reach 3 million viewers. oh, and i think it's nice that they count the number of people that go watch instead of how much money they made from the movie. it's a nice change from in the usa, where all you ever hear about is how much money a movie took in. 

2~ there's a new toma VITZ CM!! =)
you can DL the new toma vitz CM here: or just watch the 15 second version here: remember you can also DL other recent (BRI promotional stuff) toma video clips at the mt-memo! =D 

3~ Genji Monogatari and Bokura ga Ita soundtracks!
even if we can't watch the movies yet, it's nice to be able to listen to their music! you can get the ost's here, thanks to kavya! (actually, the genji movie is being released on DVD june 22, so maybe by the end of this month we can already watch it, if people rip the movie and sub it fast!! ~__~)

and you can listen to one of the tracks from bokura ga ita here:

also, we have a new cool blue/summer layout at toma's room. check it out!! i really like it!! ~__~ and like usual, i made some toma-related polls there. vote on them if u haven't already! xD

4~ some of toma's older tv appearances have been subbed! 
you can get Shabekuri 007 here:
and himitsu no arashi-chan here:

5~ i shared this deleted nakatsu scene from hana kimi here long ago, but i thought i should share it again at toma's room too. v(^_^)v especially since nothing much going on in the toma fandom right now and it's nice to have a "new" video clip of toma! hehe. i'm really happy i can share it with a lot of people this time. so far, i've got 100 downloads for the 3 different quality versions i uploaded and so many people commented on the post!! a lot of people never knew about this extra scene!! get it here:

6~ Poll/ranking: Boys want to look like these boys… and girl
this is a poll asking men who they would want to look like if they could get plastic surgery. xD toma is 18th! also, yamashita is #2, Miura Shohei is #3 (the new nakatsu from last year's hana kimi remake), and sho is #5. such a random poll and the rankings don't make much sense. lol.

7~ a fan noticed that toma and yamashita were wearing the same jacket again. xD
a while back, i think kavya noticed they were wearing the same blue suit jacket, and now this. hehe. i love how they still sometimes wear the same clothes. i guess they still do a lot of clothes shopping together! xD toma and pi are using clothes (and toma wore their friendship necklace a lot around last autumn!) to show their love for each other. xD

(random cute toma, yuriko pic from a few months ago...this is my screencap. ^^)

--i made some new toma gif icons! ^_^

--this is from 2007, but in case u haven't seen it. toma and the hana kimi cast all doing a cute exercise for a tv show!!! omg,look at how cute toma is!!!!!

--some interesting, kind of still updated toma-related fansites i found. =D 
(this is a french fansite! all kinds of toma stuff there...i think mostly magazine scans...)
the above sites's FB page. lots of toma pics.!/bakagoto
this person posts a lot of interesting toma-related questions for fans. 1 question she might have got from 1 of the toma's room polls. lol.

..................... my 10 favorite toma pictures ♥

toma in barcelona, spain. i already edited it to get a closer view, but have to resize it here. click on it to see the full version! the resized version makes toma look a little weird! =T (credit: sumigomin, tomafanindia)

toma looks so adorable in these pics! :)
i really dunno when this cooking show was, but i saw another pic of toma in this outfit a few months ago, so maybe that was when it was. i wonder why no one has posted a link to watch this show?? or was it from last year? ehhh....but toma looks cute. still a lot of junma shippers out there. hehe. ~__~ (credit: tomapifriendship)

the only new toma pics this month was the black & white +act pics in spain!! =T so i made collages of his old ikita kotoba pics for winkup. also, i posted up these 2 kind of rare toma pics from 2010 at my tumblr: i know i've shared it here in the past, but not the HQ version.

i really miss his winkup column and pics! he has his own column in +act since around july of last year, right? but i've never seen any scans of it. i think mizza said that the chinese toma fan forum troom has it, but u have to be a special member to access it or something like that. sighhhhhh. i really should take a look at a random +ACT issue the next time i'm at the japanese bookstore and see what toma's column looks like!!! o___o

(credit for most of the pics: TFS,

.............................. my favorite toma gifs from tumblr 

i hope some other people make gifs of this nakatsu scene and post them up at tumblr...^^

lol. i dunno why toma was so freaked out by the streamers?? but he's so cute ne~! i love girly toma!! :D

"i'm the ideal son!" and the ideal boyfriend!!!! :D

this is from the end of 2010 when he was promoting the kyuukei special drama, i think. kawaii~!

lolllll. well, toma has said that he tends to mess up during important moments, but i'm sure he doesn't have too many fail moments?? xD but it makes me think of when he said the wrong thing during the seaside motel stage greeting, though. instead of saying the movie is definitely interesting, he said it is definitely NOT interesting. xDDDD but he's always so cute when he messes up. ~___~

naoto-kun!!!!! i love his pout & smile!! this must be in episode 1 of maou though, cuz i'm pretty sure toma didn't smile at all for the rest of the drama!! =(

toma and jin when they were little. hehe. still some toma/jin shippers out there. xD



kavya said...

i was wondering how i had missed out on seeing your post because it was dated on may 25th :O then i realized you completed it only 2 days ago! :D nice post as usual! ^_^ it seems like this month you have fangirled more than many of us :D what with all the rare old pics, unseen video clips and all xD
that junma photo with toma cooking... i had seen it somewhere too- maybe it was during BRI part 1 promotions? on Mezamashi or ZIP or something. I thought I'll download the hq but never found the link :(

kate♥toma said...

haha, yeah, i always post ahead 2 get the post within that month. xD thanks, kavya! ^^

oh, not really. haha. i just started fangirling more at the start of this month, after i finished my fic. =P but yeah, seeing so few toma posts at tumblr got me kinda worried so i found a bunch of old toma pics so that i can post them up gradually @tumblr. :D

i guess no1 uploaded that toma cooking show. =/ at least we can see some screencaps. sigh.

kate☂ said...

blah blah blah. just wanna see how my (finally!!) new profile pic looks like when i comment now... ^^